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The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

  • Publicado em 8 Mai 2016
  • I know, I know, it's a clickbait title. But I stand by it, because the water is so deceptive, and so pretty, and there's a path that leads straight down to it and that jump looks very, very possible...
    The 12th century legend is the "Boy of Egremont", immortalised in poetry by the famous William Wordsworth. His "The Force of Prayer" is about the Strid and the Boy of Egremont, and the full text is here: www.bartleby.com/145/ww342.html
    Also, I need to make one correction: I say "a hundred metres upstream", but that shot's actually about that far downstream. I couldn't fix that in post, but since the river's basically the same for a mile or so in each direction with no significant confluences, it's a small enough slip that I don't think it's too bad. The amount of water is the same!
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  • RobMacKendrick
    RobMacKendrick 2 anos atrás +13384

    Fascinating. It's worth mentioning that future kings of Scotland have been dying in "accidents" for a very long time.

    • Chris Oddy
      Chris Oddy Mês atrás

      @RobMacKendrick Sadly I think the horse also perished - it was at night, from what I remember reading.

    • RobMacKendrick
      RobMacKendrick Mês atrás +1

      @Chris Oddy I could buy the king doing that, but not the horse.

    • Chris Oddy
      Chris Oddy Mês atrás +1

      Didn't a Scottish king (Alexander III if I remember correctly) accidentally ride his horse off a cliff at one point as well?

    • FWtravels
      FWtravels Mês atrás

      Just like how Epstein didn’t kill himself…

    • Taipan Tails
      Taipan Tails Mês atrás

      @Skyrim Ants 🐜 south of our border they love their knives guns and acid

  • Lokopixo
    Lokopixo 2 anos atrás +6240

    when I was on vacation somewhere in the south of france, I went to the local river where everyone goes, it's something similar to that but with clear water and bit larger stream
    I didn't want to actually swim in it, not risking anything.. but when I walked close to the edge to see my friend going over it, the wet moss made me slip and I fell in it
    instantly I saw how deep the river actually is (I'm almost 2 meters tall) and how light I was compared to the stream
    I really, really panicked as I was thrown away like a leaf, not capable of keeping my head above the water but most importantly, not capable of grabbing something to hold on and stop being carried away to the even more dangerous rapids ahead
    this isn't something I want to experience ever again, the sensation of being absolutely nothing compared to the force of the water.
    fortunately a grandpa and his grandson were nearby and they ran to help me, trying to help me with a long wood branch
    I managed to get stuck in a position where I couldn't be carried away and they both helped me getting out of the water
    I was exhausted, goddamn stresset but so happy to have been able to get out of that nightmare
    it didn't lasted long, something like under a minute or so, but it was seriously frightening
    thanks for coming to my ted talk x)

    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 26 dias atrás +1

      I would 100% deliberately get in, but with a harness and a bunch of my climbing and diving buddies to pull me out
      I am compelled to be a dumbass but I'm a smart one

    • Jimmy Jones
      Jimmy Jones Mês atrás

      *Tom talk

    • Arel Crest
      Arel Crest Mês atrás

      @Jan J you

      A. DUBITANTE Mês atrás

      Thanks for sharing! Your story really gripped me! You found excellent words to describe the experience!

    • KuB KuB
      KuB KuB 6 meses atrás

      Did you survive?

  • Andrew Day
    Andrew Day 2 anos atrás +4433

    My anxiety is kicking in just seeing Tom near the water

      BRADLEY HARDESTY 3 meses atrás

      fam i live there dw people jump over it for fun

    • Stephen Boss
      Stephen Boss Anos atrás +7

      I was just about to say that 🥲

    • Maddy
      Maddy 2 anos atrás +71

      Me too!! Even though this video was made four years ago...

  • Bobby Silver
    Bobby Silver Anos atrás +2752

    I've seen salmon climbing over the rocks just to avoid that section.

    • Maurice Wascom
      Maurice Wascom 23 dias atrás

      To quote Dr. Watson,
      "I should say . . . !" 🤨

    • worcestershire sauce
      worcestershire sauce  5 meses atrás

      I heard that they even went to Anthrax island too

    • jjktng
      jjktng 8 meses atrás


    • Aaron Armstrong
      Aaron Armstrong 9 meses atrás +4

      This thread is literally a cesspool of the internet. Op makes a joke and everyone trying to 1-up by just puking words out, and it's depressing. Think for yourselves.
      "I sAw WaTer jUMP OvER wATEr"

    • Genius at Work
      Genius at Work 11 meses atrás +9

      @TheStockwell There are 11 Hydroelectric Dams on just 120 km Rhine between Schaffhausen and Basel. Many of them have Francis Turbines which literally are Blenders for anything that gets into them and Fish-friendly Upgrades are a Thing of the last 20-30 Years, so most of these Powerplants were shredding Fish for Decades (the oldest ones are from the 1890s).

  • pingu5746
    pingu5746 6 anos atrás +13270

    Why do I feel the very irrational need to jump over this river?

  • Antony Stringfellow
    Antony Stringfellow Anos atrás +290

    I've swum (carefully) through most of that channel (only once - many years ago). It was one quiet summer's day, when the water was warmer and the rocks were dry. The water was about the same level as in this video. Can't remember who was with me that day but I did have at least one witness.
    There is one bit that is particularly dangerous, it's across from where you were stood, a few yards upstream. If you look at that particular spot, you'll see the water moving towards a very short channel in the rock that forms the side of the river. This very short channel is closed yet the water keeps flowing into it all the same.
    You can see this spot in your video, from 5 seconds in, up to the right, just below the rapids.
    Curious, I gradually lowered myself in at that point, keeping a good hold on the rocks because I knew this just didn't look right. It wasnt! The water there flows down, at an angle into a narrowing fissure in the rock... and accelerates as the fissure narrows. There was quite a force pulling my legs into this fissure. Were I to have let go, I would probably have just disappeared, having been dragged down and jammed into the fissure, below the surface.
    Scary thought!

    • Call me Shaggy
      Call me Shaggy Mês atrás +8

      There are probably multiple bodies down there if they haven't been shredded by the current & rocks

    • AppleDJack
      AppleDJack 3 meses atrás +1

      So like a weaker and natural formed Delta Pi?

    • Beefy
      Beefy 9 meses atrás +4

      Damn that is scary, glad you are safe

    • Disco J
      Disco J Anos atrás +23

      This can't be true, BRclip said it has a 100% fatality rate!
      Just kidding, I really appreciate your terrifying story.

  • Otter 12
    Otter 12 2 anos atrás +1584

    Looks like not even a lego helicopter can save a person drowning in this river

  • Emma Gill
    Emma Gill Anos atrás +289

    my great-great (great?) grandfather on my mother's side died in the Strid in the 1880s- my mum has an article from a newspaper at the time about it happening. Its crazy!

    • Kamran Baig
      Kamran Baig 8 meses atrás +8

      If you can please share the article?

  • Gazork.ChumbleSpuzz.
    Gazork.ChumbleSpuzz. Anos atrás +40

    That subtle boil on the surface is a good indicator of danger too. It looks 'smooth' but betrays complex + turbulent currents underneath.

  • NJ
    NJ 2 anos atrás +4345

    They’re like those one block ravines in Minecraft you accidentally fall into and lose all your diamonds

  • Christopher Newman
    Christopher Newman 2 anos atrás +2730

    "All we know is, it's called the Strid!"

  • Boss Anova
    Boss Anova 2 anos atrás +21

    What isnt exactly explained here is that the stream cuts through those rocks at an extreme depth of at least 20 meters, and the currents underneath the surface are so strong, youll likely be sucked to the bottom and tossed around endlessly before anyone would even know you were gone.

  • Dusty Panda
    Dusty Panda 2 anos atrás +716

    Living in Yorkshire, my school gave us traumatizing talks about this place for some reason

    • cutiemod
      cutiemod Anos atrás

      Are you really that dense you don't realize the reason for those talks?

    • Pizza Goblin
      Pizza Goblin Anos atrás +10

      They were traumatizing on purpose. Means you'll never go near it for as long as you live. And the people that go anyway were gonna do something stupid at some point.

    • baylinkdashyt
      baylinkdashyt Anos atrás +1

      It is said, in the United States at least, that a four-year High School cohort needs to lose a student to put the fear of God in the rest of them. This seems like the same idea.

    • Ebola Bear
      Ebola Bear Anos atrás +35

      "For some reason" Maybe so a bunch of kids don't die haha

    • Dude Extra
      Dude Extra Anos atrás +1

      Bradford on Avon is nice

  • Tortex
    Tortex 3 anos atrás +5921

    Imagine how cool it would be to temporarily divert/bypass that section of the river and see the bottom. There might some interesting crap at the bottom, not to mention the probably nice looking cavern. Of course, the cost of diverting all that water... it will probably remain a crazy idea in the youtube comment section.

    • Jay See
      Jay See 5 dias atrás +1

      During drought conditions I can confirm that the bottom of this is fascinating. No gold coins or anything but incredible rock formations

    • danixsc
      danixsc 9 dias atrás

      You could also dive to the bottom, just like speleodiving, with a rope to go up when needed

    • Cones
      Cones Mês atrás

      A cavern that is potentially decorated with several corpses.

    • GAS
      GAS Mês atrás

      Itd probably jus be a dirty riverbed with some litter

    • lawrence rutherford
      lawrence rutherford Mês atrás

      @HWL slight problem with that gold and silver are non magnetic (to normal magnets) and wont be picked up but cheaper copper or iron stuff maybe, but the current might just outmatch the magnets strength anyway

  • D J
    D J 2 anos atrás +14

    Thank you for an informative video with an excellent, well-spoken commentary and NO annoying 'music' in the background. That is how information should be delivered on video and film.

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 anos atrás +9

    In So. Oregon we have a river called (The Rogue River) that flows along then disappears under ground into old lava tubes... lots of people have perished here as well. It looks very similar to this one.

  • tom201090
    tom201090 Anos atrás +6

    Extremely interesting. If I came across that, while walking, I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it. In times passed I've waded across rivers (with caution) etc and probably wouldn't have thought any different of this.

  • Renske Dunnewold
    Renske Dunnewold Anos atrás +4

    It'd be so interesting to see what it looks like without water. How deep it is, what tunnels it has formed. Very cool

  • Will White
    Will White Anos atrás +17

    My GF and I are locals, it is very dangerous. Didn't stop my GF's year 3 primary school teacher taking her and her class mates to Strid Woods and, one by one, dangling each child over the edge of the bank by their hands so they could get closer looks at the water. True story, apparently.

  • Katia Managan
    Katia Managan 2 anos atrás +286

    "And anything or anyone that falls in might not come out in any recognizable form. They could just get pulverized against the rocks underwater over and over and over again."
    Something about that statement, knowing how the river works, just chills me to my core.

    • Rykehuss
      Rykehuss Anos atrás +5

      There are also caverns and maybe caves too there. So there's probably bodies trapped there for a long time.

    • Rob Lamb
      Rob Lamb Anos atrás +7

      @Katia Managan: or even pulverised like coffee beans in a blender

  • ShutterGuts
    ShutterGuts Anos atrás +5

    This little piece of information probably saved my life one day of that of my dogs! I always let them jump in any water that seam suitable for the application. This kind of small stream just seams to be perfect for a little swimming fun.😱

  • Alex
    Alex Anos atrás +4

    Visited this stretch of river yesterday, can confirm it's truly terrifying

  • Sally Le Page
    Sally Le Page 6 anos atrás +2978

    Has anyone dropped a crash dummy into it to record the forces underwater? I'd love to try that! (to the dummy, not myself!!!)

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger 24 dias atrás

      @Mark Taylor I identify as a fireplug after Biden won. Of course I get no respect from dogs.

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger 24 dias atrás

      @Call me Shaggy Cry? Bahahahahaha.. I thought Republicans were the party of rich people?? We're not crying over high energy and food bills!! We're LAUGHING!!! We told you so!

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger 24 dias atrás

      @pineapples Yes,by a landslide. I'm looking for California to be close. If Desantos runs instead, I'm guessing the Republicans will take California too.

    • pineapples
      pineapples 24 dias atrás

      @Roger Dodger "trump by a landslide" lmfao

    • Call me Shaggy
      Call me Shaggy Mês atrás +2

      How did this become the place where trump fanatics come to cry?

  • Pizza Goblin
    Pizza Goblin Anos atrás +8

    When you said it was an overhang I felt my heart skip a beat.. Deep, inescapable water features are up there on my biggest fears.

  • Elijah Sinclair
    Elijah Sinclair Anos atrás +20

    This is honestly terrifying. It looks so calm and innocent

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson Anos atrás +2

    I grew up near a river that was far less extreme then this but similar as its very fast water that carved out the underside. There were sections the water had carved out that people would use as 'slides' which would end in shallower spots. One day the tourists came out in droves causing 15+ minute waits so I found another spot that looked like a good 'slide', it was not.

  • Grape Toad
    Grape Toad Anos atrás +9

    It's weird seeing this, I remember going as a kid, and when I went there I remember being warned and told about it because a couple got married at the abbey and then tried to jump across and drowned.
    Also, when you actually look at it you can see how stupid you would have to be to try to jump it

  • RubixB0y
    RubixB0y 6 anos atrás +5759

    I'm on a different continent; yet, I still feel like I'm too close to that edge...

  • John Illingworth
    John Illingworth Anos atrás +5

    I jumped it during the drought of 1976. When the water is really low there are ledges lower down that are nearer together. Never told my folks though....

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan 2 anos atrás +78

    "Strid" has two meanings in Swedish, it can mean "raging", "strid ström" means "raging torrent", it can also mean "battle". I wonder if there is a connection between those words and that river?

    • Benno
      Benno Mês atrás +2

      Old English had a cognate word, "stryth". It meant a struggle or a tumultuous situation. Stryth became Strid, and there you have it.

    • Andreas Rademacher
      Andreas Rademacher 10 meses atrás

      No, can't imagine...

    • Mortensonnyboy
      Mortensonnyboy Anos atrás +6

      I was thinking about that too, it's always interesting (as a Swede myself) to think about correlations between old Norse and how it's influenced other cultures over time

    • Andrew Kerr
      Andrew Kerr Anos atrás +16

      @zapfanzapfan Must be where they bred the famous Viking Longsheeps 🤣

    • Finlay Bullough
      Finlay Bullough 2 anos atrás +6

      zapfanzapfan Ah cool. Skip is Old Norse. The town was a large regional sheep market centuries ago

  • TRDPaul
    TRDPaul Anos atrás +2

    I used to go to Bolton Abbey a lot as a child, I've even fished in the strid. I do vaguely remember my dad telling me it was dangerous but didn't stop me jumping over

  • Andy Hodby
    Andy Hodby 2 anos atrás +282

    Guess I'll add "calm looking streams" to my list of phobias then 🤷‍♂️

    • soundseeker63
      soundseeker63 Anos atrás +6

      Look a little closer at the swirling surface of the water - a dead give away of the strong, turbulent currents below despite the apparently calm surface.

  • Andy
    Andy 3 anos atrás +16295

    I threw a stone in once and it never came back up :(

    • Safe-Keeper
      Safe-Keeper 5 meses atrás

      @uhhhscizo no, but generally people do understand it's a joke and don't feel the need to jump in to explain how gravity works.

    • uhhhscizo
      uhhhscizo 6 meses atrás

      @Safe-Keeper doesn't make it funny

    • Safe-Keeper
      Safe-Keeper 6 meses atrás

      @uhhhscizo you don't say. Almost like it's a joke or something.

    • Green Weed
      Green Weed 7 meses atrás

      I threw Mr Stone once

    • Kenza Rezyarifin
      Kenza Rezyarifin 10 meses atrás

      RIP stone

  • Mikey C
    Mikey C Mês atrás +1

    Was there in the late '80s, never thought it was anything more than a small 'shallow' rapids on an otherwise smooth river.

  • Akimitsu Pearson
    Akimitsu Pearson Anos atrás +1

    I think I’ve been here. I remember everyone saying it was incredibly dangerous to go near the river edge. I stayed on the path and was okay obviously. I would say water where geysers are is more deadly I guess. But like tom said, this river looks inviting and could fool people to death

  • bmo
    bmo 2 anos atrás +268

    “What’s so dangerous?”
    *steps in the river and sinks in the void.*

  • Baited lol
    Baited lol Anos atrás +8

    I'd love to know what it looks like without water. How the caves and systems intertwine

  • wanyeng
    wanyeng 6 meses atrás

    Enjoyed your explanation, clear and easy to understand, especially the part where the river turns on its side, thus the deep non-existent river bed.
    Not something i have come across in my country.

  • battered walrus
    battered walrus Mês atrás

    It's been recently measured that in some spots it reaches 70m+ deep..... absolutely terrifying

  • Derek S
    Derek S Mês atrás +1

    Such a crazy place on Earth. I’ve heard of this since probably 2010 - incredible!

  • T dub
    T dub 2 anos atrás

    This is fascinating! Surely we can get discovery channel or someone to take an impact test dummy out there and see how fatal it would be

  • imnofox
    imnofox 6 anos atrás +5589

    I'd love to have upstream temporarily dammed. Would be awesome to see it without the water.

    • Danny Cain
      Danny Cain 8 meses atrás

      @lifesarisk no-it's only 6 foot across and a couple feet long probably like 10 foot long or something

    • Mayo Finch
      Mayo Finch Anos atrás

      @Ash B there are videos of people kayaking this stretch. They fall out of their boats. They float. Lifevests should be just fine. Maybe even inflatable arm floaties or a pool noodle.

    • Hydros Phagus
      Hydros Phagus Anos atrás

      Or maybe divert the entire flow, either way drying the Strid so that we can see what's inside.

    • 【ΤΗΞ ΙηΣ】 ΑζΤΞΚδ
      【ΤΗΞ ΙηΣ】 ΑζΤΞΚδ Anos atrás

      @Luke just wear armour

    • Лудовиц Шригчт
      Лудовиц Шригчт Anos atrás

      @David S That is so interesting. Only problem is there was no major drought in the 80s. It was the 70s.

  • TheStevenJayWay
    TheStevenJayWay Mês atrás +1

    A guy did a depth test on that rapid part and one bit of it was 65 meters deep. That is insane. But, water erodes limestone over time so it’s not surprising. But 65 meters, wow. That’s deep!

  • AHeadC
    AHeadC Anos atrás +5

    I remember visiting here as a child, hearing the horror stories of people dragged under.

  • Ryan Starkweather
    Ryan Starkweather 9 meses atrás

    I greatly appreciate the storytelling techniques you used for your presentation here, as well as the information.

  • RideBikes_Walkplaces
    RideBikes_Walkplaces 2 anos atrás +223

    I was there in 2010 when the young lad drowned. I'll never forget the mother's screams, absolutely horrendous.

    • ツツ •dAnNieL•
      ツツ •dAnNieL• Anos atrás +1

      @andrew30 so tragic

    • Outsider Songs
      Outsider Songs Anos atrás +14

      That must have been harrowing.
      It was in the news, for sure, in Yorkshire at least because i remember it. It was a birthday outing as I remember. That poor mother.

    • c6amp
      c6amp 2 anos atrás +18

      @ConfusedGenius Mate imagine assuming someones country just off 3 comments and accusing them of lying

    • andrew30
      andrew30 2 anos atrás +8

      Not that long ago a newly wed couple on honeymoon died in the strid, presumed to have slipped and fell in I believe as it was winter.

    • Maximillian Ford
      Maximillian Ford 2 anos atrás +46

      ConfusedGenius you can’t tell what country someone’s from by a comment dumbass. Stop making assumptions

  • Frank Roberts
    Frank Roberts 3 anos atrás +9516

    The main danger is not a mystery at all and is plainly evident in your video. The water in the strid appears to have a high proportion of entrained air bubbles which greatly lowers its average density. A person jumping into the river upstream of the strid could immediately swim or be buoyed to the surface, then swim to the shallow water of the nearest shore. A person jumping into frothy water has practically zero buoyancy and will sink to the bottom like a stone with no possibility of keeping the head above water. The same effect has caused crew boats and drilling rigs to instantly plunge to the bottom of the sea following subsea gas well blowouts. The surrounding sea water suddenly becomes much less dense because of entrained gas bubbles and anything floating in it will suddenly fall to the sea floor like a greased manhole cover. Anybody entering the strid will be in for a nasty surprise as they find themselves in free fall into a very deep watery grave.

    • Frank Roberts
      Frank Roberts 21 dia atrás

      @Sheldon Hatch You're welcome. The two main theories presented here don't have to be mutually exclusive. It's plausible that both a loss of buoyancy and severe turbulence could be producing a one-two whammy that just about assures a fatal outcome.

    • yvxw 1c
      yvxw 1c 21 dia atrás


    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 26 dias atrás

      Still 100%putting at least a part of my body in the water if I get the chance, now will I be in a harness with a bunch of climbing and diving friends ready to pull me out? Of course I'm not a moron
      I'm just impulsive and have to do the stupid thing

    • Gigglesnix
      Gigglesnix Mês atrás

      That's terrifying

    • astralkitty1992
      astralkitty1992 Mês atrás

      The bubbles effecting buoyancy seems so obvious but it never occurred to me! Thank you for sharing this terrifying and interesting fact, it could save someone's life.

  • laz fernandez
    laz fernandez 2 anos atrás +5

    Fascinating! A perfect example of how looks can be deceiving.
    A calm looking stream puts you at ease, but to think once you enter death is certain. Fascinating

  • Finlay Williams
    Finlay Williams 3 meses atrás +1

    I live in a town on the Wharfe and it amazes me that my little river has the most dangerous stretch of water in the world

  • Tara Elizabeth Densley
    Tara Elizabeth Densley 2 anos atrás +3

    Interesting how such a dangerous stretch of water can look so inviting

  • mrlister2000
    mrlister2000 Anos atrás

    The stream / river runs close to Bolton Abbey and you can walk across it using stones to step across.
    In the middle, two of the raised stones are slightly wider apart than the rest which makes it a bit more of a leap to get across.
    There is also a bridge across it if you aren't feeling brave enough, but if you are tempted and miss a stone......... then you're going to get wet!

  • György Mohl
    György Mohl 2 anos atrás +1371

    As someone who does parkour, and nature has always been my favorite playground, i'm glad i live very very far from that river.

    • hateclub
      hateclub 12 dias atrás

      I'm from Yorkshire and have memories of going there a few times as a kid. Never knew it was that dangerous but as an adult now I can fully grasp how he explained it in the video. I am stunned at my past child self for going so near those edges. My parents were obviously none the wiser either!

    • Wippo-
      Wippo- Mês atrás

      I live relatively near, if I happened to be there I would definitely jump over it

    • Splatinum
      Splatinum 5 meses atrás

      well i live very very close to that river..

    • Jashan deep
      Jashan deep Anos atrás +3

      @Ted Warden until MOSS happens

    • Fletcher Cobb
      Fletcher Cobb Anos atrás +3

      So, like, proper parkour? Where do you train most often? What ability level are you at? And does it count as a kong centuple gainer precision if you do it from an airplane?

  • Suren Xavier
    Suren Xavier 2 anos atrás +2

    The moss and rock formations are stunning!

  • Tortoise boy
    Tortoise boy Anos atrás +613

    Imagine if at the bottom there’s like a lil hang out and nobody comes back up because they have so much fu- no they die don’t they

    • lefroy1
      lefroy1 11 meses atrás +2

      Sponge Bob Dead Pants

    • Diacosiapentacontaheptagon
      Diacosiapentacontaheptagon Anos atrás +2

      You do not recognize the bodies in the water.

    • EventHorizon
      EventHorizon Anos atrás +4

      I bet the now 800+ year old would be king of Scotland is still hanging out with the homies having a grand 'ol time!

    • Steam-Powered Dolphin
      Steam-Powered Dolphin Anos atrás +3

      I read that in Wheatley's voice. xD

    • Ben Kimber
      Ben Kimber Anos atrás +8

      They all float down here.

  • Gazmus
    Gazmus Anos atrás

    Every single time anyone vaguely remembers something that seems like it might be interesting Tom Scott has at least a 2 year old video on it :)
    Well played sir.

  • Matt Alaric
    Matt Alaric Anos atrás +1

    Just a (possibly) interesting observation - but lots of places in Yorkshire get their names from the Vikings who settled there in the dark ages, and in Scandinavia strid is still a word in common use. It means strife or war.

  • Maxx B
    Maxx B 6 anos atrás +2557

    Some say it can eat a herd of cows in a single gulp. Others say it smells vaguely of marmalade. All we know is, it's called The Strid!

  • Steve Morse
    Steve Morse 2 anos atrás

    Hard to believe but amazing I have swum many rivers and would be tempted to try this one but I have decided not to thanks to videos like yours thank you very much!

  • Jordan Neal
    Jordan Neal Anos atrás +1

    That's scary as hell. I think of those videos of people who jump into a puddle only to find it's deep enough to go up to their neck. I'm sure most people would think nothing of putting their foot in this stream.

  • Luc Raymond
    Luc Raymond Anos atrás +6

    I love how far back the history goes in the uk everything has a story to it.

  • Robert
    Robert 2 meses atrás +1

    There's a reason "it's always the quiet ones that'll get you" rings true; you're not expecting them and your natural fear instinct isn't there. Far more dangerous stretch of water than river rapids.

  • spankeyfish
    spankeyfish 6 anos atrás +826

    I used to live near this and visited it loads of times (yes, I'm alive). Nobody's been drowned by it for a several years, I suspect that's 'cos there's a load of warning signs around it now but before that someone wound up in it every couple of years. You don't even have to fall into it, the 'pavement' around it is often overtopped by floods and a few of the drownings were people caught out by flash floods that way. The bodies usually turn up between Addingham and Ilkley.

    • Xsp
      Xsp 5 meses atrás +2

      I don't think anyone would volunteer to cut the rock in which they could fall in tho

    • Jeffrie Fina
      Jeffrie Fina 5 meses atrás +12

      cuz nature wasn’t made to accommodate us at every turn

    • Jason Reed
      Jason Reed 7 meses atrás +2

      Genuine question, is there any reason not to make it safe by collapsing it?
      I assume it has to be cheaper than any one of hundreds of road cuts through granite near me, and don't see any reason to want to let people anywhere near it.
      Just from the video it looks tempting to swim, obviously it's sucide to and parts of it look turbulent enough to scare you off but its danger is that it looks safe while being 100 fatal. (Niagra falls looks like it will kill you and as such nobody is willing to go in/over it)

    • Wompbozer
      Wompbozer 2 anos atrás +15

      Welcome back from the grave.

    • Greg Greg
      Greg Greg 2 anos atrás +36

      Nice to know you’re not dead

  • J. N.
    J. N. Anos atrás +10

    There's an old story saying it's at this exact place where our fish ancestors started to walk on land.
    They just gave up living in the water, the strid was too heavy for them.

  • dick mclongthorpe
    dick mclongthorpe Anos atrás

    visited Bolton Abbey loads of times a kid, had many hours of fun in the river never knew how dangerous it was in certain places

  • ferrous719
    ferrous719 Anos atrás

    Thank you for showing it RIGHT upstream. Most things I've seen show a ways up in a town. It's somehow scarier with a guy just jogging along next to it

  • Jixie Dye
    Jixie Dye Mês atrás +1

    Been to Bolton Abbey. I think my mum jumped successfully accross that stretch too. But I never would, and now I am glad.

  • CommaSpace
    CommaSpace 5 anos atrás +2924

    The fact that this exists on the same planet as me makes me constantly uncomfortable

    • Sam Walton
      Sam Walton 2 anos atrás +1

      All these people say they live in the same country, or the same county, I live in the town next to it!

    • Preach
      Preach 2 anos atrás

      Thank god I'm not on Earth.

    • Senator Armstrong
      Senator Armstrong 2 anos atrás

      Maybe if we shoot the river that will solve the problem.

    • I'm A Panthers Fan
      I'm A Panthers Fan 2 anos atrás

      Sorry, I'm from Earth

    • Red Manchester
      Red Manchester 2 anos atrás +1

      The fact that you feel uncomfortable makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Jason Guest
    Jason Guest 12 dias atrás

    Somebody tried to measure it's depths and found Strid to be 50m(164ft) deep in places where it was 1-3m wide.

    VAGNER MONTEIRO Anos atrás

    Muito bom, vim ter conhecimento sobre esse rio hoje rsrs

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen Anos atrás +2

    Great, now I'm scared of harmless looking little strids. Wow.

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans 2 anos atrás +1

    If I didn't see any warning signs, I'd jump into no problem (it is insane how much larger the river looks up stream).

  • Taneli Vähämäki
    Taneli Vähämäki 6 anos atrás +311

    This is literally a half hour drive from me, and I've stood where Tom was many a time. He's right, it does look deceptively tame, mostly because it's so narrow but also because the water is so dark that you can't see the vicious undercurrents that would just pull you under if you fell in.

    • Jake Jake
      Jake Jake 2 anos atrás +1

      Toss a chicken or a pig in there.. You know for science 😂

  • Benjy52
    Benjy52 2 anos atrás +1

    I used to live around 6 miles away from Bolton Abbey. Thanks for the memories. ☺️

  • rickysmyth
    rickysmyth Anos atrás +1

    It would be great if someone put a good life jacket on a dummy and put it in. Thing is that if it flows down gently with no problems then it probably wouldn't be broadcast. I'd say that would get a few million views Tom as it would show your channel is honest and true information is shared

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson Anos atrás +9

    I visited here a few days ago. Looks scarier when you're there. Throw a stick in and it gets sucked to the rocks at the edges and then sucked underwater

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox Anos atrás +1

    About an hour ago I told someone how much I hate water. BRclip heard me expressing my fears and decided this video was just what I needed.

  • Cryptfire
    Cryptfire 2 anos atrás +1781

    My uncle drowned when my mother was young, sucked down. My mom made sure to make us fear the river.

    • Roxy99
      Roxy99 3 meses atrás

      My condolences

    • Smeg
      Smeg Anos atrás +1

      My uncle jumped it

    • N B
      N B Anos atrás +5

      @corinthian it was very funny. Even the op laughed at it

    • N B
      N B Anos atrás +2

      @Ben Kimber don't feel bad for liking what you like. It was funny af

    • Ben Kimber
      Ben Kimber Anos atrás +5

      Oh, but it _is_ funny, corinthian. That is, to those with a dark sense of humour. I happen to have a messed up sense of humour, and chuckled a little at that before immediately feeling bad for doing so.

  • Blinkysaurus Rex
    Blinkysaurus Rex 11 meses atrás

    There’s a small stream like this in Cumbria too that feeds into Wastwater.(a big lake) When I saw that subtle swirling motion on the surface of the water it reminded me of it.

  • ialwtttiywtrar
    ialwtttiywtrar 10 meses atrás

    I thing they should do a 'Drain the Oceans' episode on the Strid, I've heard claims that parts are as deep as 65 meters. I'd love to see what it looks like under that innocuous surface.

  • B.gshaw
    B.gshaw Anos atrás +2

    I actually remember seeing the ambulances in the car park of bolten abbey back in 2010 when the young boy drowned. Its a vert hazey memory as i was only 5/6 at the time and luckily couldn’t see the poor child but even so its very eerie knowing such a dangerous place is only roughly a 20 minute drive from me

  • Flautus Lamberlin
    Flautus Lamberlin Anos atrás

    Very good production. For such a simple video, it certainly tickled the anxiety centers of my brain.

  • Dave Whittaker
    Dave Whittaker 6 anos atrás +690

    This footage was taken after a spell of dry weather, you should see it after rainfall, it's twice as angry and hostile, this place does not take any prisoners, it's a location of No Quarter, it can keep you down there for as long as it feels like it, and, once it's bored with you, it spits you out like a piece of chewing gum, merciless

    • Mark Lammas
      Mark Lammas 23 dias atrás

      Strid pro no-go...

    • Chaktip Paiboon
      Chaktip Paiboon 2 anos atrás

      That's a big nope

    • Denny1 FN
      Denny1 FN 2 anos atrás +1

      well said u should write.

      BLAKK DEAFF 2 anos atrás +2

      Well it's a lot slippier after rainfall

    • Sableagle
      Sableagle 3 anos atrás +26

      Always fun on a visit there to admire the Strid for a while then turn round and notice the ENTIRE TREE that's been washed down by a flood and lodged well above where you're standing.

  • captbeardy
    captbeardy Anos atrás

    My favourite river and I’ve spent many a happy hour on or in the river Wharfe. The Strid is just scary though, but I,can’t say whether that’s because of the conditioning I’ve received of that I’ve seen it at full spate.

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland 2 anos atrás +16

    I have a place like this near me called Hutington Gorge. Over 40 people have died since 1950.

  • M G
    M G Anos atrás

    I very almost drowned / was stuck under when growing up in Bolton in one of these! very bubbly water and just spinning around a lot against the edges. Wouldn't let my dog near it now

  • Se Vo
    Se Vo 11 meses atrás

    Thank you Tom. That make me think twice next time i want to jump over small rivers.

  • Gordon Martin
    Gordon Martin Anos atrás

    My brother and I almost drowned at the same time biking in a shallow river in Canada when we were boys.

  • Warp Portal
    Warp Portal Anos atrás +2

    Damn that's scary, I wouldn't even be standing anywhere near it knowing all that.

  • William Natter
    William Natter Anos atrás

    The Ottawa river in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is quite dangerous as well. Around the Island Park drive or thereabouts, the water looks calm and just as wide as everywhere else, but in reality, there is a huge drop and massive currents can pull you to the bottom. People have tried swimming across to avoid getting caught by police, only for their body to be pulled lifeless out of the bottom hours or days later... I heard it's where expert divers go for training as well.

  • EGA83
    EGA83 Anos atrás

    Mountain rivers feeding into the Sacramento and American rivers in Northern California have created deathtraps very similar to this. It's known to locals at least that if you fall into one of these stretches your chances are not good.

  • MrLaidback
    MrLaidback 3 anos atrás +5410

    I can confirm, i jumped in and i didnt come out alive, you have been warned

    • James BAlert
      James BAlert Anos atrás

      @EpicWWIIStuff l learned everything from you! You truly are the MASTER Sussy Imposter, l genuflect in your direction! You deserve all the medals for been a Sussy!! 😀🎖️

    • EpicWWIIStuff
      EpicWWIIStuff Anos atrás

      @James BAlert you are a sussy imposter

    • Ben Kimber
      Ben Kimber Anos atrás

      I approve of the Monty Python reference by firefox 5. Nice one. XD

    • Soup Gaming
      Soup Gaming Anos atrás

      @Tron. Wait, again?

    • Tyngchinchilla Chang
      Tyngchinchilla Chang Anos atrás

      1 out of 1 experts agree

  • The Hefty Wanderer
    The Hefty Wanderer Anos atrás

    Great walk from the abbey! Even better after heavy rain.

  • Doug Todd
    Doug Todd Anos atrás

    Any knowledge of whether any wildlife has ever run/jumped across and survived?

  • Chris Trickett
    Chris Trickett 2 anos atrás

    I've been to the Strid, this video was well made and interesting but I seem to remember the Strid itself was far more powerful than anything in this video - ten times so - what were you filming here?

    • Jonty Levine
      Jonty Levine 2 anos atrás +2

      Someone else mentioned this was after a period of dry weather.

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore Anos atrás

    I suggest visiting Niagara falls, about 300 yards before the drop off, if you think this stretch of water is in any way dangerous. Has anyone ever tied themselves off and measured the actual undertoe currents or is this just some legend the royal subjects of england choose not to scientifically measure?

  • ark_ryl
    ark_ryl 6 anos atrás +2662

    Read the video title as "The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World..." and didn't read where it was. I thought 'oh this must be some weird river in the amazon or something'. When I saw where it was I did a double take, I live 5 miles away from this thing...

    • DonnaLynn
      DonnaLynn 2 anos atrás +1

      If you look at the opening few seconds of the video, you would see, in the bottom right quadrant of the screen: The Strid, River Wharfe, 54.004⁰N, 1.903⁰ W.
      It is at Bolton Abbey, less than 20 miles NW of Leeds.

    • YEs
      YEs 2 anos atrás +2

      ​@Ann It's actually more so that it's a pain in the ass to replace the signs and reteach people how to judge driving distances. Metric is ultimately the way to go, but in the short term it's more practical to use miles. Imperial otherwise is used casually. EU legislation has nothing to do with it, it's simply a case of pragmatism.

    • Charlotte Wallis
      Charlotte Wallis 2 anos atrás +1

      @Lyon don't get involved in things you know nothing about (I'm aware this thread is dead)

    • dan davis
      dan davis 2 anos atrás

      Mal Thomas no pal I didn’t, but if you want to put a wager on it....

    • Mal Thomas
      Mal Thomas 2 anos atrás +1

      and you didn't know about it???? i was brought up 25 miles away and its in the local folk law!!

  • Chloe Webb
    Chloe Webb Anos atrás

    The Ichetucknee river in Florida is a perfect example of a river looking perfectly safe. It flows from a spring at 2-3 miles per hour.. seems ok. Well... I have personally been swept off the platform and could not get back on because of the weight of the current. I just hung on like a flag in the wind until I could get help. There are no personnel there to help or keep watch for anyone in danger. There are a few near drownings every year.

  • Andrew Datcu
    Andrew Datcu 11 meses atrás

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention how deep it really is, over 30 meters apparently!

  • Arcanum
    Arcanum 11 meses atrás

    It's dangerous because the banks are deeply undercut, almost like a tunnel. Undercuts (rocks and banks) usually are well-known hazards on a river and often are the site of fatalities. River banks, especially outside bends, are constantly eroded by moving water. The bank becomes undercut, creating an entrapment.

  • Jennifer Saladin
    Jennifer Saladin 9 meses atrás +1

    I wonder if anyone has ever gotten full diver gear and gone in.. That'd be really interesting