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Why do YouTubers clap at the start of videos?

  • Publicado em 18 Set 2022
  • It's about synchronisation, right? Well, not exactly...
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  10 dias atrás +17538

    Don't worry, I didn't travel to New Jersey just for this; I was in the area and it seemed like an apt location. I did try to remove the truck-reversing sound near the end, but it just sounded worse: and given what I was talking about at the time, that also felt apt!

    • JouMxyzptlk
      JouMxyzptlk 17 horas atrás

      The truck added authenticity :D

    • Dylan Daniel
      Dylan Daniel Dia atrás

      @Connor’s Pear at least we're not ohio

    • RyuuTenno
      RyuuTenno Dia atrás

      Ah, so martians are clapping to signal each other that they’re in position, good to know 😉

    • zekai witcher
      zekai witcher 3 dias atrás

      @Connor’s Pear ko kk

    • Edward Pasternak
      Edward Pasternak 3 dias atrás +2

      @Jersey Joyride Central Jersey doesn't exist. It was made up to scare the kids into behaving. "Keep that up and I'll leave you in Central Jersey!" 😜

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 6 dias atrás +25384

    Telling the audience that you're doing a thing to subtly manipulate them, and how and why it works, with no intent to stop because it DOES work, thus establishing trust by being forthright about a lie to establish trust is probably about the most Tom Scott thing ever.

    • SirPogsalot
      SirPogsalot Dia atrás


    • X.R
      X.R Dia atrás

      Tom Scott: "I'm trying to manipulate you, you can trust me though!" a bit kinky really.

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus 2 dias atrás

      @Travis Collier My thoughts exactly

    • Whyamihere5497
      Whyamihere5497 2 dias atrás

      Let’s just remember that this is a video about clapping.

    • Jhejh poT
      Jhejh poT 2 dias atrás


  • T2and3
    T2and3 5 dias atrás +456

    It's amazing how Tom manages to look like he's both in his 20's and in his 60's at the same time

    • Ceceli
      Ceceli 6 horas atrás

      That's what a colorful simple tshirt and a pair of jeans does. While in the 50's even young adults were suits and looked old.

    • Marcelo Elias
      Marcelo Elias 18 horas atrás +3

      @Owen Heathcote-Fraser That's not how ages work, though.

    • 梨
       Dia atrás

      @Owen Heathcote-Fraser No, youtubers dont age!

    • Owen Heathcote-Fraser
      Owen Heathcote-Fraser 3 dias atrás +59

      Wow, it's almost like he's 40 years old!

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade 6 dias atrás +801

    What I love is that he not only answers the question, but he does it in such a way I don't want to skip to the end.

    • Emily An
      Emily An 2 dias atrás +1

      You are low key becoming my fav youtuber. Extremely precise, no crap, informative and interesting at the same time!

    • Emily An
      Emily An 2 dias atrás +1

      You are low key becoming my fav youtuber. Extremely precise, no crap, informative and interesting at the same time!

  • Dorian
    Dorian 5 dias atrás +194

    I have an auditory processing disorder. I noticed the lack of sync immediately, because of being so used to reading lips and searching for visual cues. Also, knowing Tom Scott, I was kinda expecting it to be unsynchronized on purpose. Very cool video.

    • Matthew Boonstra
      Matthew Boonstra Dia atrás +4

      Funny, I have an APD too and I didn't notice it because I was too busy reading the subtitles haha

    • Emily An
      Emily An 2 dias atrás

      want to skip to another one"

  • Jason Osmond
    Jason Osmond 5 dias atrás +75

    In case some people don't catch the irony of showing the monument in the end of the video, in 1938 Orson Welles did a radio theater adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds"... except he didn't tell the audience at the beginning that it was just a theater show, so people across the country started panicking because they thought a real life alien invasion was underway. People at the time got much of their news from radio, and Welles created a show that used theatrical authenticity to exploit the audience's trust in radio as a news medium, while here, Tom is demonstrating how he uses theatrics to create authentic trust between himself and the viewer.

    • gotioify
      gotioify 5 horas atrás

      @Blue Egg While it's true it didn't cause a wide spread panic, it did cause a bit of mayhem till folks realized it wasn't real.

    • Blue Egg
      Blue Egg 18 horas atrás +4

      An additional irony is that the War of the World's broadcast didn't actually cause a panic! Or at least, there's no evidence that such a panic took place. It was a story made up and passed on a fact because it's too good to check.

    • gotioify
      gotioify Dia atrás +7

      Slightly Wrong! They DID in fact tell folks it was a Broadcast of Mercury Radio Theater. The issue was they Never repeated that fact, so folks tuning in later didn't know.

    • 21PMA123_ Reginald Bosco.G
      21PMA123_ Reginald Bosco.G Dia atrás +1

      Thanks to you because now I am aware of why Tom showed that sculpture at the end of the video 👍

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás +4

      i have been scrolling to see if anyone explained it (thank you) but the most popular responses seem to be people just not getting it. thank you for explaining that it was War or the Worlds, as i thought it was a Cargo Cult scenario (which would fit as well: Overpowering force shows up and life changes)

  • MysterySteve
    MysterySteve 6 dias atrás +8374

    I respect the hell out of Tom every time he pulls a baller move like giving exactly the solution you're looking for within 10 seconds of the video starting, trusting you to be patient enough to wait through the rest just because you seek the pleasure of learning something

    • SirPogsalot
      SirPogsalot Dia atrás +1

      According to Einstein, genius is curiosity, not knowledge (heavily paraphrased)

    • MysterySteve
      MysterySteve 2 dias atrás +1

      @Alexandra S. And you know what? I'm okay with that. Still learned a few things

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás

      @The Phoenix System i feel like 1% get it

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás

      This video isn’t about what you think. Tom has effectively distracted you and you never noticed.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 dias atrás +1

      And then you have people like me who use SponsorBlock and can get straight to the point of the video at 2:32.

  • koshkamatew
    koshkamatew 5 dias atrás +63

    6 seconds into the video and we already have our answer, other youtubers should look up to this guy

    • Jason Gronn
      Jason Gronn 2 dias atrás +2

      Nope. He specifically stated that was not the answer. The actual answer was revealed about 2/3s into the video.

  • Bill Doorley
    Bill Doorley 5 dias atrás +86

    We used to call this "double-system sound" in the 16mm film days. Much as Tom is doing here, we had a sound recorder separate from the camera, usually a Nagra or some other high-quality (ie, "expensive") type. Sync was either with a cable connecting the camera and recorder or motors on both devices controlled by crystals that kept the speed constant. In post, we transferred the sound from 1/4-inch, reel-to-reel tapes to 16mm film that was coated with magnetic recording material. That way there was a frame-for-frame match between picture and sound. Of course, it took a lot of machinery to make this happen, and that's why movies with sound were beyond the range of most people. Thanks, Tom.

  • Maguc •
    Maguc • 6 dias atrás +133

    This makes so much sense. It gives off the idea that this BRclipr could be one of your friends making a video in their bedroom, sells on the idea that it's not a corporate personality talking to you, but a genuine person who isn't a professional in video making.
    I'd say this is why a lot of BRcliprs that are more gameplay than live action make jokes in their videos about how video editing is hard or how much time they will need to do X thing, because it helps sell the idea that this isn't a highly curated video made by tons of editors (even when it is) but by just a random person.
    It's the idea of "The next famous person could be anyone, could be you, could be a friend, or a family member!!"

  • Hunter Morgan
    Hunter Morgan Dia atrás +10

    Tom always impresses me with those incredibly long shots of him talking. I can't imagine how hard it is to not slip up for that long.

  • James Brixey
    James Brixey 6 dias atrás +4192

    The wave to the crewmembers who may or may not have been there is an absolute masterpiece of subversion, creating just a tiny bit of doubt.

    • KANI B.
      KANI B. 2 dias atrás

      Why do several parts seem sped up?

    • ella
      ella 3 dias atrás

      nobody is credited for camera or sound in the description

    • Rafał Sobczyk
      Rafał Sobczyk 3 dias atrás +1

      @Fiore Deutchmark and you're very hard to like

    • dream haunter koichi
      dream haunter koichi 5 dias atrás

      @It's a secret he actually is using a green-screen if you look closely around Tom's t-shirt, no joke

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 6 dias atrás +3

      @Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Ah! That explains some things.

  • alphabet is gay
    alphabet is gay 5 dias atrás +35

    Honestly Tom you have been a standard of what youtube videos can be and how they should cater to their audience, thank you for all that you do.

  • David Frank
    David Frank 6 dias atrás +40

    I noticed the audio lag and it was infuriating. Weirdly, when I looked away it felt like I was listening to an audio track that was separate from the video. Weird how our brains do that.

  • J L
    J L 2 dias atrás +2

    I get a weird uneasiness sometimes with poorly synced audio. I did this time, was actually noticing in real-time, and only realized why after you explaining and changing it back a few seconds later. Certainly confirmed a lot for me and possibly explained why at times I’ll find a video I just find unsettling to watch for unapparent reasons.

  • Eiyaa, The Gentle Giant Nerd

    AS someone who is on the spectrum, i notice frame lags.. and you nailed it with the purposeful one.
    Massive respect for calling that out.

  • A_Guy_in_Orange
    A_Guy_in_Orange 6 dias atrás +4469

    Serious question, is this a script you've had in your back pocket for those situations where you go to say a Martian landing site and it turns out to not really be interesting enough for its own video, or the local expert calls in sick and you can't make a recording on the topic you meant to? Do you have a backlog or list of these like the list of bad ideas if so?

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás

      “Being snarky before getting it” should be put on a list of bad ideas

    • Alex .G
      Alex .G 4 dias atrás

      @A_Guy_in_Orange I wrote "/j" to indicate i was joking lmao

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 6 dias atrás +1

      @Bernd Eckenfels "well, the panic is also made up, so it might be worth to report about how media can, for the,sake of a good story, generate a well known fact which was never true (in its reported severity)"
      The last half dozen years have produced some extremely clear examples of this. It's a big contributor to BRclip's rise. People are trusting independent creators more than media conglomerates who are beholden to government whims and big corporate advertiser interests.

    • Buford Frink
      Buford Frink 6 dias atrás +1

      Maybe the trick is to watch the video backwards. It's really about martians and a long lead up to the applause.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin 6 dias atrás

      Tom definitely made a conscious decision to film this somewhere that's interesting enough that people will go, "huh, that's weird," but not interesting enough to warrant its own video.

  • Aryasakti
    Aryasakti 5 dias atrás +3

    That answer was way deeper than I thought it should be. Perhaps many does it without consciously thinking about all these details, but to know that it works in a way so soft and subtle adds plenty of meaning to it

  • Aleks
    Aleks 2 dias atrás

    Also works great for getting people's attention

  • Lucas Reis
    Lucas Reis 6 dias atrás +14

    As a long time fan, I gotta say this is one of you best videos yet. Simple, quick and to the point, while also being very enlightening.
    As always, thank you for your work Tom!

  • Eric Laska
    Eric Laska 5 dias atrás +1

    They also sell time synch devices for video recording, and it can be _too_ perfect. Even with such gear you should still visually confirm, because if your synch is made from e.g. the back of a concert hall it is going to significantly lag behind the video due to the speed of sound being _slow._ I've seen quite a few where the conductor's beat pattern is visibly _far_ ahead of the audio (e.g. half a beat or more), and it drives me nuts having spent my whole life playing in bands/orchestras and watching the conductor without the lag. Perhaps because that is how most people experience a concert (sitting in the audience), they leave the audio lag in?

  • Simon Clark
    Simon Clark 6 dias atrás +4212

    As I've said for years: the best production value isn't always the _highest_ production value. It depends on the audience, the message, and the format

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás

      Simon….i dont think they get it. i just dont think they get it. but they WILL, once it is plainly explained, and only THEN will the true value of this production come to light for them. for now: it is a random bit of video editing factoids 😂😂😂

    • Doom Marauder
      Doom Marauder 4 dias atrás

      Unless we are speaking about the Rings of Power which is a modern day masterpiece.

    • Follow Media
      Follow Media 5 dias atrás

      i have been listening to Simon Clark say this exact sentence for years and can confirm he has been saying it for years.

    • LinkEX
      LinkEX 5 dias atrás

      @Pseudonym73 That actually makes sense, what we're thinking of now is merely implicit quality through high quantity of costs - rather than quality through efficiency.

    • Keenan
      Keenan 5 dias atrás

      Simonoxfphys back at it again!!!

  • Clay
    Clay 5 dias atrás +7

    My new favorite thing that Tom does is answer the video title question we all read in our heads when the video starts. Its like he's answering our inner monologue.

  • ThatGuyCalledDai
    ThatGuyCalledDai 5 dias atrás +3

    The human connection point about behind-the-scenes is demonstrated really well in Joel Haver's videos. The slip-ups and smirks that he deliberately leaves in just make it all the more endearing.

  • Capt. Arash
    Capt. Arash 6 dias atrás +3

    I actually learned this simple technique several years ago in one of your videos and it saved me from buying a clapper for audio and video syncing.

  • Ssmithj3
    Ssmithj3 6 dias atrás +2

    I can (usually) always notice when the audio is desynchronised from the video, and it gets really frustrating for me, often to the point that I can no longer watch. However, sometimes, the audio is so out of sync that it becomes fine again, like a couple of seconds.

  • Shawn Christopher
    Shawn Christopher 6 dias atrás +3966

    "I don't want to be relatable, I want to be trustworthy" - I think this is why we all love Tom.

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 5 dias atrás

      he was speaking for a bigger entity than himself

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 6 dias atrás

      @May L It does not matter if you are NEO or the Pope. What matters is if you stop using "cos".

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 6 dias atrás

      @Bryan mildy annoying?

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 6 dias atrás

      @TeslaInvestah Those are Old Testament wages. The death comes from starvation. Now it's from overwork in an Amazon warehouse.

    • somniloquous0
      somniloquous0 6 dias atrás

      I don't think it's actually true, though. A big part of why it's so compelling when he decides he's going to tattoo someone or let a pro-wrestler bodyslam him is because he is a relatable "everyman" figure

  • apainintheaas
    apainintheaas 6 dias atrás

    I think it also helps draw more of the audiences focus. I notice that instead of just putting on an other video in the background and zoning out as I sometimes do, it grabs my full attention for a brief moment. Possibly getting me more invested in the video and separating it from what I was watching before.

  • Neon Recording
    Neon Recording Dia atrás

    Tom, thank you so much! These appear to be simple concepts, but really are much deeper than I knew.
    This is all great stuff, thank you!

  • K C
    K C 3 dias atrás +1

    When I sell our products, I highlight the flaws and then outweigh them with positives. The products my company sells are big commitments, and through my dad who started the business, he drilled into me that customer satisfaction and ease will guarantee sales, and so far he hasn’t been wrong.
    It’s the exact reason Tom was saying, where it puts people at ease; the back of your brain that’s cynical and analytical about the things you see and hear can take a break, and you can make decisions with ease. I don’t do this with the intent of manipulation, because I ultimately strive for transparency…but at the same time, my reason for being transparent is technically manipulation?
    It’s hard to describe, but I’m effectively competing with subconscious doubts rather than conscious decision making.

  • Hitomi
    Hitomi 6 dias atrás +2

    Thanks for explaining why you do it, but you're the only youtuber I watch that does, and I never found that it adds any more authenticity to the video. It doesn't bother me and after the hundreds of videos you've arbitrary made with this assumption, I think you've convinced yourself it's helpful, but just thought I'd give a genuine perspective as a viewer.

    FWUTIG 6 dias atrás +3223

    I really appreciate how he gets straight to the point for people who are just curious then goes into all the details and stuff through the rest of the video

    • Juniper Berri
      Juniper Berri 2 dias atrás +2

      He gets to the point at 2:33, ~2/3rds of the way through the video.

    • zekai witcher
      zekai witcher 3 dias atrás

      @Mihail Milev balls

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev 5 dias atrás

      @Alexandra S. wym

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 5 dias atrás +16

      what is funny is that he SEEMED to get straight to A point, but he was subtly talking about something else. take the time to rewatch and pay attention to the details of his surroundings and how they relate to the timing of what he says. you might realize something else

    • Idaho
      Idaho 5 dias atrás +43

      @607 He does not get straight to the point, but he does explain the answer in a very short amount of time. It can still be appreciated.

  • Inju
    Inju 6 dias atrás +2

    Thank god there was actually a delay - I thought I was experiencing a little bit of brain lag for a moment! I suppose I should have expected a Tom Scott video about sound sync to have a cheeky example like that.

  • Greg Bartholomew
    Greg Bartholomew 5 dias atrás

    Tom, your videos are great, so informative and explained in a why that anyone can understand, and you cover such a great range of topics, I love them!

  • Vanasonic
    Vanasonic 5 dias atrás +2

    I trust Tom Scott with my life because he claps at the beginning of his videos.

  • Emily An
    Emily An 3 dias atrás

    "I don't want to be relatable, I want to be trustworthy" - I think this is why we all love Tom.

  • Harshal Parmar
    Harshal Parmar 6 dias atrás +3958

    This video is the definition of "anti clickbait". Didn't even read the question from the title back, straight to the point. Why can't all YTers be like this.

    • d1353lp0w3r
      d1353lp0w3r 6 dias atrás

      Because Tom cares more about educating people than capitalism, unlike most BRcliprs

    • Kaiwala
      Kaiwala 6 dias atrás

      If you like this I suggest watching Adam Ragusea - he makes cooking videos, or cooking science videos depending on if you want a recipe or just want to learn something.

    • Issa humps
      Issa humps 6 dias atrás

      Because you need over 10 minutes to monetize it properly

    • Drizzle
      Drizzle 6 dias atrás

      @May L I'm not sure I get your point?

    • Mert Arican
      Mert Arican 6 dias atrás +1

      This was definition of ''clickbait'' but in a good way. We got our answer at the back till then it was just dragging.

  • Gursheen Kaur
    Gursheen Kaur 6 dias atrás +2

    You are low key becoming my fav youtuber. Extremely precise, no crap, informative and interesting at the same time!

  • djones02
    djones02 6 dias atrás +3

    I was just explaining this to my colleague the other week. I do webcasts and video recordings and noticed that audio out of sync isn't always bad or noticeable.
    But if the audio is before the video people will notice and complain.
    I figured it out that is actually normally how our brains perceive the world.
    Since light travels faster than sound.

  • Clement Wong
    Clement Wong 2 dias atrás +1

    I will always trust Tom, he's so relatable

  • Jose Paniagua
    Jose Paniagua 6 dias atrás

    No matter how long or short your videos are, theu always seem to have most amount information as possible just so much so its keeps wanting for more, keep up the kick ass work Tom

  • Brad Davis
    Brad Davis 6 dias atrás +1765

    100ms (or ~6 frames) is actually roughly the upper limit where most people tend to notice audio and video are desynchronized, as long as you're dealing with something like talking. This comes up a lot when building VR environments where you're trying have a central server match up audio and facial animations for a lot of clients. Source: former VR developer.

    • Galaxy Animal
      Galaxy Animal Dia atrás

      @HenryLoenwind If we percieve something that cannot exist, then we must be percieving something wrongly, which could mean that, say, our enemy is following us.

    • Alexandra S.
      Alexandra S. 3 dias atrás

      still missed the point

    • David Lin
      David Lin 3 dias atrás

      I did notice that 3 frame lag

    • The Audio Forge
      The Audio Forge 4 dias atrás +1

      As a live sound engineer I agree . But big stages and huge audiences sometimes u get away with 200ms max. (or 0.2) seconds. Before anyone notices. The brain kindda fills up the gap.

    • yensteel
      yensteel 5 dias atrás +1

      @Figment Should be! Up to Av1 at least. People are working on a GAN interpolation layer + traditional codecs as a new video technology, so who knows later on. Variable framerate is an exception to constant frame rates and is a real pain (many encoders get desynced, lose and gain frames.. etc)

  • Mia! 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Telling the audience that you're doing a thing to subtly manipulate them, and how and why it works, with no intent to stop because it DOES work, thus establishing trust by being forthright about a lie to establish trust is probably about the most Tom Scott thing ever.

  • klfjoat
    klfjoat 6 dias atrás +4

    1) I thought the truck reversing beep was going to be the start of you revealing that this HAD been shot on a green screen with a crew.
    2) BRAVO for doing this at the supposed site of the War of the World's radio broadcast landing!!!! They did so much during that broadcast to make it seem authentic. I especially liked the guy calling CQ New York!!!!

    • Eljan Rimsa
      Eljan Rimsa Dia atrás

      Of course it had been shot on a green screen with a crew. Look at the background, it is obvious. Don't trust him. He's never been in New Jersey.

  • sparkypi
    sparkypi Dia atrás +1

    I don't even have words for that ending. That was too perfect, Scott. Too perfect XD

  • Matt McIrvin
    Matt McIrvin 5 dias atrás +1

    I just made a little video today, for a specific work-related purpose, and I realized that, having gotten a take that was the right length, I was OK with leaving all my ums and hesitations and verbally corrected misstatements in because it was supposed to look like a live demo. It probably has that same emotional effect on the viewer.

  • Cody Hellyeah
    Cody Hellyeah 5 dias atrás +1

    TV audio guy here-between audio and video of multiple cameras, our sync difference is within spec if it’s 2 frames or less in a 60fps environment, or about 34 milliseconds since I use that measurement to get closer. The important part, when you can, is audio be later than video for the reasons you described, but also because the speed of sound is always slower than the speed of light - you will never hear a thing before you see the thing (unless it’s out of frame), so your brain will send off alarm bells if it’s off the wrong way, but can compensate if it’s off but in the right direction.

  • Rob Knight
    Rob Knight 6 dias atrás +3

    I like the irony of telling us about making your audio trustworthy whilst standing on the spot where so many people were duped by a radio broadcast.

  • platonicVulpine
    platonicVulpine 4 dias atrás +1

    Oh, are we finally getting to the arc where the production crew get introduced as characters to further drive parasocial engagement? :P
    I kid of course, but it is interesting to know that video creators usually have these ideas in mind as they make their videos.

  • Daedalus Young
    Daedalus Young 5 dias atrás

    1:48 Yes, that's how that works, we are used to hearing sound milliseconds later than seeing whatever made that sound, and our brain automatically puts the two together. Which is why, when syncing up, and that can't be done perfectly accurate (due to one frame being 0.03 seconds long and your audio recording might not start exactly at the start of a frame), it's fine to have the sound a little bit later. But not earlier, our brain doesn't understand that.

  • Harry101UK
    Harry101UK 6 dias atrás +869

    I was expecting the camera to pull back and reveal a crew of 20+ people when Tom said "You can trust me."

    • Jalcome
      Jalcome 5 dias atrás

      Im disappointed that its not

    • Argus Fleibeit
      Argus Fleibeit 6 dias atrás +1

      @Pork Cracklins Historical marker for something that never happened, except thousands of people got scared witless listening to the live broadcast from 50 miles away.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin 6 dias atrás +5

      There should've at least been a brief jump cut to a camera operator waving.

    • Pork Cracklins
      Pork Cracklins 6 dias atrás +9

      @Buster Beachside Not just any Martian landing site, but in Grover's Mill, the site of the Martian landing in Welles' "War of the Worlds." Another example of a story told with a effort in artificial credibility.

    • nathan87
      nathan87 6 dias atrás +4

      Hahaha same I was totally expecting the reveal to be a green screen in a studio.

  • Josmi
    Josmi 5 dias atrás +2

    that's why I love your videos: no cuts, straight forward, that truck backing up...just leave all in.

  • Scottie Hollywood
    Scottie Hollywood 5 dias atrás

    Well I honestly learned something new today. Thanks Tom, I appreciate it, along with your hard work.

  • Maximilian Beißel
    Maximilian Beißel 5 dias atrás +1

    Actually, even in film scoring or trailer music / sound design, big hits are just slightly behind explosions / cuts because it feels more realistic. As you explained, soundwaves need some time to travel but light does (almost) not. The brain does allow up to ~10ms of delay in sound before we mention that something is off. But every single millisecond of sound being ahead of light feels odd. Crazy, right?

  • Tim Weisgerber
    Tim Weisgerber 6 dias atrás

    I love how this video is about visual cuts and not audio syncing. Well done, yet again!

  • Marsamune
    Marsamune 6 dias atrás +722

    Same thing is huge in music. Alot of songs start with the drummer counting everyone in or even the band talking before the song, even on studio recordings. Gives it a human touch.

    • Etop Owertwon
      Etop Owertwon 4 dias atrás

      Oh, that makes sense. It also answers the question I actually wondered the other day: why every other clip bascially has a freaking movie before the song starts. It's really infuritating when you don't want a human touch and want to skip to the good part.

    • quinbot quinbot
      quinbot quinbot 5 dias atrás

      @Sergeantmajormario "giving the breasts" Someone needs to retrain his autocorrect.🤣

    • Chris M
      Chris M 5 dias atrás

      Although the one that sticks in my mind is U2’s “One”. (Purely the count in with the drumsticks.)

    • Chris M
      Chris M 5 dias atrás

      Billy Joel, Matter of trust…

    • thehipstersquid
      thehipstersquid 6 dias atrás +1

      This is used a lot in The Strokes - The New Abnormal, and it does make it feel more "human"... More as if the band is letting loose and having fun instead of doing a professional recording.

  • jowys
    jowys 5 dias atrás

    I know you've probably heard it before but thank you so much for just answering the title immediately in your videos. Honestly its what gets me to stick around, because now I'm more intrigued to know _why_

  • marcianoacuerda
    marcianoacuerda 5 dias atrás

    Haven’t thought about this until now, but there’s has to be a system that does this sync internally on cameras. Something that makes the recording of video and audio start at the same time, or with 6 frames of delay max!

  • EmberDrops
    EmberDrops 6 dias atrás +3

    The "It's OK, you can trust me" line and the following cut to the sign "Martian landing site" is genius XD

  • baylinkdashyt
    baylinkdashyt 6 dias atrás

    You realize, of course, that *admitting* that you sometimes do it even when you have a crew blows that authenticity thing right outta the water, right? 🙂

  • Grady Philpott
    Grady Philpott 6 dias atrás +478

    I cannot tell you how many times I have wondered why film crews use clapper boards, which of course, I've never actually seen in person, but every time I see one in a film or documentary that uses one that is digitized, I wondered why such a manually-operated feature was still needed and now I know. Thank you, Tom.

    • Helena Blakemore
      Helena Blakemore 6 dias atrás +5

      FYI the electronic clapper boards are really expensive, as in, the small one is somewhere around $800 USD iirc. They have a wireless receiver that gets information from another specialized bit of kit which can be attached to high end cinema cameras. On those cameras, there's a port that sends out accurate timecode. The slate can also send timecode and audio blips to a separate video recorder, which means there is 0 slip when synching the audio in the edit booth. This precision allows auto synch features to work really well, but without it, the manual synching method that Tom shows is still perfectly acceptable.

    • Chris Hayes
      Chris Hayes 6 dias atrás +9

      It's also fun to see how many takes a shot took when they show the clapper board. A notable example is OK GO's "I won't let you down" music video, which was done all in one go. From the board you can see it took them 127 takes!

    • Daniel Weston
      Daniel Weston 6 dias atrás +12

      @Shannon Gerry Still have my chalkboard clapper...... a new one would be nice......

    • odinata
      odinata 6 dias atrás +9

      Film crews use clapper boards to synchronize audio to video.

    • Shannon Gerry
      Shannon Gerry 6 dias atrás +93

      If you see a modern clapper board you might see that they also have what's known as a timecode running on it. Timecode is in the format HH:MM:SS:FF (for hours, minutes, seconds, and frames (sometimes the last : is a ; for reasons it's not helpful to mention here) ). Assuming it's properly synchronised each frame of video should see a unique timecode on the clapper board and multiple cameras can then easily be synchronised without needing to record audio or find the actual CLACK, you just look at what's on the board for whichever frame you have and you know the offset.

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang 6 dias atrás

    Brilliant video, Tom. Your videos are always so informative and on point. Love it.

  • Gurjas Singh Batra
    Gurjas Singh Batra 6 dias atrás

    At 1:48, I absolutely love that you honestly mention that it's speculation rather than fact. Goes to show how much you care about knowledge and not looking knowledgeable!

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion 5 dias atrás +2

    My issue was always matching my mouth movements to the sound given out. I notice it in other YTers vids that their mouth and sound don't 100% match

  • EB
    EB 2 dias atrás +1

    I use sound and lipreading to compensate for my hearing peculiarities and it makes it much more obvious when the audio is out of sync.

  • Jovan
    Jovan 6 dias atrás +758

    Leave it to Tom Scott to make a video about literal audio syncing, not clickbait it, and still manage to get over a million views with every video

    • Jovan
      Jovan 5 dias atrás

      @May L sorry what?
      im not, where did you get the idea that i was?

    • May L
      May L 6 dias atrás

      @Jovan : Are you one of the people working behind the scenes to achieve that stats ? I am a bit impressed also...shocked too, actually. I never even knew that people can genuinely make a career, or even company, out of youtube videos. Really, a whole new world out there.

    • Persun McPersonson
      Persun McPersonson 6 dias atrás +9

      @Arnav Kumar
      No, it's anything that's made to bait you into clicking. Not all clickbait tactics are necessarily lies-but they are still all a form of psychological manipulation, much like advertising.

    • Shannon Gerry
      Shannon Gerry 6 dias atrás +9

      Yep, "it's not what you think" is definitely clickbait.

    • Ahsim Nreiziev
      Ahsim Nreiziev 6 dias atrás +16

      @Arnav Kumar
      Not quite true. Clickbait is literally what it says: something (usually a title or thumbnail) to bait people into clicking on the video.
      Nowhere in there does it say anything about it needing to be a lie.

  • RipleySawzen
    RipleySawzen 6 dias atrás

    Yes! Our brains do compensate for sound lag, such that the audio can be greatly delayed and it still looks right to us. Our brains will try to tie a sound after an action to that action.
    The reverse is not true at all! Even a slight negative delay will be immediately noticeable. This is because it never happens in real life, and so our brains are wired to perceive a sound before an action as definitely not a part of that action.

  • Anthony Hastie
    Anthony Hastie 2 dias atrás

    You started talking about the trustworthiness of the creator and the things you do to make us trust you're actually on site and not using a green screen and immediately I started hearing the crickets and the truck reversing and I was 100% convinced you were going to turn off the greenscreen to prove how well those techniques worked.

  • Did you know?
    Did you know? 2 dias atrás

    “You can trust me”
    It is literally what makes everyone to not trust you😂

  • Gumball Machinery
    Gumball Machinery 2 dias atrás +1

    "I'm just a normal human. You can trust me."
    (standing at a martian landing site) 🤔

  • Inkairi Inc.
    Inkairi Inc. 3 dias atrás

    I do this subconsciously. While editing it just feels right to keep the claps in ya know? Its awesome to know why.

  • DIYMicha2
    DIYMicha2 6 dias atrás

    I'm flicking my tongue really loud while opening my mouth to sync audio in my videos. The downside is, that I have to look into the cam to see my mouth in the cutting software. When other people are around,, that doesn't look so obvious as clapping the hands. Upside, it works even with the hands full. :)

  • TeknoViking
    TeknoViking 6 dias atrás +1

    Like when a DJ is mixing tracks and you can hear the beats slightly out of sync for a few seconds, letting you know that it's not some software auto-mix, but an actual craftsman.

  • rxiko
    rxiko 4 horas atrás +1

    Well dude really straight up told us that he is subtly manipulating us to gain trust which is such a Tom Scott thing to do

  • SpagBoii
    SpagBoii 6 dias atrás +535

    Tom Scott 3 years ago: Why you can't trust me
    Tom Scott now: It's ok, you can trust me
    Character development

    • kala Asi
      kala Asi 5 dias atrás

      That was three years ago?? Damn i feel old

    • Irapa7
      Irapa7 6 dias atrás +4

      3 years from now: "You shouldnt have trusted me"

    • May L
      May L 6 dias atrás

      @I before A except after K : War of the Worlds? Goodness... now I feel like I'm back at university...... I just realise what writers call a "time warp" now in books.

    • Ironica
      Ironica 6 dias atrás +1

      @I before A except after K I figured it had to do something with a big media event in the past. I just found that humorous :)

    • I before A except after K
      I before A except after K 6 dias atrás +4

      @Ironica But Martians did land there in 1938...in Orson Welles' broadcast of _War of the Worlds._

  • Alec Langerud
    Alec Langerud 5 dias atrás

    Your videos are a land of answers to questions I never knew I had, and I love it.

  • i Fix
    i Fix 6 dias atrás

    I love the fact he gives an answer like 2 seconds in but I still watch the whole thing because I know it’s Tom Scott and he will have something interesting to say and probably I will also learn something

  • Stacey Oleinik
    Stacey Oleinik 3 dias atrás

    "Answering the question that was asked" and why a lot of people don't do it in general could be an entire topic in itself. Thank you!

  • AWadeLa
    AWadeLa 12 horas atrás

    "I don't need to be relatable. I don't really want to be relatable." I have never heard Tom sum up so succinctly the difference between how he uses youtube and how most other youtubers use it.

  • Orion Riley
    Orion Riley 5 dias atrás

    This just makes me want to see if there's any psychology literature about this phenomenon... Good way to spend the next 6 hours, thanks Tom

  • Christopher Raff
    Christopher Raff 3 dias atrás

    1:58 How expensive do BRclipr's think clappers are?
    Also wanted to bring up "setting expectations". I do camera work, and my specialty is handheld filming. One of the things you do when working handheld is move the camera around a bit even when you don't need to be moving it because that is what the audience expects. It turns a really lackluster shot into something dynamic and living and lets the viewer know, even if it is subconsciously, that the camera is a part of the scene, not some weird entity that exists outside the world of the movie.

  • Ranulf Doswell
    Ranulf Doswell 4 dias atrás

    Haha I love the ending "you can trust me..." on a panning shot to the Martian landing plaque. Odd nobody else seems to have commented on that! I'm guessing it has something to do with War of the Worlds?
    Also, interesting to me, the audio you said was 3 frames late looked more natural to me than the audio when it was supposed to be exactly synchronised, even though it was quite a close shot and the delay due to speed of sound should have been about 1 frame.

  • Slim Starcraft
    Slim Starcraft 6 dias atrás

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  • doddleoddle
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    • Avengers Newbie
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    • MikeOnaBike
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      @Connor Halliday you know, I actually expected this

  • Luck
    Luck 3 dias atrás

    I guess it's easy to do it this way by hand, by I wonder why dynamic time warping isn't included as a standard method for this in video processing software?

  • Davyd Atwood
    Davyd Atwood 6 dias atrás

    You know, until this video I didn't know why clapper boards *clapped.* The shot info on the slate, sure, but I always just assumed the clapping was to give a nice decisive flicker of motion for when an editor is scrolling through dailies.

  • Justin Stott
    Justin Stott 6 dias atrás

    You are awesome dude, definitely one of the coolest nerds I’ve seen! I noticed the three frame delay. Brilliant! Keep up the good work!

  • drexell
    drexell 6 dias atrás

    I like to record onboard audio for my camera for this reason, it's a great tool to double check when the camera should be hearing what your microphone is picking up.

  • Stuart Russo
    Stuart Russo 6 dias atrás +579

    As a deaf person any messing around with the link between sound and video is often picked up straight away as deaf people use lip reading and body language heavily and the brain somehow merges it with what audio we are receiving and tries to put it all together very fast for us to get the gist of what is being said, when there is a lag it immediately makes the process much harder and more tiring, so I can confirm these things do matter and the slippage in the video was really noticeable :-)

    • Willem Beel
      Willem Beel 4 dias atrás

      Yep, can confirm :)

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev 5 dias atrás +1

      @Traugott Müller I will be sure to remember this an incorporate it into my knowledge and values that most people don't but should understand

    • Mihail Milev
      Mihail Milev 5 dias atrás

      @Traugott Müller true, thanks for pointing that out

    • Traugott Müller
      Traugott Müller 5 dias atrás +3

      @Luca Moriconi And adding to that, a person "needing a wheelchair" does not necessarily have to be completely unable to walk in order to need a wheelchair to get around in everyday life. Some people who rely on wheelchairs can walk around their house, or stand up and grab something from a shelf. But they still need the wheelchair because they cannot walk longer distances.
      (oh, and on that topic: Don't use the terms "confined to a wheelchair" or "wheelchair bound". A wheelchair gives a person freedom to move around on their own, it doesn't limit them, as those terms imply)

    • HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo
      HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo 5 dias atrás +2

      Ohhhh, that's why it's like that for me! I'm not deaf, but I have audio processing disorder, so lipreading helps me understand what i'm hearing. So audio desync screws me up so bad 😂

  • Andrey Rumming
    Andrey Rumming 5 dias atrás +1

    I am pleased and excited to say that I did in fact notice the slight out of sync audio by 3 frames. I will admit that, while I saw and noticed it, I thought it was my PC doing something weird XD

  • Nate Tallman
    Nate Tallman 6 dias atrás

    I am always impressed by your delivery. Do you read from a teleprompter or do you go from memory? There's no shade either way, I'm just curious.

  • Xcyiterr
    Xcyiterr 5 dias atrás

    tom is the type of person who, despite not having ever met personally before, I would 100% trust with my life

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    Short, simple & informative. Hate it when people make a 15 minute video for something so simple.

  • Lionkingview
    Lionkingview 6 dias atrás +701

    Lindsey Ellis did a huge (video)essay on the manufactured authenticity of youtube videos. It dives a bit more deeper into ideas like "calls to action" which thankfully Tom did not have in this video. Also the mid video outtake and off script remarks are being analyzed in the essay too

    • Kram Sacul
      Kram Sacul 2 dias atrás


    • beth12svist
      beth12svist 4 dias atrás +14

      Somehow, when I see "essay", I still don't think of a video essay and I was going to ask "where was it published and is it free access". 🙄

    • sketcher oreo
      sketcher oreo 5 dias atrás +2

      @Traugott Müller thanks!! :)

    • Traugott Müller
      Traugott Müller 5 dias atrás +16

      @sketcher oreo "BRclip: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)"

    • Lionkingview
      Lionkingview 5 dias atrás +13

      @sketcher oreo lindsay ellis manufacturing authenticity on BRclip (for fun and profit)

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  • Iain Lambert
    Iain Lambert 5 dias atrás

    Thanks for answering the interesting question! Anyone who’s seen a clapperboard understands the technical reason for it existing. It’s why you leave that footage in that I wanted to know about.

  • dahemac
    dahemac 6 dias atrás

    I think I learned that there is always a delay between hearing and vision, because of the different neural pathways, and that our brain is just really good at syncing up the perception. Brain amazing.

  • Ethan Reesor
    Ethan Reesor 6 dias atrás

    That 3 frame lag just about drove me crazy. I detest audio lag and complain about it frequently. Based on the fact that people near me often say, "What do you mean?" I must be unusually sensitive.

  • Whirligig Studios
    Whirligig Studios 6 dias atrás +561

    The lighting on Tom looks so perfect in this video that I was convinced he was going to reveal that it *had been* a green screen the whole time.

    • Lia P
      Lia P 6 dias atrás

      It's kind of weird lighting as a whole. I think that's what makes it look a little uncanny. The sun is lower in the sky, you can see streaks of bright sunlight in the background, but Tom isn't in direct sunlight so he has much softer lighting. Subconsciously the hard light/soft light feels mismatched - which is something we see with CGI, subjects and backgrounds whose lighting doesn't match. Tom is just good at finding good light at a not-so-good time of day, and his camera probably has good exposure too.

    • Tibor Baksa
      Tibor Baksa 6 dias atrás +2

      @rmsgrey Well, there are a few things that are still hard to do with green screens, like shiny objects or big surfaces reflecting a solid color onto other objects. That's why for example the Mandalorian uses a room-sized cylindrical LED wall called a Virtual Production Set.

    • Takahashi
      Takahashi 6 dias atrás +1

      @KG Niku But I'm not from New Jersey?
      Tom: Too late!

    • doublej1076
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  • Steve Spark
    Steve Spark 5 dias atrás

    Oh wow. I always assumed the mic was directly linked to the camera and recorded to the same file.
    When I did my grooms speech they clipped a sound recorder mic to me, I was surprised and thought it would have been a radio mic to the camera at the other side of the room. I thought they were just bodgers 😂 but the video turned out perfectly. 😏