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Do The Numbers On Toaster Dials Mean Minutes?

  • Publicado em 8 Dez 2014
  • tomscott.com - tomscott - There's been a "Life Pro Tip" going around the internet lately saying that the numbers on toaster dials are actually minutes. I was so sure it was false. Oh, I was so sure. I got four toasters set to "2", and I had one take to film it all in a back room at my office. This is that one take.
    Thanks to Dan W (@iamdanw) on camera and Jonty (@jonty) on toaster-wrangling!
    UPDATE: An error pointed out by a couple of folks in the comments: modern toasters likely don't use bi-metallic strips. They either use a capacitor charged through a variable resistor, or specialised silicon. See this great Technology Connections video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLFG0...
    There's now a full corrections page for this channel at www.tomscott.com/corrections/

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  • Alovatololo
    Alovatololo Anos atrás +29470

    That office toaster has mastered comedic timing.

    • Isaacs Random Videos
      Isaacs Random Videos 5 meses atrás


    • iamme
      iamme 6 meses atrás

      I have to reply to a couple of these. You guys do realise they just switched the plug off at 2 mins to make it pop 🙂

    • sy2
      sy2 6 meses atrás

      @Joopitah not escaping gbjs

    • BoxofMadness
      BoxofMadness 6 meses atrás

      It was from "THE OFFICE" after all

    • ComfyDents
      ComfyDents 8 meses atrás

      @Airsick Lowlander Without humour nobody and nothing survives in an office.
      Of course it has humour! :P

  • Mike Cochrane
    Mike Cochrane Anos atrás +23935

    One of the smartest guys on BRclip, defeated by a toaster.

    • just something
      just something 3 dias atrás


    • iamme
      iamme 6 dias atrás

      @Josh Young maybe, maybe not. no evidence apart from i didn’t believe the acting from the cameraman and Toms reaction. Still funny though.

    • iamme
      iamme 6 dias atrás

      @EightThreeEight no evidence apart from i didn’t believe the acting from the cameraman and Toms reaction. Still funny though.

    • MCSuperplayer
      MCSuperplayer 6 dias atrás

      @Josh Young because of the symmetry, I just really like symmetrical numbers

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young 6 dias atrás

      @iamme no, Tom doesn't do stuff like that. You are mistaken.

  • Um no
    Um no Anos atrás +6827

    Lmao I love how they were so confident that they apparently didn’t test it at all before recording

    • Pedro Talons
      Pedro Talons 4 dias atrás

      Well they were almost dead on, except for one

    • tjmilk
      tjmilk 7 dias atrás

      @Cowtymsmiesznego ok y'all are dumb as hell, I'm not trying to defend the logic from the vid but the guy I responded to obviously didn't pay attention to the video at all

    • Quantum Magnus
      Quantum Magnus 7 dias atrás

      Well, he wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t entirely correct, either.

    • Cowtymsmiesznego
      Cowtymsmiesznego 9 dias atrás

      @tjmilk It doesn't have to count time in order to toast for just about 2 minutes in specific circumstances

    • tjmilk
      tjmilk 10 dias atrás +1

      lmao did you listen to his explanation?? he obviously was very confident that there's no possible way the toaster counts time because it would be a more elaborate and expensive machine if it did

  • Confusioned
    Confusioned Anos atrás +16915

    "Someone is wrong on the internet and now you can correct them."
    Office toaster: bold of you to assume that person isn't you

    • ­
      ­ 8 meses atrás

      @ROUXLS KAARD! 1:59:9 = 1 minute, 59 seconds and around 900 milliseconds, close enough to 2 minutes.

    • Mitch C
      Mitch C 9 meses atrás

      @Dan K I agree toasters can't talk

    • Animeniac Simey
      Animeniac Simey 9 meses atrás +1


    • JmKrokY
      JmKrokY 9 meses atrás


      ROUXLS KAARD! 10 meses atrás +1

      nuheth uheth, 159.9 isn'te 2 minutese

  • Beebz
    Beebz Anos atrás +2203

    for some reason I have always had a part of my brain that said "the numbers are the level of toastiness", in retrospect, it would make sense to assume it was minutes

    • A K
      A K 3 dias atrás

      Same here!

    • Aditya Sagraha
      Aditya Sagraha 3 meses atrás +1

      Mine doesn't have numbers, it uses "toastiness color strips" so I know how much toasted I want my toasts to be

    • Cameo Shadowness
      Cameo Shadowness 4 meses atrás


    • fumui
      fumui 4 meses atrás +1

      @Robin Almquist somebody have a free time & bread to waste on experimenting I see 🤣

    • MrFilmer
      MrFilmer 7 meses atrás +1

      I thought of it like that. Never did I think minutes!

  • Manu B
    Manu B Anos atrás +14987

    I gotta say those few seconds before the two minute mark were intense

  • Pat Stay Sucka Free Boss
    Pat Stay Sucka Free Boss Anos atrás +5554

    This guy was right about everything but didn't account for one thing: The office toasters comedic timing

    • Melonbanana
      Melonbanana 9 meses atrás +5

      3.4K likes and only one reply? Let’s change that

    • Master Kenobi
      Master Kenobi Anos atrás +36

      *Insert office theme*

  • Benjamin Eichenbrenner
    Benjamin Eichenbrenner Anos atrás +2955

    Tom: "none of those is gonna come up at exactly 2 minutes"
    Office Toaster: *pops at exactly 2 minutes* - "and that is something you might not have known'

    • TableFruitSpecified
      TableFruitSpecified 14 dias atrás

      Literally just before.
      9.9999999999999999999999999999 =/= 10

    • ARandomInternetUser Games
      ARandomInternetUser Games 10 meses atrás

      @LoopByDaylight "rounding off" only applies if the number is closest to the next number above or below it. You can't round up a minute and a half to 2 minutes or whatever it was on the other toaster or multiple toasters.

    • LoopByDaylight
      LoopByDaylight 10 meses atrás

      Rounding off is a thing

    • ARandomInternetUser Games
      ARandomInternetUser Games 10 meses atrás

      @Aa wow, what a comeback, copying my "also". I bet that required a lot of effort...🤦‍♂️🙄
      Also, timers in microwaves are most likely so inaccurate. Different clocks tell time differently. I have a clock that went around 10 minutes ahead in a year. Maybe research this stuff before commenting?

    • ARandomInternetUser Games
      ARandomInternetUser Games 10 meses atrás

      @Aa ever heard of margin of error? There's also this thing called rounding, which you should've learned in elementary school.
      Also, no 2 clocks are the same. They all have errors. One might be a second behind, the other might be .1 seconds ahead. There's so many variations of being behind or ahead of one or the other clock. Atomic clocks are the most accurate clock to date

  • Spencer Schmidt-Rundell
    Spencer Schmidt-Rundell Anos atrás +559

    Additional test you could do: test the office one at 3 to see if it's minutes or if it just takes 2 minutes.

    • Brakier
      Brakier 4 meses atrás +15

      @TanMadScientist ye, or, it pops at 3 min, couse it dosent use a metal strip, sure it still has the same outside pull function, but that could be an illusion to give it that toaster look, and inside it could have a real timer chip, think about it, when you go and wanna buy a toaster, you probly wanna buy something that looks like a toaster, wich is has to things you pull down. so it could be by design to just look correct but inside could be diffrent.

    • TanMadScientist
      TanMadScientist Anos atrás +70

      Also now that the toaster is warmed up, surely the next round of toast will pop up sooner.

  • ArinInQuotes
    ArinInQuotes Anos atrás +331

    "Tom, that was two minutes" is proof the people who say comedy is dead never had any idea about what made something funny.

    • オリ ヨルダン
      オリ ヨルダン 15 dias atrás +1

      @Stephen Snell 1/10th of a single second off. It's 2 minutes.

    • Ethan Doyle
      Ethan Doyle Mês atrás +1

      @Stephen Snell it was 1 minute and 59.9 seconds i think thats close enough to 2 minutes to count

    • Stephen Snell
      Stephen Snell 2 meses atrás +1

      No it wasn't the video shows it was 1min59seconds

  • Renske Dunnewold
    Renske Dunnewold Anos atrás +625

    Once everything has popped but the office toaster, this video becomes really suspenseful, and it pays off beautifully. Quite the arc for a 2 minute video

  • Rmdhn
    Rmdhn Anos atrás +176

    "Because they're far too cheap to have timers in them"
    Office next door : bold of you to assume our toaster is cheap

  • Gábor
    Gábor Anos atrás +497

    "None of them will pop up after 2 minutes."
    Office toaster: So you have chosen... toast.

  • LabradorIndependent
    LabradorIndependent Anos atrás +64

    From this day forth, Tom never called action on a video without several weeks of intense, well referenced research

  • Darren Flips
    Darren Flips Anos atrás +131

    “Someone is incorrect on the internet and they will be corrected”
    - famous last words

  • Hope Rock
    Hope Rock Anos atrás +204

    2:01the way the camera guy said Tom was hilarious, it was very british, concerned but also calm.

  • Timothy Crowther
    Timothy Crowther Anos atrás +294

    "Tom. I think that one was 2 minutes."

  • Cain XVII
    Cain XVII Anos atrás +5

    I never thought the dial was meant to be minutes. I always thought it was a scale. I would have been very confused by that toaster going for so long on setting 2. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • CmdData
    CmdData Anos atrás +42

    That very quiet almost scared voice behind the camera saying "Tom..." is absolute gold!

  • Joey M
    Joey M Anos atrás +69

    The little "...tom" at the end is priceless

  • Tim Boxall
    Tim Boxall 6 anos atrás +8874

    I love how he's partially wrong in this video yet he still uploaded it without being embarrassed about it. Shows great humility.

    • Cowtymsmiesznego
      Cowtymsmiesznego 24 dias atrás

      You guys are so naive if you think he didn"t plan this. There is a good chance he shot this video multiple times to get the office toaster to pop up at exactly 2mins.

    • Born Yesterday
      Born Yesterday 2 anos atrás

      @George Mouse i understand far more than you could possibly even imagine. Now is there anything youd like to talk about regards the video, or you just bored and trolling? Go on, pick out the deliberate grammar mistakes too, as its obvious youve no idea about the topic in question.

    • George Mouse
      George Mouse 2 anos atrás +1

      @Born Yesterday So since you're not born yesterday...wait...anyway, I'm assuming you understand the idea of a logically fallacious argument, such as one founded on Ad Hominems?

    • Born Yesterday
      Born Yesterday 2 anos atrás

      @Golem_of_Sin ty, i guess its not your fault you're braindead

    • Golem_of_Sin
      Golem_of_Sin 2 anos atrás +1

      @Born Yesterday you are very convincing in getting people to believe what your name says. You'll go far in life with persuasive skills like that, kid.

  • Evellyn Costa
    Evellyn Costa Anos atrás +7

    I appreciate the fact that you explained the experiment whilst doing it saving everyone's time, thanks m8

  • Michael Coombes
    Michael Coombes 10 meses atrás +4

    I now want an experiment with that expensive toaster at various levels to see if 2 is just an anomaly or if it is indeed minutes on that particular toaster.

  • Emmett Johnson
    Emmett Johnson Anos atrás +4

    BRclip keeps recommending old tom Scott videos to me, and I can't say I don't enjoy them. Honestly, they are very similar to the new ones even. Great camera for the time this was made, great mic compared to even lots of modern youtubers, good editing, and amazing overall video content and quality.

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw Anos atrás +28

    My mom's toaster has a literal countdown display on it, so yes, it is minutes on some toasters.
    EDIT: It's not every day you use your toaster to flex on the internet.

    CODE MENTAL Anos atrás +2

    I always thought the numbers in the toasters meant how burned you want your toast to be. Never realised that people thought they were minutes.

  • pythonmegapixel
    pythonmegapixel Anos atrás +174

    "There is some rubbish going around about how the numbers on this toaster dials are actually minutes"
    Oh, for the days when the only danger posed by misinformation was burned toast....

    • Pvshka
      Pvshka Anos atrás +3

      @John Ruben Saragi that's fair

    • John Ruben Saragi
      John Ruben Saragi Anos atrás +11

      @Pvshka you spelled worldwide politics wrong

    • BONNIE 12 Y12 _devan k_
      BONNIE 12 Y12 _devan k_ Anos atrás +11

      This reply section is hilarious

    • Pvshka
      Pvshka Anos atrás +20

      @Jakub Svoboda you both spelled American politics wrong

    • Jakub Svoboda
      Jakub Svoboda Anos atrás +7

      @MikehMike01 You spelled Republicans wrong...

  • Steven Twain
    Steven Twain Anos atrás +2

    This is the most valuable information I've learned. Thank you

  • nihil1
    nihil1 Anos atrás +10

    The office toaster had a machine learning algorithm that was trained to do what people expected it to do.

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul 10 meses atrás

      More like trained to do the opposite of what was expected

  • Zirk Zirk
    Zirk Zirk 9 meses atrás +1

    Tom Scott asking the real questions facing our society. Keep up the good work Tom.

  • bewareofsnow
    bewareofsnow Anos atrás +1

    That office toaster is the exact same model I have at home, so it's good to know that the 2 really is 2 minutes for that one!

  • Max M
    Max M Anos atrás +3

    This is some of the most important research Tom has ever done.

  • Calum Cooper
    Calum Cooper Anos atrás +1

    I maintain that this is, ironically, the best video Tom has ever put out.

  • maruftim
    maruftim 2 anos atrás +16360

    that was the funniest "I don't want to disappoint him but I need to tell the truth" question ever

  • Cadu Ferreira
    Cadu Ferreira Anos atrás +53

    Tom: None of them will pop up at 2 minutes
    Office toaster: How bout’ I do anyway

    • a sheep
      a sheep 7 meses atrás +1

      @Andrés no.

    • Andrés
      Andrés Anos atrás

      Am I the only one who read it with Bill Wirtz's voice and melody?

  • fred@dhbit
    fred@dhbit 11 meses atrás +7

    Tom: 2 DOES NOT mean two minutes on these toasters.
    "Office" toaster: Hold my butter...

  • A Cast
    A Cast 10 meses atrás

    Your descriptions for the buyers of each toaster were immaculately perfect! 😂

  • Jamers Bazuka
    Jamers Bazuka Anos atrás +26

    When you're so confident in your hypothesis that you post the study on BRclip.

  • Forssa1
    Forssa1 7 anos atrás +9542

    Obviously, the office toaster is the superior one, because it has blue LEDs.

    • Potatoes and Ducks
      Potatoes and Ducks 2 meses atrás

      Gamers be like:

    • TheGreatNeos
      TheGreatNeos 2 anos atrás

      RGB toaster? *Gasp*

    • Josiah Hague
      Josiah Hague 3 anos atrás

      Now what it really needs is full RGB and I take no shame in saying that.

    • Lex
      Lex 3 anos atrás

      Sandwich247 now I want a sandwich

    • C G
      C G 3 anos atrás


  • Cptnjenks
    Cptnjenks Anos atrás +1

    The end. Made me laugh so much. Would like to know if that was just a coincidence. Perhaps a video testing all the settings of that toaster.

  • Its Crayon
    Its Crayon Anos atrás +1

    *Look just how far Tom has come from literally waiting for toast*

  • Apophlegmatis
    Apophlegmatis Anos atrás

    My dad had a case involving a toaster. Most toasters we worked with took around 1 minute at any setting, a few seconds less if you have just used it

  • Geomontage
    Geomontage Anos atrás +1

    This is what BRclip was made for! Also something i've always been curios about. Great video!

  • SirTorture
    SirTorture 2 anos atrás +3064

    Why does scott look like a 20 year old college student and a 60 year old professor at the same time

    • John C Ray
      John C Ray 9 meses atrás +1

      One of the questions for the ages. I believe he's actually 300 years old and ageless.

    • Ben Schmitt
      Ben Schmitt Anos atrás


    • Frosty Simo
      Frosty Simo Anos atrás +1

      Its the face of a 60 year old with the body of a teen

    • CheesecakeLasagna
      CheesecakeLasagna Anos atrás +4

      lowkey my type, ngl.

    • Wiñter
      Wiñter Anos atrás +2

      hes.. hes british

  • Tesla Romans
    Tesla Romans Anos atrás +4

    I swear I was watching that last toaster with the most intense apprehension ever. I KNEW it was gonna do it, it was too good of an opportunity for the universe to let that slide

  • Michael Corleone
    Michael Corleone 9 meses atrás +4

    I tried this. To this day I always used it on 2. A 30 year old Bosch toaster. On 4, breads caught on fire. On 5 they magically turned into diamonds and gems. On level 6 it started screaming Auschwitz.

  • HyruleKing88
    HyruleKing88 Anos atrás +22

    Shout out to FB memories for making me realize that I discovered Tom Scott long before I discovered Tom Scott.

  • Shawn S
    Shawn S Anos atrás +1

    If they were exact for time, that might be worse since subsequent toastings in an already warm toaster would result in different doneness.

  • Sarah Kerr
    Sarah Kerr 3 anos atrás +19818

    I did not expect to be so emotionally invested in this video that I would rejoice aloud at the savagery of a timed toaster.
    Yet here we are.

    • Lauren Kathleen
      Lauren Kathleen 2 anos atrás


    • Steve Jobs
      Steve Jobs 2 anos atrás +1

      Let me tell you something:
      All I know is yayo.

    • madeofdrew
      madeofdrew 3 anos atrás +3

      same her I LOLd

    • Sarah Kerr
      Sarah Kerr 3 anos atrás +10

      @goggles789 get on my shelf bro

    • goggles789
      goggles789 3 anos atrás +4

      Savagery? A little top shelf there, bro.

  • SikConVicTioN
    SikConVicTioN Anos atrás +1

    When the last one popped at 2 minutes, I think Tom was questioning everything else and what else he's been wrong about 😂

  • George Imedashvili
    George Imedashvili 16 dias atrás

    I'm now curious, did this toaster have a timer or was it just perfectly balanced to make two minutes when set to 2 which I guess is possible, in which case the toaster does not need to have timer for these numbers to mean minutes :D

  • adie 47vash
    adie 47vash 9 meses atrás

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that this was so well thing even though it was unscripted or atleast not done whilst recording before this as they would have known it was wrong

  • Banter Maestro2
    Banter Maestro2 4 dias atrás

    I've always seem them as unitless guides, as in _"Halfway between 5 & 6 makes perfect toast with this particular toaster,"_ for example. A couple of uses and it's clear the numbers don't refer to minutes.

  • Dae Nite
    Dae Nite 2 anos atrás +42731

    "Someone is wrong on the internet and now you can correct them."
    Office Toaster: *corrects him*

    • aaronl22
      aaronl22 9 meses atrás


    • parlmc
      parlmc 9 meses atrás

      And since this is a BRclip video, that's technically true

    • Pon Raul
      Pon Raul 9 meses atrás

      @Khalil Archer You’re such a smartass

    • ElBrandoTV
      ElBrandoTV 9 meses atrás

      now try it set to 8

    • ARandomInternetUser Games
      ARandomInternetUser Games 10 meses atrás +1

      ​@Khalil Archer you have got to be the stupidest and most illogical person I have ever seen on the internet. You ignore the facts and provide nothing to h=back yours up because guess what? There isn't anything to back your stupid statements up. All you are capable of doing is being nitpicky about spelling when you know damn well you can understand what you're saying, but you just need something to divert what they're saying because you know they're right but you're too prideful and arrogant to admit it. Grow the hell up. It's clear you completely lack critical thinking

  • James Muirhead
    James Muirhead Anos atrás +1

    I've had 2 toasters which are in minutes. One was a 4 slice job, the other was a student diggs one. So, your experiences may vary.

  • Ben Underdown
    Ben Underdown Anos atrás

    With years of factually correct videos a toaster still one of the only things to prove him wrong 😂.

  • RockinSwifty
    RockinSwifty 10 meses atrás

    Despite the office toaster being 119.9 seconds, this still proves that not all toasters run on a timer. Certainly, I wouldn't expect any of these to take up to six minutes to burn my toast.

  • Osiris
    Osiris Anos atrás +1

    I just tested my Oster toaster on level 3 and it took 2 minutes. Level 1 took 1 minute. Not exactly though.

  • Rogue Druid
    Rogue Druid 3 anos atrás +52350

    *Tom:* None of these toasters will pop up at 2 minutes
    *Office Toaster:* Are you sure about that?

  • Conor Clune
    Conor Clune Anos atrás

    Right but surely you could pick the metallic strips (material/thickness/length etc) so that the amount it bends, and the amount it needs to bend, would match a certain time, and make the dial off that, so that it will mean minutes

  • NolanSyKinsley
    NolanSyKinsley 4 meses atrás +1

    The office toaster takes twice as long as the cheaper toaster because they all have the same power limit constriction, so toasting twice as much bread using the same power will require roughly twice as long.

  • DrFlaggstaff
    DrFlaggstaff 6 meses atrás

    This video is what introduced me to Tom Scott and I'm always happy to revisit it

  • Swagmire
    Swagmire Anos atrás

    I have a toaster similar to the office one. I haven't messed around with the dials too much because I already know my lucky number for perfect toast. However, It does take about a quarter over a minute, which is my number, to toast. The problem is (and I'll have to test it) if the toaster does time it then it'd be really inefficient. Not only would it take an obscenely long amount of time, but anything after 2 and a half to 3 minutes would just burn the toast, making only about 1 quarter of the toasters dials usable.

  • Nytheris
    Nytheris 7 anos atrás +4655

    So if the dials mean level of toastiness, there needs to be some kind of official scale that all toasters follow. It would make my life a lot easier.

    • FurnitureFan
      FurnitureFan 3 anos atrás

      My last toaster threw the toast onto the worktop when it was ready. It was quite good because you could put a plate in the exact spot to catch the toast.

    • Pitaya4
      Pitaya4 3 anos atrás


    • Rmdhn
      Rmdhn 3 anos atrás

      @Chanceworthy Jameson Leoparde Surinam and the bread packaging should say the toast level

    • Gplor
      Gplor 3 anos atrás

      And even better flavor if you use weed fire.

    • angelxsiren
      angelxsiren 3 anos atrás

      @Gplor and you get the benefit of a nice smoky flavor if you use a wood fire

  • Darles Charwin
    Darles Charwin Anos atrás +1

    I’ve been using a toaster oven and seeing as it does have a timer for other functions I can only assume it’s minutes

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Anos atrás +1

    Well, since nowadays you can literally Play Doom on a Toaster it is fair to say, that they can measure time accurately... (Depending on the model and so on, but you get the point.)

  • Clouds095
    Clouds095 Anos atrás

    One of our toasters broke so I decided to take it apart and look inside at the PCB. I found out that the numbers don’t represent minutes but the higher the number the longer it roasts for. The dial is a potentiometer it seems

  • Game iHacker
    Game iHacker 10 meses atrás

    I like how they set the timer to be 1:59:9 and not just 2:00. That’s easily fixed they just wanted to not be completely wrong

  • Esben Maaløe
    Esben Maaløe Anos atrás +1

    I love the way that all of the toasters are to shallow for the bread-slice. It's just like my toaster!

  • Jon D
    Jon D Anos atrás

    The best toaster i ever owned was an $8 "Rival" toaster from Wal-Mart. Always made perfectly evenly toasted toast. Now we have a more expensive fancy toaster and its a POS. Toast is never even, it doesn't pop the toast up high enough so you burn your fingers trying to get the toast out, and the more you toast with it the more toasted the next toast will be.

  • H MAN
    H MAN Anos atrás +1

    It's amazing when u get it at the perfect dial to get that sweet toastiness... And then someone moves it slightly and it takes 6 months before you get it perfect again.

  • A
    A Anos atrás

    I always just heard it as the dials are the measure of how long they will toast for, not specifically that they are minutes.

  • Prairie Climber
    Prairie Climber 3 anos atrás +5880

    I’ve never thought of the dials as “minutes”, but thought of them as levels of toasty-ness... like a survey
    1 being “not toasty at all” to 10 being “very toasty”

    • Maybe Matt Martin
      Maybe Matt Martin 2 anos atrás

      10 being bacon

    • SurfinZerg
      SurfinZerg 2 anos atrás

      atleaston all toasters I've used the scale goes 1-not toasty what so ever you might aswell not have used the toaster. to 10- charcoal

    • hi
      hi 2 anos atrás

      1: warm bread
      10: charcoal

    • Noah Sakko
      Noah Sakko 2 anos atrás


    • A Typhlosion
      A Typhlosion 2 anos atrás +1

      10 is home made coal.

  • SpunkyPixel
    SpunkyPixel Anos atrás +6

    No, it's obviously the level of toastiness. I could'a told y'all that.

  • Ward Huyskes
    Ward Huyskes 9 meses atrás +1

    They wouldn't need to have timing chips tho. Did Tom Scott just not realise you could perfectly predict how fast a bimetallic strip curls and a certain wattage? It would not be difficult at all to have a mechanical system that times the toasting according to the dial.

  • Mark
    Mark 10 meses atrás

    Seeing this video 6 years ago influenced me to buy a toaster in 2021 with a digital display because I wanted my timer chip...thanks Tom

  • Adam Wyatt
    Adam Wyatt 9 meses atrás

    Have you tried different numbers on the office toaster? Does that also mean a warm (cheap) toaster pops up slightly sooner?

  • Carl Mahnke
    Carl Mahnke 6 anos atrás +26367

    That twist at the end of the video! Ingenious!

    • Ryan_
      Ryan_ Anos atrás

      Bro you spoiled it for me by saying that

    • colby colby
      colby colby 2 anos atrás +2

      It’s a coincidence. It doesn’t have a timer

    • Bambo'o le bamboo
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    • B Nap
      B Nap 2 anos atrás +2

      I saw it coming

    • David Kotlarz
      David Kotlarz 2 anos atrás +1

      Saw it coming still great 😂

  • Jadiac
    Jadiac Anos atrás +1

    I still can't decide if this is a skit or if you were convinced that none were 2 minutes.
    But still a simple video and very entertaining.-
    Also damn, I really admire that you can talk so smoothly without stuttering or using fillwords :D

  • Stomachbuzz
    Stomachbuzz Anos atrás

    Kinda silly. I never knew the numbers (if there are even numbers) represented time in minutes. I always thought it was a darkness of the toast. "Lightly toasted" to "heavily toasted" which is true.
    I'm short, the dial runs the toaster shorter or longer, which is true.

  • A K
    A K 3 dias atrás

    I want to know what brand that toaster was! This video was hilarious! 😂 also I love that I actually learned something

  • Ami Alter
    Ami Alter 10 meses atrás

    I miss the toasters from the 70s that had an infrared laser that would measure the temperature of the bread so that way your bread was always done to the exact same amount every time you used your toaster.

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 3 anos atrás +12690

    Tom: none of these toasters will pop up at exactly 2 minutes
    Office toaster: mmmm best I can do is 1:59.9

    • Jayit
      Jayit 2 anos atrás +1

      You have to factor in a slight margin of error between when the timer started and when the toaster started.

    • Alyx
      Alyx 2 anos atrás

      @saff 125 The video starts when the timer starts. Did you expect the time to be different?

    • Alyx
      Alyx 2 anos atrás

      @kaike95 That is because they started right as the toasters started

    • Hamish Johnston
      Hamish Johnston 2 anos atrás

      Correction 1:59.8

    • Chu
      Chu 2 anos atrás

      "1:59.9, take it or leave it"

  • Flurgy22
    Flurgy22 11 meses atrás

    I have a vintage sunbeam radiant control toaster that was made in the 40's it has a slide that controls the darkness of the toast, it doesnt matter the condition of the precooked bread frozen or otherwise itll always pop up at the darkness level that has been set. It is truly a marvel of engineering. Its tragic nobody makes them anymore. And another cool feature is you just place the bread in the slots and it automatically pulls the bread in slowly. It is soooo neat.

  • MarioKing983
    MarioKing983 Dia atrás

    I never really thought of them as timers more of a heat level lmao 🤣

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    mydemon Anos atrás +2

    This is soooooooo brilliant. I'm speechless. Completely speechless.

  • SimonJ
    SimonJ Anos atrás

    I wonder if the bimetallic strip has been fine tuned, to act like a timer?
    Or if it is as boring as a timer chip...
    Actually, why doesn't it use like an egg-timer mechanism? You might have to set it, every time. But it'll work!

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    John Carpenter 3 anos atrás +4014

    This has posed far more questions than it answered.

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    Michael Anos atrás

    This video is here to prove you that videos longer than a minute can also be legendary

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    Gilles Mambo Anos atrás +1

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    Office Toaster: And I took that personally.

  • Shadowy Insights
    Shadowy Insights 6 anos atrás +16230

    My Toaster only has two settings, bread and charcoal.

    • many little fish
      many little fish 2 anos atrás

      Ahhh yes I love me some charcoal in the morning

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      Shamim Khan 3 anos atrás

      @DanB so yeetus yeetus i will deletus you
      Yeetus yeetus self deletus

    • Elizabeth Moore
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      Istiompaxindica96 3 anos atrás

      yea, you should buy the office one then

    • Abrielle V
      Abrielle V 3 anos atrás +1

      Mine has 3 setttings: bread, charcoal and I’m gonna smoke for no reason and your bread will still be bread after.

  • James Burton
    James Burton Anos atrás

    You should do more of these kind of videos!

  • Choppers world
    Choppers world Anos atrás

    I always thought the numbers were how dark you wanted the bread not how long it cooks for. Because of u put it at 5 it doesn’t take 5 minutes to cook it just comes out how dark u wanted it

  • GnikNeb
    GnikNeb Anos atrás

    My toaster displays the time down to the seconds and will update in real time if you are toasting and move the dial mid-toast. Bought it for 30 dollars at Costco.

  • Filipe Oliveira
    Filipe Oliveira 8 meses atrás

    Finalmente! A primeira vez que vejo legendas em verdadeiro Português! Excelentemente executado meu caríssimo Salvador.
    I sometimes watch youtube clips without sound as to not bother anyone, so captions in english are a must because I hate brasilian "portuguese". These ones were beautifully executed in real portuguese, wich are a delight to read.

  • Nico H
    Nico H 2 anos atrás +16802

    *"None of these toasters will pop up at exactly 2 minutes"*
    Well yes, but actually no

    • CED99
      CED99 Anos atrás

      @Justus Stanford tenth of a second

    • Justus Stanford
      Justus Stanford Anos atrás

      @Tiddlesworth awe yes the fine world where digital clocks rule the world

    • Justus Stanford
      Justus Stanford Anos atrás

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      The0neAndOnlyNoob 2 anos atrás +1

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      RoyalAza 2 anos atrás

      Danny max how do you benefit from being negative on the internet?

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 6 meses atrás

    ive always found the numbers on the toasters ive had are close to the actual time in minutes

  • Melvin Pepperdash
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    I'm watching a guy make toast, and that's what I call entertainment.