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Why the US Army electrifies this water

  • Publicado em 21 Ago 2022
  • The Chicago and Sanitary Ship Canal is the path that invasive carp would take to reach the Great Lakes. So to stop them, the US Army Corps of Engineers has installed an electric barrier. Although for obvious reasons, I didn't get to see it close up. [The interviewee is project manager Jeff Zuercher, whose name caption got missed out! Apologies, Jeff.]
    Sources, apart from the interview and the team I talked to:
    Edited by Dave Stevenson www.davestevenson.co.uk/
    Thanks to Captain Nate at Peoria Carp Hunters peoriacarphunters.com/
    I'm at tomscott.com
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  • Shane Raben
    Shane Raben Mês atrás +39889

    One interesting thing not mentioned: the local paramedics have been given a 'no rescue' order. If you foolishly go into or near the electrified water and become injured, no one will come save you. The risks to the rescue personnel are too high.

    • ColoradoH2o
      ColoradoH2o 14 dias atrás

      @mallory a fire medic would.

    • Ezekiel Zoro
      Ezekiel Zoro 20 dias atrás


    • D Greenhill
      D Greenhill 26 dias atrás

      That's just the excuse they give. We have seen 400 police officers in military gear stand around as someone murdered 20 little children.

    • chaeryoung
      chaeryoung Mês atrás

      what if it was on accident like you accidentally fell down or someone pushed you?

    • Mr. Rue Bean
      Mr. Rue Bean Mês atrás

      @aeleron well if two people need rescue they should send in a third person to rescue them. It’s not complicated

  • Dalton Boardman
    Dalton Boardman 29 dias atrás +2930

    Loved how he explained how a fish could get knocked out and essentially wake up like someone would in a ditch after a bender.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 21 dia atrás +1045

    That electric grid in the water is terrifying and I'm sure effective. I say terrifying because I had a friend years ago killed by being electrocuted in water. Faulty wiring on the boat dock, he dropped something in the water, went in to get it, horrible way to go. I wasn't there but I still get emotional thinking about that whole mess.

    • Maru D
      Maru D 5 dias atrás

      @Greg Chambers so sad to disappoint you but electron do have a mass of 9.1093837015 × 10−31 kg, which is only 1/1,836the mass of a proton. It has a negative charge, I hope you've meant it, because being electrician and saying that nonsense scares as hell.

    • Lloyd Evans
      Lloyd Evans 6 dias atrás

      @Greg Chambers Electrons have negative charge, yes - but not negative mass. They do have some mass, just a very small amount - it takes 1840 electrons to equal the mass of a single neutron or proton. Hence why the atomic masses of elements are not whole numbers, because if measured to sufficient accuracy, the mass of the electrons in the atom make a small but detectable contribution.

    • Greg Chambers
      Greg Chambers 6 dias atrás

      @Steven Strain Electrons are pushed and pulled by the steam turbine generators at 60 times a second (alternating current). Nuclear plants use extremely dangerous uranium to boil water to steam to turn the turbines. Generators and transformers work on electromagnetic fields. Water is the conductor here, but distilled water cannot transmit electricity. River and lake water do, but salt water is the best conductor as far as water goes.

    • Steven Strain
      Steven Strain 6 dias atrás

      @Greg Chambers, tell that to a nuclear power plant.

    • Greg Chambers
      Greg Chambers 6 dias atrás

      @Steven Strain electrons have negative mass.

  • EmiRabbit
    EmiRabbit 26 dias atrás +611

    It's so sad the damage that invasive species can cause because they were introduced as a quick fix to a problem. I'm sure that most Aussies know about Cane toads, but they were introduced to deal with cane beetles. Unfortunately their toxins kill a lot of native animals and they now can be found all over eastern Australia. Humans can make such a huge impact with small decisions.

    • Crashoverride
      Crashoverride 6 dias atrás +1

      @Pranav Bhamidipati because they destroy other life

    • Pranav Bhamidipati
      Pranav Bhamidipati 6 dias atrás +1

      What is the problem with the invasive species though? I couldn't fully grasp why it's important to keep the carp out of the great lakes. Why is aquatic diversity important to us?

    • Crashoverride
      Crashoverride 7 dias atrás +1

      @Florin Arjocu We use Eagles to help with the rabbits, well until Eagles become a problem too

    • Marc E
      Marc E 9 dias atrás

      take a look at the flower taking over iceland called lupine, and its quite the debate over there. IMO this invase flower is doing a good job.

    • Paul Ashe
      Paul Ashe 11 dias atrás +1

      Invasive human species are the most dangerous animal

  • Ignatius B
    Ignatius B 28 dias atrás +879

    Finally someone of decent size commented on this. Believe it or not, my father got knocked out from an Asian carp jumping out of the water on the Illinois around the time this started. The things can get huge (by Midwestern standards).

    • Nasty Stew69
      Nasty Stew69 9 dias atrás +1

      @Sebastian Ascencio thanks for the information

    • Sebastian Ascencio
      Sebastian Ascencio 9 dias atrás +2

      @Nasty Stew69 the meat tastes alright but it has a lot of small spikes throughout and that makes it undesirable

    • Nasty Stew69
      Nasty Stew69 9 dias atrás +1

      What's wrong with carp is it edible?

    • Sebastian Ascencio
      Sebastian Ascencio 10 dias atrás

      @J Holt underrated😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mikie smith
      Mikie smith 11 dias atrás


  • Max Salmon
    Max Salmon Mês atrás +4965

    I hope the carp don't figure out how to dig a tunnel past this. Those carpal tunnels can be wicked.

  • hey dave dawson
    hey dave dawson 19 dias atrás +41

    BRclip needs to recommend more educational and informative videos like this to EVERYONE.
    Although this particular one would not relate to audiences across the board, but the human mind is curious. I think the population would benefit greatly.

    • Hotobu
      Hotobu 6 dias atrás

      Until the carp find out...

  • mature onset
    mature onset 27 dias atrás +56

    European carp entered Australia's outback waterways in the 1970s and devastated the native biota fish crayfish and most of the river vegetative species. It took nearly fifty years for any sort of correction to take place leaving the whole system today completely corrupted

    • Gregory
      Gregory 17 dias atrás

      I mean the murray is on its way out from all the water theft anyway... The whole country's gonna look like NT within 50 years I reckon

    • oldbloke135
      oldbloke135 22 dias atrás +12

      European common carp didn't "enter" Australia, people took them there, same as they did in the USA as far back as the 1800s. Carp have been reared as food in Europe for centuries and misguided businessmen thought breeding and selling them was an easy way to make money. What they didn't take into account was that in warmer waters they spread like wildfire.

    • David M
      David M 23 dias atrás +5

      inaction of Aus government they just don't give a 2 clocks about environment.

  • Mr. O'Blivian
    Mr. O'Blivian 28 dias atrás +13

    Wow, that push-boat is the epitome of world-class naval architecture. You can tell how much effort and passion went into her timeless, refined design. Truly breathtaking, and I consider myself blessed to have even just briefly witnessed such a poignant example of fine shipbuilding.

    • Tuhoe Taniwha
      Tuhoe Taniwha 8 dias atrás

      Ae ae captain - SpongeBob square pants theme music here

    • boli milda
      boli milda 14 dias atrás

      ecosystem at all!

  • MyNamesChai
    MyNamesChai 27 dias atrás +2

    What if the fish just got on the train? Bypass the whole thing wouldn’t they?

  • Kinetic
    Kinetic Mês atrás +7706

    If you said "Guess why you can't kayak from the Gulf of Mexico to the great lakes." none of my guesses would be "because of a deadly electric fish barrier."

    • tsm688
      tsm688 Dia atrás

      @Valinor You're big enough to cover a larger voltage gradient. It's one of the weird things about electricity in water, bigger things are hurt worse

    • Charlie Brewer
      Charlie Brewer 12 dias atrás

      @Pokerage Facts

    • YouTube Channel
      YouTube Channel 12 dias atrás +1

      You would be going upstream the whole time. That would be tough

    • Justin Lewallen
      Justin Lewallen 12 dias atrás

      @867diesel the bigger you are, the more voltage you get. It’s “voltage per inch” of surface area exposed to the electrified water. So a small fish is absorbing not much electricity, but a whole person is absorbing the same electricity as probably hundreds of tiny fish

    • R3l4mp4g0 M4rquinh0s
      R3l4mp4g0 M4rquinh0s 14 dias atrás

      @Philosophy_Bot good bot

  • Kimberlie Palms
    Kimberlie Palms 26 dias atrás +2

    I didn't know about this thank you for sharing this. I love learning new things about this crazy state I live in. Less smog and pollution is a good thing sorry I hope it never gets shut down.

  • Gre Kiely
    Gre Kiely 19 dias atrás +1

    Carp have "taken out" many natural Aust freshwater fish types. Amazing to see the infrastructure tasks the US Army Engineers have completed.

  • LemurPeople
    LemurPeople 20 dias atrás +1

    Great job bringing more attention to this issue!
    As always.

  • psycodoood
    psycodoood 22 dias atrás +8

    Great video! but it get me thinking if only certain transportation can pass I think there could be other (less dangerous and expensive) ways to do this, like a layer of water jets pushing to one direction, gates (like Panama canal), huge fish nets, paddle thingies pushing water, homeless people slapping back the carps, etc.

    • D. R. Stewart
      D. R. Stewart 18 dias atrás +2

      I'd gladly vote for a levy to employ homeless people slapping back the carps.

    • Autumn Mastin
      Autumn Mastin 20 dias atrás +4

      Lmaoooooo homeless people slapping back the carp 🤣

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Mês atrás +11317

    One of the safety rules I had to follow while filming was "don't touch two different metal things at the same time", just in case of any stray voltage. That's how powerful the barrier is.

    • OKey
      OKey 7 dias atrás

      The rule doesn’t say anything about how powerful the barrier is.
      It says how incompetent the staff is (and therefore how stupid-dangerous) that they are not sure if system is properly electrically isolated / grounded.

    • Mikie smith
      Mikie smith 11 dias atrás


    • nana
      nana 15 dias atrás

      how dont the fish die if its that powerful

    • Trainlover123 #TrainsRock
      Trainlover123 #TrainsRock 19 dias atrás

      1:45 Hi BNSF train!

    • Casper
      Casper 20 dias atrás

      how r there so many ppl using youtube that don't understand how it works? 🤣

  • Now4
    Now4 28 dias atrás +36

    While this video is great- it doesn’t mention a huge issue, which is mis-identifying common carp (naturalized in the US) and Buffalo (similar to a carp, native to the US and extremely similar to carp) as the serious invasive species of silver carp or bighead carp. This has caused a witchhunt for these mostly harmless species, simply because they are carp as well. So many people will just kill any carp they come across because they think any carp is invasive, and its terrible when this occurs.
    In that sense, while the video is great for calling out this issue of asian carp in these waters, I think you should’ve said something specifying that there is this other issue as well, as I can guarantee that people will see this video and further be influenced to believe all carp are the issue and catch and kill them, which is just not correct.
    So please, on the chance that you catch a carp, please know that if its not an asian or bighead carp, there is absolutely 0 reason to kill it. In fact, its best to release them as they are incredibly fun to catch and don’t hurt the ecosystem at all!

    • Madmex2k
      Madmex2k 11 dias atrás

      So, Fish now need to carry I.D. to swim in any water. Fish can now be pulled over just for looing like an Asian Carp. Fish profiling. Wow.

    • James Stocks
      James Stocks 12 dias atrás

      This is where corrupt democrat politicians burry their opponents. Chicago-Obama-Jarrett, etc.

  • TyDye
    TyDye 18 dias atrás

    Great video, very informative. I hope the carp never reach the great lakes, that would be a disaster for the native fish.

  • Team Amodio
    Team Amodio 24 dias atrás

    They’ve been found in Lake Calumet which is attached to Lake Michigan just south of Chicago, so they’ve made it past this and any other barriers and likely swimming around Lake Michigan waters

  • Peter Marreck
    Peter Marreck 29 dias atrás +1

    This was great, I had no idea. Thanks Tom, for finding interesting USA stuff to talk about!

    YTPEXPERT Mês atrás +15834

    Tom has found the greatest niche. Interesting things are everywhere. I'm just glad someone interesting finds these interesting places

    • sewgatormomm
      sewgatormomm Mês atrás

      I have family members that are engineers with the Army Corps of Engineers, and I was able to visit certain non-sensitive research areas. You have to get clearance, and of course we weren’t allowed anywhere near any of the more high security research areas.

    • Yon
      Yon Mês atrás

      I live near here and have never heard of this barrier. I even worked in Romeoville this past summer.

    • vp
      vp Mês atrás

      Also the videos are short and relevant, not 10 mins + irrelevant bs

    • dazzaburger
      dazzaburger Mês atrás

      @scalpingsnake when you have over 5M subscribers trust me you can get access to most things

    • Bluebirdfalling
      Bluebirdfalling Mês atrás

      no. it's not interesting. who paid you.

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 27 dias atrás +2

    Even with the minor uncertainties and inconveniences around this, it's still a good thing there's actual smort people working on the problem. My solution would've involved a lot more dynamite...

  • Aye Bee
    Aye Bee 22 dias atrás

    Carp problems?
    Years ago I watched two guys with a flat bottom John Boat. They built an air thruster fan which used a 4hp horizontal petrol engine. Tiller steering.
    They had crossbows with spools of heavy test braided line. They were arrow fishing for carp in two feet of water. The air thruster was wakeless. No startled carp. In coves they shut the engine off and moved by means of a pike. In two hours they speared many nasty carp. The lake had been a sewage impoundment. No fish were suitable for consumption. However white stripers were slowly becoming more prevalent. Summer time temps, carp stay in shallows. Proper game fish go deep.

  • Sgt926
    Sgt926 29 dias atrás +16

    Obvious question: what happens if there’s a power outage for the city that goes on for an extended time?

    • Mike A
      Mike A 17 dias atrás

      @Dominik The capacitors are for the pulsing. For power outages there are generators on site

    • Dominik
      Dominik 18 dias atrás

      for a very short outage they have capacitators (mentioned in the video), but i dunno what they do by more than an Minute

    • Mike Allen
      Mike Allen 26 dias atrás +2

      @Nisstyre56 Also there are backup generators

    • Nisstyre56
      Nisstyre56 28 dias atrás +4

      that's what the huge capacitors are for

    • Mike A
      Mike A 28 dias atrás +5

      There are automatic generators on site

  • Alex
    Alex 12 dias atrás +5

    I can't imagine the energy needed to operate this.

    • Bert
      Bert 8 dias atrás

      I wonder if they use fossil fuels as an energy source. Sort of funny, isn't it? I would suggest Biden demand they be powered by batteries!

  • No Answer
    No Answer Mês atrás +6959

    There's something magical about reading the words "US ARMY ELECTRIC FISH BARRIER" on a GUI, and also knowing that it's powerful enough for just standing near it to be at least mildly concerning for a human.

    • Mike A
      Mike A 28 dias atrás

      @aceg81 I have it on good authority that it is called various colorful names :-)

    • Mike A
      Mike A 28 dias atrás

      @Boo Bah Trust me, there is a massive amount of wattage available at the barrier

    • Mike A
      Mike A 28 dias atrás

      @Ember I like how you quantify the amount of wattage 🙂.

    • Joseph Barry
      Joseph Barry 28 dias atrás

      We had them growing up. my dad invented them. I got my own for my 11th birthday. Were you raised in a barn ??

    • Corvus albus
      Corvus albus Mês atrás +1

      Words I never expected to read in that combination XD

  • Alastair Fulbrook
    Alastair Fulbrook 23 dias atrás

    What they need here is some sort of hybrid lock Falkirk Wheel type structure. Like a gondola carrying the boat with holes for draining the water and a vacuum function for sucking out fish.

  • Herb H
    Herb H 19 dias atrás +1

    Idea: How about a lock where after its closed you put toxin in, keep it for a while, then filter it out again and open it on the other side? Or is it not possible to filter out toxin?

    • Rithmy
      Rithmy 15 dias atrás

      On this scale its defnitly not easy to fully filter out toxin. Even the smallest rudiments could accumulate and cause ecological damage downstream.

  • Trevor Lyons
    Trevor Lyons 20 dias atrás

    I did a major report on this for a senior research project for my civil and environmental engineering degree. It the carp make it into Lake Michigan it would
    Be absolutely an disaster and devastate the Great Lakes fisheries.

  • StudSupreme
    StudSupreme 15 dias atrás

    I would enlarge that canal and make sure it extends fully to the Mississippi. It needs to become a major trade route again. Chicago will prosper from this, and the city needs something to stimulate its economy to break the cycle of extreme crime and poverty.

  • SofronPolitis
    SofronPolitis Mês atrás +10101

    For anyone interested, a similar barrier has been proposed for the Suez canal in Egypt, to prevent fish from the Indian Ocean come to the Mediterranean. This migration is apparently facilitated by rising sea temperatures, and invasive species are already making a dent on the fish of the great Med. Most of them are inedible too (or even toxic to humans) so this is also a potential economic disaster for millions of people.

    • M Kefayati
      M Kefayati 28 dias atrás

      @Panther Heart The Druid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Dragoonsoul7878
      Dragoonsoul7878 Mês atrás

      So rather then fix the cause of the rising temperatures we will do more things which cause it to raise even faster? Then when a few inevitably slip through it will have all been for not?
      Normally in a case like this you accept the disaster is coming and plan around that.

    • Day-gone knights
      Day-gone knights Mês atrás

      @Ape Together Strong English is a designer language. Invented and implemented as the world wide language, linking concepts, religions, lands, geography, etc all together...
      For the NWO.
      Carpe diem.

    • Sir Zorg
      Sir Zorg Mês atrás

      Also there was an aquarium that released genetically modified cold-tolerant invasive seagrass into the Mediterranean, which is also toxic to all the fish.

    • Better With Rum
      Better With Rum Mês atrás

      Any solutions for the CCP?

  • Raizzor
    Raizzor 28 dias atrás +1

    I sometimes wondered how Bull sharks, who have swam up as far as Alton, Il in the Mississippi River didn't continue into the Illinois River and make it to the great lakes. Now, I know one reason.

    • Giqwaju
      Giqwaju 20 dias atrás

      I am a bull shark and I disagree. I currently live in Lake Ontario. I would tell you my story of how I got here but it is hard to type with fins.

  • Ant
    Ant 29 dias atrás +1

    Excellent example of adaptive migration used with advanced indigenous construction.(integrated agriculture and architecture, start. End, carved woven trees, stone support and foundation installation).

  • BigFishOutOfWater
    BigFishOutOfWater 25 dias atrás

    Could just design a system with a small contained section that can fit the boats (like a lock) and the ability to pump all of the water and fish out to the carp side. Feels like pumping a bit of water out when a boat comes through might be cheaper than electrifying the water the whole time.

    • Swamp Donkey
      Swamp Donkey 20 dias atrás

      Not when you consider how much that would slow the barges.

  • N8Soccer
    N8Soccer 11 dias atrás

    Cool! But with how close it's been already, I feel like it's going to happen eventually

  • BrandosRides
    BrandosRides Mês atrás +1671

    There is no rescue plan only a recovery plan. Is what I was told if we fell into the water as a sub contractor on this project. There's so much electricity pumped into the ground that the nearby railroad track crossing would open randomly. Coolest project I've ever been on.

    • Argenteus
      Argenteus 21 dia atrás

      @DarkCoreX Did you even watch the video? The canal is artificial, and poses a threat to ACTUAL ecosystems by potentially providing the means for invasive fish to reach the great lakes. Destroying the canal would prevent that with far greater certainty than this electrical solution, with the added benefit of preventing the loss of human life. The ONLY argument to keep the canal extant is its economic utility, but the potential to make money should never outweigh concerns of ecological damage and preventable loss of life.

    • DarkCoreX
      DarkCoreX 22 dias atrás

      @Argenteus That would ruin the ecosystems that are in the canal, you have to think about the wildlife, not just us.

    • Argenteus
      Argenteus 22 dias atrás

      @DarkCoreX My point is that the canal shouldn't continue to exist at all. There's no reason to take the risk -- both risk of human lives and of ecological disaster -- just so some already rich people can make slightly more money than they'd be able to if they had to pay for a more expensive form of transportation for goods because the canal didn't exist.

    • DarkCoreX
      DarkCoreX 23 dias atrás

      @Florian Okay, proof it Mr Know-it-all

    • Florian
      Florian 23 dias atrás

      @DarkCoreX yes there is

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 17 dias atrás

    Firstly, honored Tom came to my homeland. Secondly, I knew NOTHING about this electrified fish barrier only a quick drive from my home.

  • Little Swan's playGROWnd
    Little Swan's playGROWnd 28 dias atrás

    I'm wondering.....wouldn't it be much cheaper for them to make layers on layers of huge mesh fences? Both above and below water in the canal so the carp can't come through?
    edit: I guess they need to be able to move barges through......

  • Jesse Long
    Jesse Long 28 dias atrás

    Amazing work, love the words from the engineer!!!

  • Trayvon White
    Trayvon White 16 dias atrás

    This is interesting, so without human would this have been a problem at all or would it have devastated the local wildlife horribly.

  • Collin Buelo
    Collin Buelo Mês atrás +3331

    I'm loving this "Tom Scott tours the midwest" series!

    • DoABarrelRoll
      DoABarrelRoll Mês atrás

      I was hoping he'd head through the US Army's Carp Defense canal when I saw he was in Geneva Wi last week.

    • stargate525
      stargate525 Mês atrás

      I've had multiple moments of weird deja vu as he's toured here.
      I'm honestly waiting to see my house at this point.

    • Studley
      Studley Mês atrás

      Little Tom on the Prairie...? 🤔

    • Samantha Studios
      Samantha Studios Mês atrás

      I was so close to him it was wild

    • Lorenzo Tosi
      Lorenzo Tosi Mês atrás

      @Khalilah D. everywhere

  • Knife Thrower
    Knife Thrower 29 dias atrás +1

    We got similar problems with the cane toads from America in Australia but the cane toads are killing allot more than carp

  • K Haggard
    K Haggard 23 dias atrás

    This has been a problem in many areas around the world. They need to go to root cause and take care of it at the root and stop spending money on bandages. Fix the problem, do not just keep treating symptoms to a problem. Use this method to get to a means to an end.

  • Mark
    Mark 23 dias atrás

    I've always wondered about this. Excellent video!

  • Dalton Feasel
    Dalton Feasel 26 dias atrás

    Im really sad all my Great Lakes are in danger from one thing or another :(

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm 2 dias atrás

    Its a tough challenge to control carps from moving up to great lake, but it will take only one crazy person to dropped few carps at great lake itself and all these preemptive control measure will be in vain.

  • Olly Savio
    Olly Savio 12 dias atrás

    Why not use giant nets at different positions to prevent the fish from going through. And the nets can be used like a opening bridge of sorts when a boat needs to go by. Doesn’t this electrocution thing seem like an overkill!

  • Grant Dervishi
    Grant Dervishi 21 dia atrás

    wow that's really fascinating ! Thank you, US Army Corps of Engineers !

  • Merky 600
    Merky 600 25 dias atrás

    We used this at a water supply reservoir. The joke was turn up voltage (amps) and left fishermen in. They catch the fish, then reel them in over the power barrier. “Hook ‘em and Cook’em!”

  • FireIsMyName
    FireIsMyName Mês atrás +3527

    I've actually gone hiking many times right by the Illinois and Michigan canal, sometimes starting in Romeoville, Illinois. I never knew about invasive carp or the electrification of the canal, but I will say I did consider tresspassing and swimming in the canal for fun with the ships. I'll definitely be rethinking that idea. Great video.

    • Timi Bo
      Timi Bo 18 dias atrás

      Covid vaccines ARE safe and effective.

    • Chris McKenzie
      Chris McKenzie 18 dias atrás

      Wait, so it's not obvious that it's electrified? That seems stupid.

    • sam harris
      sam harris 19 dias atrás

      This is just my opinion. I think this electric program is stupid. Why not build a fence or net under water at the gateway to the canal that no fish could get through. It would have to come above the water a few feet, but look at the lower cost and higher safety issues!

    • RanchoFundo
      RanchoFundo 20 dias atrás +1

      I mean, what's the worst thing that could happen?

    • Timmy Turner
      Timmy Turner 21 dia atrás

      @mizzouxc you silly goose

  • Paul Maxwell
    Paul Maxwell 28 dias atrás +1

    Invasive Asian carp are a serious problem and I sure hope we can keep them out of the Great Lakes. I'm not feeling hopeful, though.

  • Sanjay Chakroborty
    Sanjay Chakroborty 28 dias atrás

    Great work bro, You explain the whole things very Clearly, Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald 28 dias atrás

    Seems like a attempt to delay the inevitable. Expensive and dangerous also! Then again, I can"t imagine the horror of carp infested Lakes, natural wonders of North America.

  • Sir Amic Varze
    Sir Amic Varze 2 dias atrás

    As a Carp I can confirm that everything in the video is correct.

  • CaptiveCat69
    CaptiveCat69 Mês atrás +4553

    My dad and I canoed through a school of these on the Fox River in illinois, we were both hurt by fish jumping. They were everywhere!

    • User User
      User User Mês atrás +1

      @RAT Not " The " Ukraine , just Ukraine

    • RAT
      RAT Mês atrás

      @User User So you aren't actually in the Ukraine?

    • carochan86
      carochan86 Mês atrás

      @Jason Schuler true. Especially since these fish are mud karp.


      @Andrew Edward Bailey a good carp doesn't have much taste of its own, but fried they're a delicacy here in Franconia/Germany. Another variant is in a vinegar brew with onions and pepper. A Very healthy food, but I prefer the fried one with potato salad.


      Wow, I never thought the dangerous flying fish in Super Mario Bros. on the NES had a real-life inspiration! 😱

  • Johnny McMenamin
    Johnny McMenamin 15 dias atrás

    I never heard of this before now. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Kelly Henkins
    Kelly Henkins 20 dias atrás +1

    Hey Tom... Can you tell me when this footage with the boat passing through (beginning at about the 4:00 mark) was filmed. Would like to know if it was my husband at the helm. Thanks for the information. I always hear about the fish barrier but never knew details. Be safe

  • Roy Harkins
    Roy Harkins 27 dias atrás

    I saw a program about Scottish fisherman using lasers to kill bugs on farmed salmon, ..
    The makers of this program should communicate with the Americans to see how they do it

  • David Bernhardt
    David Bernhardt 28 dias atrás +1

    This is one of those things that would be particulary difficult to explain to aliens..

  • Ghastly10
    Ghastly10 Mês atrás +2262

    SImilar thing happened here in Australia in the 1930's, Sugar Cane farmers had problems with cane beetles, they decided to import the cane toad to deal with them. Unfortunately the toads were not interested in eating the beetles, and now we have plague proportions of cane toads that have decimated the native wildlife of the areas that they have invaded.

    • Xavier Sancanin
      Xavier Sancanin 28 dias atrás

      @H B They are just a plain wild breed with a brown coat

    • JonorGames
      JonorGames Mês atrás +1

      @Tanya Bhaskar poisonous frogs, not fitting in in australia? I can't believe it.

    • T _
      T _ Mês atrás

      everything humans have tried have screwed things up. saw grass in oregon, walleye in washington

    • Sooty Grunter
      Sooty Grunter Mês atrás +1

      Love hunting Cane toads when I was a kid and then when my kids were old enough, I passed on my 9 Iron, Cricket bat and hatchet and raised another generation of Toad hunters.

    • Sooty Grunter
      Sooty Grunter Mês atrás

      We got the carp problem as well in the Murray River. They were imported and threaten the Murray Cod ecosystem.

  • Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!
    Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!! 28 dias atrás

    If you said "Guess why you can't kayak from the Gulf of Mexico to the great lakes." none of my guesses would be "because of a deadly electric fish barrier."

  • John Harris
    John Harris 28 dias atrás

    A California lake had a problem with the Northern Pike being an invasive species. Fish and game poisoned the entire lake. Imagine the smell of every fish in the lake coming to the surface dead. But most of them were Pikes.

  • Aaron Lair
    Aaron Lair 15 dias atrás

    Co2 would create dead zones. Making a lock system in conjunction with electricity would be probably more efficient.

  • Neo Soviet Empire
    Neo Soviet Empire 18 dias atrás

    I recently got a direct hit to the shin by a silver carp this past weekend. It hurts a lot

  • ultramet
    ultramet Mês atrás +461

    Just stuns them. For a minute, I thought the Army Corps of Engineers had actually created the world’s largest fish fry .

    • Scythal
      Scythal 27 dias atrás

      @Micheli Fig Feeding that carp to the poor would be torture

    • Micheli Fig
      Micheli Fig Mês atrás +1

      Allll that money spent making 100% sure poor people go hungry

    • The Project Project
      The Project Project Mês atrás +6

      It is the Midwest, after all

    • Dan
      Dan Mês atrás +48

      They already did by testing hydrogen bombs

  • Isobel Jones
    Isobel Jones 27 dias atrás

    Go to Lake Crescent and Sorell in Tasmania, Australia! I think they’re the only lakes in the world to successfully eradicate carp. It took 20 years

  • Netizen Capet
    Netizen Capet 25 dias atrás

    What about a lock system right at the end, where boats would go up an elevator, so to speak, right at the connection point. The water in the locks could be more highly electrified as they would require less electricity than an entire open canal. Oh wait, we don't infrastricture anymore in the US.

  • Mak Manaman
    Mak Manaman 24 dias atrás +1

    alien invasive species are no joke, I work in the sector, in Spain
    I've seen the Spanish military been deployed to tackle the spread of the "jacinto de agua" to stop it from moving to Portugal

  • Brandt
    Brandt 6 dias atrás

    What I did not get from the video is if they overfish the area for that specific species to reduce the amount? Many fish species are endangered due to them being eaten too much maybe this could be approached that way or it could be a great longterm alternative.

  • Pokerage
    Pokerage Mês atrás +2205

    The problem with the Asian Carp and the Great Lakes is that they arent just in the Illinois River. They are also making their way upstream from the east into Lake Erie, which presently lie unprotected...

    • Eibarwoman
      Eibarwoman 29 dias atrás

      Those would be the less jumpy grass carp. The ones in Illinois are much more dangerous for tourism.

    • The Religious are in the Closet
      The Religious are in the Closet Mês atrás

      @Such Doge4242 I think it is like that in most states like California, Alaska, and Colorado.

    • Alonso B
      Alonso B Mês atrás +4

      @Mobin92 bro fish dont get trauma they barely have functioning memory and usually have no nervous system complex enough to register pain or anxiety...
      some spiders and insects have more complex innards ffs

    • Specimen Uncensored
      Specimen Uncensored Mês atrás

      @gladitsnotme "Lamb and goat taste the same, like funky pond scum and weeds" Learn to cook or whatever you ate, wasn't lamb, may well have been exactly that, "funky pond scum" and "weeds". Lamb tastes great.

    • Upl0rd
      Upl0rd Mês atrás +4

      @Mobin92 you pick up fish, take photo, then you put him back in water so he can live his happy life. Only way it can go wrong is if you took so long the fish suffocated.
      Also, didn't you literally ask someone if the point of fishing was to kill it on spot? I said some people take pictures of the fish and then return it, not being it back to their houses.

  • R E
    R E 28 dias atrás

    I love how he points out the city's only care about money and not there own environment... Money made them care that's it.

  • DotesOnDots
    DotesOnDots 24 dias atrás

    Wow, very interesting. I have never even heard of this. Enjoyed it!

  • smellslikebubblegum
    smellslikebubblegum 11 dias atrás

    Obviously, great pains are made to negate the human interference of introducing the carp. This, too, seems like great, (costly) pains.

  • Robert P
    Robert P 27 dias atrás

    As an American and a fan of electric barriers I can safely say…

  • stronk Steve 💪
    stronk Steve 💪  Mês atrás +1549

    As a person who lives 5 miles away from this I did not know this was in fact electrified. Thanks Scott!

    • york the porkcrafter
      york the porkcrafter Mês atrás

      @Evan Hartshorn bros bout to hit the most devious lick

    • MagicHamsta
      MagicHamsta Mês atrás

      @whyisblue923taken Kinda tingly. Could be the electricity, could be the carp.

    • Ginger Guinea-Pig from one of the Guineas
      Ginger Guinea-Pig from one of the Guineas Mês atrás

      @MagicHamsta or very shocking at that

    • bertjesklotepino
      bertjesklotepino Mês atrás

      @ReallyBurntToast Everything has positive and negative consequences.
      Life will find a way.

    • ReallyBurntToast
      ReallyBurntToast Mês atrás +1

      As a fish in the same lake, I unfortunately know all too well as I tried going down. :(

  • Hector Henry
    Hector Henry 29 dias atrás +1

    This have been so interesting Tom. Thank you.

  • Christos Liontis
    Christos Liontis 28 dias atrás

    if we keep doing this for long enough, won’t the fish develop and evolve to resist electricity?

    • Turrican60
      Turrican60 28 dias atrás

      Evolution takes millions of years, not a few decades. If these carp did evolve electricity resistance, it would be an Ice Age after we'd already killed this planet, ergo it wouldn't matter.

  • kebakent
    kebakent 28 dias atrás

    It seems like catching these fish would be an easier solution. If 95% of the fish are carp, and if releasing poison is already a frequent occurrence, surely the land of a thousand nukes could come up with a solution.

  • knidfe
    knidfe 27 dias atrás

    Not an expert on fishing but can carp be eaten? Or commercially fished? For fish oil or something like that? Could help with bringing numbers down? Just a thought.

  • Nobodyyounowknow
    Nobodyyounowknow Mês atrás +1301

    Never thought Tom Scott would be visiting my town, I didn’t realize the electrified waterway was such a big deal until a bunch of videos got posted.

  • Timothy Bucci
    Timothy Bucci 13 dias atrás

    If carp were imported in to cause this whole mess, would importing predators of carp be a bad idea?

  • Temerson2
    Temerson2 6 dias atrás +1

    "This 20 ft wide canal is essential for the movement of goods!" *Camera pans to train literally 10 feet away*
    Okay America.

  • Bill McIntyre
    Bill McIntyre 25 dias atrás

    Tom Scott in Chicago? I was born there! I recommend checking out their museum of Science and Industry. They have an awesome Foucault Pendulum any many other cool exhibits.

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 13 dias atrás

    What stops someone from just walking up to the lake with a bunch of carp and letting them free?

  • Anna Orzechowicz
    Anna Orzechowicz Mês atrás +2415

    I used to be a tour guide on the Chicago river and we would talk about these fish. The lakes also have a zebra mussel problem.
    Chicago's waterways and sanitation system is so interesting

    • Adam White
      Adam White 29 dias atrás


    • Dan 🇺🇦
      Dan 🇺🇦 Mês atrás

      How would superfast-expanding carp threaten the fish industry? Doesn't carp taste quite good and wouldn't the industry want more and more fish??

    • Kundalini Airport
      Kundalini Airport Mês atrás

      Ya ya ya

    • Richard M
      Richard M Mês atrás

      @Cheese Master Thank you, and please don't call me "Greece".

    • Cheese Master
      Cheese Master Mês atrás

      @Richard M Six worded sentence for you, Greece.

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    I feel like I every time I watch a Tom Scott video I get 0.5% smarter than I already was...

  • Steve K
    Steve K 28 dias atrás

    I'm curious how electricity doesn't just go to ground. Impure water is a good conductor and any electric currents have a huge ground available at low resistance.
    I find this explanation rather hard to believe.

  • Chris T
    Chris T 15 dias atrás +1

    What about a bird picking up the fish and dropping it on the other side? I am not an engineer but I just figured that one out haha

  • DezTheDapper
    DezTheDapper 26 dias atrás

    So if you do survive the 50% mortality rate and make it beyond the shore, would medical personnel come to help you?

  • あんくらげ / Ankurage
    あんくらげ / Ankurage Mês atrás +741

    I'm starting to worry that a single long blackout or a powerful solar storm would singlehandedly destroy the entire ecosystem all over the Great Lakes

    • Eibarwoman
      Eibarwoman 29 dias atrás

      @kederaji Have you heard of Jake and Logan Paul?

    • Ler0x Borkinf00n
      Ler0x Borkinf00n Mês atrás +1

      @Joren Mathews What physical block can contain carp DNA? Or fertilized carp eggs? Or floating gobs of carp jizz?

    • Become upset.
      Become upset. Mês atrás +1

      @Peter Vansan Why are you even here?

    • Kenny Phillips
      Kenny Phillips Mês atrás

      There is at least one lock on the canal which could be closed.

    • Locutus
      Locutus Mês atrás

      I don't know if it's feasible, but having locks on the canal might help during the maintenance period. When there is maintenance, they close the locks temporarily.

  • Shawn Lichtmann
    Shawn Lichtmann 29 dias atrás

    Why not make locks on either side? Once the boat is in, just zap the hell out of the water. Then even if the electrical system fails, you won't risk the fish getting through. And for the water, just have large pipes that are constantly electrified to kill anything that gets in.

  • iBerry420
    iBerry420 27 dias atrás

    You know those anti-mine ropes that get shot out at great distances to clear mines for tanks? couldn't the government use something like that or similar in the heavily populated areas of carp? explosions under water cause immediate harm to biological creatures. i can see this as a way to quickly lower the carp population, if it's "really that bad / out of control".

    • Buxton
      Buxton 26 dias atrás

      That also hurts the normal fish though, which they really do not want to harm even more than they already are getting harmed. It's also expensive to get all the requirements to fish with explosives.

  • Alexander Wade
    Alexander Wade 13 dias atrás

    Are a series of nets not an option due to potentially hindering flow - because couldn’t you have stages of nets that are lowered and raised to allow barges to pass through? But there’s always a point where at least one is fully up to avoid passage of fish

  • _____
    _____ 12 dias atrás

    Seems kind of inevitable that carp will end up in the Great Lakes eventually

  • erik zaal
    erik zaal Mês atrás +340

    Hi Tom Scott, We have something similar but different in the Netherlands. There is a sluise or lock between a saltwater and freshwater that is supposed to stay separated. They originally pumped the salt water out of the bottom and pumped freshwater back in before opening the lock, but now they use bubble walls too keep the water separated. It looks really cool, and can be another interesting place video.

      KING JERMARCUS Mês atrás


    • Genghis The Great
      Genghis The Great Mês atrás +6

      Fish retreat from bubble curtains

    • xxx
      xxx Mês atrás +6

      Unforutnately those aren't perfect (of course) either; the freshwaters are getting more and more saline which is a huge problem for many species. I wonder what they will do to prevent this from getting out of hand!

    • Natascha
      Natascha Mês atrás +3

      @erik zaal; Well, I guess it would keep water seperated, but not impenetrable, right?...

  • ARA
    ARA 27 dias atrás

    A question:
    What is the purpose of, what appears to be, several compound bows that are behind you in the opening seconds of the video?

  • Michael Mettie
    Michael Mettie Dia atrás

    Won’t it cause electrolysis on metal ships?

    DANNO 27 dias atrás +1

    Your problem isn't the river it's the
    " Great Blue Heron."
    God designed them to pick up unmatched eggs by their feet feathers.
    Each time they step they have a good chance of eggs gathering under the feathers.
    So when they fly to the next location, like a great lake, they'll deposit those eggs and your river system meant nothing.

  • DeLaPrd
    DeLaPrd 27 dias atrás

    Gotta say, 24/7 sessions of non-stop fish tassing is a great way to spend electricity.

  • Indigomer
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    I appreciate Tom’s professionalism. Cruising BRclip watching funny things is nice, but every now and then these informational ones done very well are a nice refresh.