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Ten years ago, I predicted 2022. Did I get it right?

  • Publicado em 9 Jan 2022
  • Predicting the future is a fool's errand, but I tried it: talking about phones, lifelogging, and social changes. And on top of that: what do I think's coming in 2032?
    2012 photo credits:
    Andy Davidson, IMG_1790, www.flickr.com/photos/andy_d/...
    Andy Davidson, IMG_1791, www.flickr.com/photos/andy_d/...
    both licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/...
    The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier: amzn.to/3qkj9jP [that's an affiliate link]
    Thanks to Garry, Alex and K for suggesting this video!
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
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Comentários • 12 649

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  8 meses atrás +112736

    And yes, to avoid the obvious comments: I have aged in the last ten years. It'll happen to you, too. And it's better than the alternative!

    • Fahad Hussain
      Fahad Hussain 24 dias atrás

      Or is it? Look at Paul Rudd for example. 😂

    • Sen
      Sen 2 meses atrás

      that's kinda pathetic that people age, personally I'm still a fetus

    • ainsley spangle
      ainsley spangle 2 meses atrás

      you look great!!

    • Phillip Mele
      Phillip Mele 2 meses atrás +2

      We call men like you a “Silver Fox”

    • TheSoarc
      TheSoarc 3 meses atrás +2

      but u age at triple rate.. 10 years dude and it looks like there is 30 years between.. but who cares as long as u feel good.

  • Pietro
    Pietro 8 meses atrás +27749

    "Our phones will record everything we say."
    Tom : "Ah,I got this one wrong".
    Facebook and Google that are listening to send you ads : sigh of relief

    • Vikstaman
      Vikstaman 3 dias atrás

      That's was already widely known, in 2012 ;)

    • Tyler Grant
      Tyler Grant 4 dias atrás

      @InTenZeGamingHD coincidence. Every single time. You only notice it because our brains are wired to recognize patterns. Even patterns that aren’t there. It’s like when you or your friend buys a car and then you suddenly see that car everywhere despite never having seen it prior. Or when you meet somebody new and suddenly realize you run into them everywhere you go. These people and cars aren’t crossing your path BECAUSE of something you did. But it certainly feels that way. The ads you’re talking about are rolling out and getting people talking, just in time for you to talk about it and the ad pops up on your phone. Not BECAUSE you talked about it. But because that product is currently in the middle of an ad campaign that is clearly working. We notice so many things that happen after certain events, but we never notice how many things NEVER happen after those same events. You can run this experiment on your own, and I promise you, it won’t work. Think of something you have never seen an ad for or ever looked up online. Now talking about it out loud and then jump online to see if you see the ads. It won’t work. Because it doesn’t happen.

    • odizzido
      odizzido 18 dias atrás

      @AnimatorPete I have no evidence of that, but it's possible I pocket accepted but I wouldn't bet on that. Regardless it was done without my knowledge and it's extremely scummy from my perspective.

    • AnimatorPete
      AnimatorPete 18 dias atrás

      @odizzido You mean they backed up your iPhone data to iCloud? They would have asked you.

    • odizzido
      odizzido 18 dias atrás

      @AnimatorPete Frickin apple downloaded all my data to their servers without even asking me. I was pissed when I found that out. Apple is just as awful.

  • G C
    G C Mês atrás +590

    The phone constantly recording audio and uploading it to the cloud where it's being transcribed and analysed was a hit, not a miss. The only thing you got wrong is that Microsoft, Google or Apple would actually give their users a choice on whether they want this happening.

    • J New
      J New 3 dias atrás


    • sorcerykid
      sorcerykid 8 dias atrás +1

      Meanwhile in many U.S. states its illegal for devices to record audio of private conversations without consent, so if that is really happening then I smell a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit on the horizon.

    • Banilo
      Banilo 12 dias atrás +4

      100% agreed, yesterday i was talking to a mate about getting a new computer - i did no research that day, nothing, just had my phone on hands - about today i log onto youtube and it has a bunch of PCs for sale on ads.

    • Cucumber Joe
      Cucumber Joe 12 dias atrás +1

      @Rafał Sobczyk +5 social credit

    • Gibbelblonk
      Gibbelblonk 13 dias atrás +3

      @Rafał Sobczyk 0.5 Apple credits have been deposited to your account

  • Arkeshan
    Arkeshan 2 meses atrás +535

    I didn't really thought it was 3 years since 2019 ended. It just feels like last year for me and sometimes I wonder this is 2021/2020 right and snapping back into reality hits hard when I realise its 2022

    • ? ? ? ᵐ
      ? ? ? ᵐ 12 dias atrás +3

      Fr I still feel like 2017 was 2 years ago 😭

    • Jillybe
      Jillybe 19 dias atrás

      I'm still dreaming of 2015 when I still had European rights and was a free citizen. I can't decide if covid is brexit or brexit is covid. Nightmare.

    • Gokucrazy
      Gokucrazy 24 dias atrás +4

      Literally It’s still 2019 Culturally outside of Covid

    • Katy Wright
      Katy Wright 27 dias atrás

      We are timeless beings.

    • Giovani Montoya
      Giovani Montoya Mês atrás

      Everything is like 2019 get along pal

  • j money
    j money 2 meses atrás +577

    2012 was the best year of my life, I adopted a sweet little dog who gave me so much joy! And now this week I just had to say goodbye to him too soon. Best 10 years of my life and I hope I made his 10 years of life amazing for him too. :)

    • DC Gallin
      DC Gallin Dia atrás

      I sincerely hope you also have some good human beings in your life..

    • Jesus Loves Everyone
      Jesus Loves Everyone 6 dias atrás

      Sending my love and condolences! 🙏🏼💝🐕

    • Kelly Scherer
      Kelly Scherer 10 dias atrás

      Sorry for the loss of your fur baby.

    • Random Things
      Random Things 26 dias atrás

      I was 4

    • JediWebSurf
      JediWebSurf Mês atrás

      2012 was the worst year of my life. So much tragedy.

  • LorenzoMii123
    LorenzoMii123 2 meses atrás +431

    Predicting the future according to Tom Scott:
    He got it wrong: "that was wrong, we were wrong back then"
    He got it right: "that was right, but than again anyone could have guessed that"

    • Rafał Sobczyk
      Rafał Sobczyk 19 dias atrás +1

      He's not wrong, meaningful predictions will never be accurate

    • Jeb
      Jeb Mês atrás +19

      @Agent A uhmm 👉👈😓

    • Agent A
      Agent A Mês atrás +41

      @CrushBeats go on, don’t be shy. What’s “um”?

    • CrushBeats
      CrushBeats Mês atrás +2


  • Flebsy
    Flebsy 8 meses atrás +29558

    The prediction of short form content *completely* taking over long form content reminds me almost exactly how mobile games were "destined" to kill the traditional gaming industry. "Why make a console game if it cost 10x the amount and made 10x less money?" "Everyones going to have a phone, they won't need a console!" We now know how both can co-exist and continue to grow, but 10 years ago it really felt like it could happen. I think there's a very good place for both and it'll still be that way in 10 years. Short form will be king (it currently is), but long form will stay healthy and continue to grow.

    • BaconBoyYT
      BaconBoyYT 5 dias atrás


    • MrThatWatchman
      MrThatWatchman 7 dias atrás

      GODSHEALER7's TRANSCRIPT September 17th, 2022:
      “Daughter proclaimed the day of Vengeance of Our Lord,
      I have called you to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord until September 23rd, 2015 (The final 7 years)
      I have called you to announce the coming of the Glorious Kingdom until April 6th, 2019 (Nisan 1).
      Now we finish the journey. The time of Darkness began September 24th 2015.
      Men love darkness they believe they hide their evil deeds.
      Now comes the day burning like a furnace to set all ablaze.
      I am the LORD of hosts”
      “I am the Good Shepherd and I'm trying to get the last sheep there before the door closes”

    • theNimboo
      theNimboo 21 dia atrás

      @James G Ya seriously that isn't even a prediction, it literally is happening right now. But I think he got it wrong when he said there wouldn't be money in short form. I am certain that they will be able to monetize shortform video.

    • Forcoy
      Forcoy Mês atrás

      It never killed

    • Hughmann
      Hughmann Mês atrás

      The advantage that traditional gaming has over mobile is the esports industry. A massive percent of the main population of pc and console gaming is competitive esports titles. While the rest is the occasional single player title that is played for awhile and then done.

  • Wanda?
    Wanda? 2 meses atrás +63

    I genuinely love watching Tom's videos because they never clickbait and they always stick to the facts. As for your predictions for the next 10 years. It has already begun happening with channels alternating between shorts and long form videos. I really hope BRclip sticks around though because despite its flaws, it has and probably always will be one of my favourite places for information.

  • KomreedJR
    KomreedJR Mês atrás +23

    10 years ago I wasn’t worried about the future. That was the least of my problems.

  • Variety Vidss Entertainment
    Variety Vidss Entertainment 2 meses atrás +18

    Everyone from science fiction writers to billionaire tech gurus to animated sitcoms have been telling us what tomorrow holds, and their track records have been surprisingly on the money.

  • DGC
    DGC 3 meses atrás +9

    this guy aged 30 years in 10 years

  • Hello Future Me
    Hello Future Me 8 meses atrás +12180

    The end of this video genuinely sent a shiver down my spine as someone who relies on longform content.

    • Spaghetti is Yummy.
      Spaghetti is Yummy. 2 meses atrás

      @Unmustache Æ :D

    • Unmustache Æ
      Unmustache Æ 2 meses atrás +1

      @Spaghetti is Yummy. heaven…!

    • Spaghetti is Yummy.
      Spaghetti is Yummy. 2 meses atrás

      @Unmustache Æ Imagine a world without Tik Tok...

    • GT380man
      GT380man 2 meses atrás

      @Me Neither Ditto Jordan Peterson. I like long form. Short means not really paying attention.

    • Hijacked Memes69
      Hijacked Memes69 2 meses atrás

      Stop being so dramatic. 🤣

  • RaGiAn87
    RaGiAn87 2 meses atrás +68

    How did you go from looking 17 years old to 40 years old in 10 years?

    • karwoski91
      karwoski91 Mês atrás +7

      True but he aged so badly , he looks mid fifty

    • Eddie Riff
      Eddie Riff Mês atrás +5

      @Ragian87: life mate!

  • Michael Snow
    Michael Snow 3 meses atrás +10

    It seems the general theme or trend of technology over the past 10 years has really been accessibility, ease of access and instant gratification. Tiktok has just been the modern epitome of that.
    Just kinda sad that patience and effort are being done away with. Apparently no one has time for either of those.

  • Shyam Devadas
    Shyam Devadas 2 meses atrás +2

    Funny, as hell! Don't feel bad, Tom. Predicting the future has always been hazardous. The fact you got any of it right is great.

  • TheDapperDolphin
    TheDapperDolphin 22 dias atrás +3

    The bit about centralization is interesting. We could lose massive amounts of information and web history because corporations don’t see value in saving any of it. Meanwhile, people who do care about saving all of it either don’t have the means to or are being shut down by corporations who aren’t using the media anyway.

  • Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom
    Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom 8 meses atrás +4970

    That's too scary to think about for me as a channel owner with more than 2000 videos on it. And if it does happen, I really really hope that the videos on this platform will still be archived somewhere.

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen 3 meses atrás

      Load them on another platform like Rumble.

    • Elon Mask
      Elon Mask 3 meses atrás

      @Susan Tummon soon there will be new Google.

    • Argy News
      Argy News 3 meses atrás

      @El cuhh it will eventually once it’s forgotten but currently past 10 years I don’t see it going anywhere due to major media websites use BRclip videos for information and all of that stuff TikTok may be now higher then BRclip id say that BRclip has such a cultural importance and company’s rely on BRclip for income and it’s general use that if is was shut down in the next 10 years there would be a huge upset and could effect the stock market or economy in major country’s that use the internet (I am no way a reliable source so some of this could be wrong it’s just what I think and know)

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess 3 meses atrás

      Seriously get some decent drives and just dump it on them and store them in a non magnet zone tm and a cool place but not ice freezing cold

    • JacksonChen666
      JacksonChen666 5 meses atrás

      go to your google account, and request data. request for BRclip data (specifically if you don't care about other things), because that includes videos in original form (or the video that you uploaded to BRclip)! (though, can't guarantee all videos will be included and I have no idea why)
      then you can archive it (if you won't archive it then maybe don't bother a data request?)

  • Mikael Bergström
    Mikael Bergström 4 dias atrás +1

    I'm still in denial about mobile-centric design. I'll probably never understand how anyone could stand doing a majority of their computing business in apps or mobile-UI apps. I feel like I have a hard time getting anything done with less than three screens and a physical keyboard is absolutely a must.

  • LuckilyLemons
    LuckilyLemons 2 meses atrás +4

    I actually feel that long form video will be much more prevalent with the amounts of podcasts, video essays, and other deep-dive topics that seem to be thriving.

  • Parker
    Parker 2 meses atrás +2

    perks of wireless earbuds: able to hide from teachers/bosses, easy to drown out other people when you don’t wanna hear them without looking rude, you can charge your phone and listen to stuff at the same time, there’s no tangling, you can be further from phone, comfortably fit in ear, easy to only wear one at a time.

  • richard c
    richard c 18 dias atrás +1

    2012, the year that aliens and ghosts started getting more and more shy, suddenly everyone had a camera and suddenly the % of Pictures taken reduced massively.

  • Denny Pilot
    Denny Pilot 2 meses atrás +4

    As a ukrainian, if you predicted 2022 completely accurately in 2012, I'd get very much suspicious

  • Robfenix
    Robfenix 2 meses atrás

    I think you deserve more credit than you give yourself on the ‘recording ourselves all the time’ part. Sure, it’s not called iLife but it’s definitely here.

  • Fonzane Delungini
    Fonzane Delungini 22 dias atrás +1

    I like how self-critical you are. For someone who likes knowledge and truth, being self-critical and is such an important trait (also not taking oneself too serious).

  • Drew Murtha
    Drew Murtha Dia atrás

    The amount of storage capacity for everything that even just millions of people say, hear and see is mind boggling.

  • Thrill
    Thrill 8 meses atrás +8349

    Tom don’t worry, looking back at your past self and being embarrassed is something we can all relate to

    • zeldafan33
      zeldafan33 Mês atrás

      im just testing, ignore me

    • Richard M
      Richard M Mês atrás

      Speak for yourself teehee I was badass

    • Carro Tyanu
      Carro Tyanu 4 meses atrás

      you're right, i CAN relate to looking back at tom's past and being embarrased by it

    • SIZZL Retreat
      SIZZL Retreat 4 meses atrás


    • Hendry Kurniawan
      Hendry Kurniawan 5 meses atrás

      Being embarrassed of your past self is a sign of maturity

  • Dyn
    Dyn 2 meses atrás +1

    6:49 the neat thing is that this already happens, but you don't need to hack the location history for it. Every single person in the streets owns a phone with a high-definition camera, and are capable of recording and sharing on social media what anybody does in public. From there, millions of eyes will be set on the videos and the crowd will do _anything_ to know the who and what. The crowd-sourcing of information that is generated on Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, and obscure forums dedicated to it is simply astounding, and has sparked controversies from Hillary Clinton's emails to the murder of George Floyd-no traditional media needed to report it. It may have begun before 2012, but it's now more powerful than ever.

  • Roberto Ruager
    Roberto Ruager Dia atrás

    Watching back in time to whatever we thought the future would be is an interesting albeit a bit futile exercise. Banally, each one of us cover a spectrum of the existence, some of us broader and thus shallower, some of us more profound and therefore necessarily less extensive. We could divide the existence then into different wavelengths according to a pattern that morphs with each iteration with itself, the patterns it includes and the ones it is part of. As a consequence some of this patterns will repeat themselves on a regular time base, some will die not even completing one. Let's say, just for the irony it implies, that some of those patterns belong to the human sphere. All of them are clearly included in the much larger ones that dictate the existence of our environment on a large scale, at the state of our species evolution we have little to no incumbency over those. Then we have those in which we've reach a same level of incidence, in one way or another, what we do modify those patterns in the same way they modify ours. Finally there's a limited group of smaller patterns, some of them a direct consequence of our sphere's iterations, some of them falling into it. These ones we are sort of managing. I would say we almost manage them because we don't always act on them due to contradicting patterns inside our sphere, but we do change them. After all, we are only humans.
    Where am I going with all this...
    Your 2012 look on 2022 focuses on technology and social trends that we could say belong to short-waved patterns that are unlikely to repeat themselves more than once consecutively. They depend entirely on a much larger set that regulates time frames with between a decade and a century or longer frequency. It is intriguing that most of us humans, independently of the level or kind of education each one got, can whiff major changes and intersections between patterns belonging to our sphere while those that we either belong to or that are strongly impacted by ours would need specific studies, it is also interesting to note how that in itself changes the outcome. For predictions do change the outcome, with enough momentum, even the wildest and craziest ones.
    In my opinion we are now at a crossroad, most of us can sense it, we're holding our breath trying to weather what we think is going to happen. We're barely doing anything to alleviate, much less counteract, the effects of it. 2032 is, metaphorically, two hundred and fifty years into the future. Our short term predictions are altering its outcome on a daily of not hourly beat.
    My prediction for 2032 is: We have a good chance of starting to change things for the good, a decade is just a section at this level of a thirty to fifty years iteration so it might as well go downwards after.
    It gets darker before dawn, here is where we are and where we will be until almost the end of this decade. Where and how it will strike every day's life? We already know that intuitively, whether we acknowledge this or not, what we can't know is how much, domino and butterfly effects are hard to predict in a pattern for which we don't have enough information.
    Of course I am excluding those patterns in which our sphere is included, we know very little about them (and by very little I mean we barely know about the existence of some of them). Trying to predict or even worse, act on them is dangerously senseless still, continue to study these patterns is vital.
    This is a decade that will see the triggering of epochal magnitude changes in our sphere alone. Whatever might happen at a higher level is at this point irrelevant because we know next to nothing about them still their predictions can deeply change our logic in one way or another.
    Our sphere is outgrowing itself thus it is cracking its shell however, and the next is clearly a metaphor, some of us believe we're lizards and some of us we're squabs.
    I don't think either BRclip or Tik-Tok will matter by then. Funnily enough I don't think I will be there to witness whatever this decade will leave us with but that's fine. I only hope, with a certain level of confidence, that whether a lizard or a chick, we will be in our way to create a much brighter and sensible society. In other words: F**k the apocalypse.

  • Collapsing
    Collapsing Mês atrás

    Imagine if Tom never made that video in an alternate universe and everything he said would happen... happened.

  • Kuya Quatro
    Kuya Quatro 10 dias atrás +1

    That ending was chilling. One day, google might be mad enough to axe decades of video in a single thanos snap

  • SouL
    SouL 8 meses atrás +6786

    As long as you include the words “big” and “disaster” in somewhat close proximity then yes you predicted correctly

    • TheDestructionPortal
      TheDestructionPortal 4 dias atrás

      @DixieNormus-69 Never, no Chinese Military doing ********

    • TheDestructionPortal
      TheDestructionPortal 4 dias atrás

      @Meganium39 Except for such a form that says no to this statement here.

    • MrThatWatchman
      MrThatWatchman 7 dias atrás

      GODSHEALER7's TRANSCRIPT September 17th, 2022:
      “Daughter proclaimed the day of Vengeance of Our Lord,
      I have called you to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord until September 23rd, 2015 (The final 7 years)
      I have called you to announce the coming of the Glorious Kingdom until April 6th, 2019 (Nisan 1).
      Now we finish the journey. The time of Darkness began September 24th 2015.
      Men love darkness they believe they hide their evil deeds.
      Now comes the day burning like a furnace to set all ablaze.
      I am the LORD of hosts”
      “I am the Good Shepherd and I'm trying to get the last sheep there before the door closes”

    • SpelChec
      SpelChec 12 dias atrás

      @DixieNormus-69 nothing at all

    • jam
      jam 12 dias atrás +1

      I think the video creater is in the NWO Elitw with Bill Gates.

  • Edward Salo
    Edward Salo Mês atrás

    Hey Tom, what do you think about VR and augmented reality in 10 years? (Assuming we’ll manage to survive year 2028…)

  • 25th Night
    25th Night 2 meses atrás +1

    I don't think shorts will replace long format videos, as there will always be an audience for long format videos (usually its the older audience, who can maintain a longer attention span). But they will be on the same level together. The reason being? Demographics of long video watchers will stay the same. But for shorts? The distribution will be heavily skewed toward a younger audience. Its the same reason why cartoons are usually 2 10 minute segments (and not a full 25 minute show), while "dramas" are usually 1 hour long.
    That's why I also don't see youtube dying anytime soon, or if ever. Why? Because its easy to compete with shorts, in fact, its incredibly easy to do so. BRclip's infrastructure already exists. It already has a huge user base. It's the same reason why snap chat will die completely, just like vines. Its incredibly easy to copy, and if there's anything google isn't short of, its money.

  • The DysfunctionalCabinet

    crazy how wrong we can be when we try to predict the future

  • Nicholas Slavik
    Nicholas Slavik 14 dias atrás

    Good Christ! I hope short form video doesn't take off. I love videos that go into a good depth and are, mostly, based on fact and researched diligently.

  • Tinker Man Mick
    Tinker Man Mick 8 meses atrás +26821

    I was dreaming of wireless headphones when I was skateboarding as a teenage kid. In my 30's now and the dream has finally come true. 😁

    • Varangian af Scaniae
      Varangian af Scaniae 17 dias atrás

      What are you talking about? I bought one Bluetooth headset 2007, I believe I had other Bluetooth stereo headsets earlier too. But I could only remember and find pictures of the 2007 one. So you could have bought one when you were skateboarding.

    • Arvindh Mani
      Arvindh Mani 18 dias atrás

      Unfortunately you stopped skateboarding 😢
      (P.S.: your life on BRclip is the only one that exists so you can't argue with this)

    • Moon Dare
      Moon Dare 6 meses atrás

      @Chodes Maybe people did not like them for whatever reason becasue humans.

    • Moon Dare
      Moon Dare 6 meses atrás

      @Socks And getting the crap beat out of you cause bodily harm why do you think most skaters a stoned or drunk, cause pain.

    • Moon Dare
      Moon Dare 6 meses atrás

      @Solo Dolo Trevino Eh, I guess. Sorta really.

  • Gaming Troll
    Gaming Troll 2 meses atrás +1

    This was sad to me. The fact he made no effort to predict the next ten years because either he assumes he won’t be around to see it or he knows he’s falling so out of touch with everything now and it’s moving so fast that there’s no reason to even try to predict it’s outcome…it makes me sad and it also scares me greatly because I feel there’s were things he didn’t say to avoid scaring his audience.

  • admin
    admin 2 meses atrás +1

    I loved financial times predictions in the end of the year. It never hit right but was fun

  • Khalifah?
    Khalifah? 2 meses atrás

    In high school around 2010 my old pal and I spoke about our fears of attacks. Airborne, train accidents. Then in 2019 there was the forecast of Putin being gangsta and the police still being wild with power. Kept mentioning dissension in groups; then we have a bunch of cops resigning out here. Shouldn’t have deleted the video but got tired of creeping people out.

  • SoulFoxie
    SoulFoxie 2 meses atrás

    I completely agree with Tom on the whole Wireless/Wired headphone thing in that I prefer using Wired headphones

  • Safe-Keeper
    Safe-Keeper 8 meses atrás +4312

    Problem with predicting anything is that predictions tend to just take the current trends and imagine that they will go on indefinitely. Real-life is full of plot twists, unexpected developments, and for that matter fads that just fizzle out on their own.

    • Ed Bradburn
      Ed Bradburn 27 dias atrás

      The Mule, in short 👍

    • Game Hero
      Game Hero 3 meses atrás +1

      @syvulpie Bill Gates in that Ted Talk about how the world wasn't ready for a big pandemic through interconnectivity : Hold my prediction

    • DJ L3G3ND
      DJ L3G3ND 8 meses atrás +1

      @Reyn the Insane to be fair, I love to see how old movies and stuff predicted touchscreens and alexa and stuff

    • Gaming While Broken
      Gaming While Broken 8 meses atrás +2

      Ya, do people already forget that we already did the short form video content once (maybe twice) before? What happened? People compiled them into compilations and turned them into long form format.
      Cough cough vine cough cough

    • Gaming While Broken
      Gaming While Broken 8 meses atrás

      @James Vibert
      How do you mean we are moving to a cashless society? Do you mean like banknotes no longer being a thing? Or the end of capitalism? One yes, I live in Canada and paper cash has largely been phased out (iirc we are the most e-money economy in the world, but I can’t find a source for that so take it with a grain of salt. But I do remember reading it more than once). The other? Not likely in our lifetime. Outside of a major change that causes a substantial change how we produce products and energy.

  • Jemppu
    Jemppu 28 dias atrás +1

    Ooh! Wired-headset-user validation. I agree on all the points you made against wireless ones.

  • Marko
    Marko 2 meses atrás +3

    Bluetooth wireless earphones are one of the best inventions ever.
    Rocking my Galaxy Buds all the time.

  • Daeva83B
    Daeva83B 20 dias atrás

    Funny, i finally got convinced with wireless headphones. But, my hifi system at home is still wired, including the headphone.
    Anyway, wireless headphones definitely improved. No more/far less connection issue's, static and disturbances hasn't happened yet.. Owning 2 of them and still using them. one are earbuds, for light/short commutes and one over ear, for train/flight travels.
    Anyway, took me a few years as well before i found the wireless headphones good enough.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 Mês atrás +1

    As much as I really want it to happen, I dunno. I'm so sad. It should've happened already but we're still here. Year after year... Nothing. I dunno, guys.

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 8 meses atrás +26312

    I can't imagine a world without BRclip, where would I procrastinate all day to avoid my responsibilities??

  • Ben McReynolds
    Ben McReynolds Mês atrás

    I actually like the memory system of Facebook and getting a sort of light hearted collection of anything that I post or write or photos videos I took. It's nice having that.

  • Rinjel
    Rinjel 3 meses atrás

    The more we get into this age the more im getting the feeling we screwed up

  • sneakybill45
    sneakybill45 2 meses atrás

    hey, 6:50 you actually sort of got that right. Google photos has something like that where it will group photos of the same person together (its very good, can get old pictures, blurry, videos, etc etc) and continuously asks "is this the same person" to verify when it is sure but not certain. So close, but it doesnt tell people when its them. more of a personal feature

  • LockkeyLive
    LockkeyLive Mês atrás

    Tom scott: my predictions around coding stuff where wrong because i coded, and I don't code anymore, i make videos
    Also tom scott: proceeds to make theories about videos

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon 8 meses atrás +1907

    I think instead of competing on bezeless screens, companies will compete on how to have as much screen in one device as possible. Think foldable, things are gonna be insane

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess 3 meses atrás

      @Prince Goat Cheese I remember this it was either lg Samsung or something big brand stuff like 2013 2014

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess 3 meses atrás

      @Envo haha I'd love that cause it fits my dumb joke personality

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess 3 meses atrás

      It's not like a crazy thought I remember hearing about this in 2014 from Samsung stuff

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅ and then clicking ➡.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • Vedran Mihaljevic
      Vedran Mihaljevic 8 meses atrás

      @Cameron Stoness Why don't you invest everything you own in stocks and reap the fruits later on, you can make even a video about it in the future and I will watch it on my AR device.

  • G58
    G58 3 meses atrás

    4:15 Actually, as a response to retail and other staff experiencing alleged abuse whilst imposing Covid restrictions, many ARE wearing body cameras. Tesco’s is one example.

  • Zenia_Untamed
    Zenia_Untamed Mês atrás

    i want to do this , ive always had luck with guessing peoples houses that im close to and i want to try remote viewing

  • Antero Jokinen
    Antero Jokinen 17 dias atrás

    I love my wireless Galaxy Buds and have used them since autumn 2019. Battery is still great and as a sound engineer I can say the sound is actually very good. Nothing beats wired sound quality but still. It's amazing for the size and for being bluetooth.

  • Fedora
    Fedora 2 meses atrás +1

    9:15 This literally aged so well and it isnt even 2032 yet

  • lach888 c
    lach888 c 8 meses atrás +4505

    There’s 3 rules in predicting tech.
    1. The laws of physics never change
    2. Average consumers will always prefer simplicity (abstraction) over performance.
    3. Technology can never solve social problems on it’s own.

    • Lala
      Lala 8 meses atrás

      Quantum physics tho, the laws are different than Newtonian physics

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅ and then clicking ➡.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • C Wheels
      C Wheels 8 meses atrás

      @F Yang Theoretical physics or something, I dunno.

    • C Wheels
      C Wheels 8 meses atrás

      @The Ultimate Emeralds 'r'eyou'r m'om*

    • The Rockin' Donkey
      The Rockin' Donkey 8 meses atrás

      @blank The real answer is that, when it comes to social problems, technology cuts both ways.

  • ItsDorian
    ItsDorian Mês atrás

    I kinda wish that he made this video at the end of this year cause of all the things that are happening this year and. And there were some changes in the software in phone, computers, and in so many other things. And also there is just so much that should've been saved until the end of 2022. that's just what I think.

  • DJ Painkiller
    DJ Painkiller Mês atrás

    The phone prediction looks like iOS 16 we got this year almost like it. Good job on that one.

  • archerman
    archerman 3 meses atrás

    Wow, even in 2022, you could not even be more wrong about wireless headphones and headsets…getting rid of the wires is the best thing that happened to the humanity after melted cheese in a sandwich 😂

  • noobmasters69
    noobmasters69 3 meses atrás

    as an American i couldn't imagine anyone having these ideas 10 years ago.. we value are privacy and nobody would want there phone always recording audio and video.. that's just crazy

  • good。luck !
    good。luck ! 8 meses atrás +4545

    2012: “The descendant of Siri will have advanced abilities”
    Actual 2022: “Hey Siri, call my dad”
    “Ok, showing google results for Call of Duty”

    • Real
      Real 21 dia atrás

      True thooo

    • Dead Pans Society
      Dead Pans Society 23 dias atrás

      “When did the Titanic sink?"
      -"The temperature in Kuala Lumpur is 23 degrees"
      *(Sort of) real life case*

    • meow
      meow 29 dias atrás

      Call of daddy 2 : Big milk one

    • Static Builds
      Static Builds Mês atrás

      I can speak with a made up accent and siri can still understand me perfectly, although it does sometimes pause. I sometimes speak so quietly that I don't even say half the word and siri has yet to misunderstand me, people do. Doe's anyone really still have trouble with Siri, Cortana on the other hand is a pain.

    • Akash Yadav
      Akash Yadav 2 meses atrás

      @Emoji Movie close and reopen.

  • shadow
    shadow 2 meses atrás +1

    Went from high school sophomore to College Professor with over 30 years of experience in 10 years.

  • SKYwalker 777
    SKYwalker 777 2 meses atrás +5

    Shocked at toll taken on this man's health; his youth drained

  • The Truth Hz
    The Truth Hz 7 dias atrás

    What about the paradox that by predicting those things like iLife you actually prevented their inception? 🤔

  • oldfrend
    oldfrend 16 dias atrás

    i don't know if anyone remembers, but youtube actually started as a short form video site. i believe it wasn't until 2010 that they started allowing videos longer than 10 minutes. long form videos actually made the site more popular; there will always be a big market for in depth, complex videos. i believe that prediction will be entirely wrong.

  • Andrea
    Andrea 8 meses atrás +8549

    I can't believe 2012 was ten years ago... life really seems to go by faster and faster as you grow up. Ten years. Wow.

    • MrThatWatchman
      MrThatWatchman 7 dias atrás

      GODSHEALER7's TRANSCRIPT September 17th, 2022:
      “Daughter proclaimed the day of Vengeance of Our Lord,
      I have called you to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord until September 23rd, 2015 (The final 7 years)
      I have called you to announce the coming of the Glorious Kingdom until April 6th, 2019 (Nisan 1).
      Now we finish the journey. The time of Darkness began September 24th 2015.
      Men love darkness they believe they hide their evil deeds.
      Now comes the day burning like a furnace to set all ablaze.
      I am the LORD of hosts”
      “I am the Good Shepherd and I'm trying to get the last sheep there before the door closes”

    • Mark - 12
      Mark - 12 11 dias atrás

      @ZDubbz You need to touch some grass

    • jam
      jam 12 dias atrás +1

      Yesterday was Yesterday. Crazy 🌎

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion 12 dias atrás

      10 years he look like that ? I think this was 20 years ago .

    • TheRightToFilmPolice
      TheRightToFilmPolice 15 dias atrás

      @Zac_PF I wish he was my grandpa, and he's probably not that much older than me. 😂😋

  • Wing Yin Pun
    Wing Yin Pun 3 meses atrás

    i think you were spot on for most of the surveillance stuff ( you just got the company and country wrong )

  • Jonah Amos
    Jonah Amos 3 meses atrás

    I love long-form videos and I hope short-form videos never take over.

  • Patrick Lloyd
    Patrick Lloyd 2 meses atrás

    I could say that I called that the 2020s decade would be kicked off with megadeaths, but I thought they would come about from a _war,_ not a _pandemic._

  • George Tanasa
    George Tanasa 2 meses atrás

    I too predicted in 2012 that in ten years time it would be the year 2022, nailed it!

  • mikeselectricstuff
    mikeselectricstuff 8 meses atrás +1676

    4:02 - not completely wrong - body worn cameras are common in some areas where staff interact with the public - police, security and others.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅ and then clicking ➡.
      Note: This does not work on mobile

    • mystic
      mystic 8 meses atrás

      traffic cameras and satellites too

    • reinux
      reinux 8 meses atrás +2

      Not to mention Amazon enslaving its drivers and warehouse workers with omnipresent cameras.

    • zombielizard218
      zombielizard218 8 meses atrás +2

      "Common" is relative.
      At least in America, idk about the UK
      Here only some police wear cameras, and of those that wear them, less actually keep them turned on or unobscured.

    • MAX
      MAX 8 meses atrás

      i'm the 1000th like :)

  • Gazza Boo
    Gazza Boo 3 meses atrás +1

    I still remember the 1970's like it was yesterday. It wasn't much different than now... Unless I watch a video of the 1970's, then I realize how long ago it actually was and how much everything has changed. I miss the 1970's, and I predict that 10 years from now everything will suck even more that it does now.

    • Gazza Boo
      Gazza Boo 3 meses atrás +2

      @osceer W I'm 63. I entered the 1970's at 11 and exited at 21, my most formative years. I moved country 5 times in that period, left school, joined the Army, lost my virginity and picked up masses of great memories. It was a magical time for me.

    • osceer W
      osceer W 3 meses atrás

      how old are you if i may ask?

  • Fireball XL-5
    Fireball XL-5 Mês atrás

    Not entirely. I rarely use my phone for information. 95% of the time I use my desktop. Perhaps because I grew up in the age of newspapers one would read either before or after a days work.

  • Rishad Dsouza
    Rishad Dsouza 28 dias atrás

    I too don't understand for the life of me why people have switched to expensive, easy-to-misplace wireless earphones that are still poorer in sound quality transfer, require recharging and run the risk of batteries degrading in an otherwise working piece. It is bizarre. Apple makes a purely profit-minded change to tech and the world adopts like sheep.

  • Sauron, The Dark Lord of Mordor

    A very interesting and informative video. I'm surprised how old you look now; in that video you look like you're 25 and now you look like you're 45.

  • Radu Tunareanu
    Radu Tunareanu 8 meses atrás +3236

    I just hope you're wrong and people will get fed up with extremely short, superficial TikTok videos. Your type of content/format is the one i prefer, and i hope it never dies.

    • Womenhave HiveMind
      Womenhave HiveMind Mês atrás

      @vocalnerd Video essay what is that?

    • MrMistyEyed
      MrMistyEyed 2 meses atrás

      I assume that will happen eventually, but whether its ten years, twenty, thirty, who knows

    • EHM
      EHM 2 meses atrás

      remember dead meat uploads every friday

    • YukikosArt
      YukikosArt 2 meses atrás

      Scrolling is a time filler, and short videos provide a bit more entertainment than pictures, so while it’s not really a worthwhile activity, I don’t think that TikTok will go away

    • White haired Badass
      White haired Badass 7 meses atrás

      Someone suggested they'd just co-exist like mobile games and console games and I'd like to agree with that sentiment.

  • Color Green
    Color Green 2 meses atrás

    Did you predict that it would be a hellhole of thought and thinking? If so, you’d be right

  • Jeison Perdomo
    Jeison Perdomo 2 meses atrás +1

    I can't belive I spend that much time watching a dude talk about how wrong his future predictions were smh

  • Acquire Job Skills
    Acquire Job Skills 2 meses atrás

    actually companies do record your conversation and create a transcript of it but for selling that info to potential advertisers. If you talk about dogs even though you don't have one, you start getting targeted ads on SMS/videos etc. You got that right technically.

  • Evan lanigan
    Evan lanigan 2 meses atrás

    I love how he said iPhones still look the same and then the 12 goes back to the original look with the more square body bang on haha👌

  • deezzy 💕
    deezzy 💕 8 meses atrás +16053

    Tom: When has anyone been ever able to predict politics?
    The Simpsons: Hold my DUFF

    • a random supra
      a random supra 2 meses atrás

      @LukewarmApe If Logan Paul becomes president I will make a severe and continuous lapse of judgement

    • Alex
      Alex 2 meses atrás

      History is fairly repetitive, a lot of the Simpsons' predictions were topical jokes that became relevant again years later

    • Bottom Barrel Budget Films
      Bottom Barrel Budget Films 2 meses atrás

      Simpsons has had way too many episodes and way too many situations for some of reality to NOT resemble fiction

    • Matrix Pictures
      Matrix Pictures 2 meses atrás

      hold my duff

    • klassik
      klassik 2 meses atrás

      @Kazim Abbas bruh are you dumb? Thats not a prediction, theres no 11 and the $9 isnt even supposed to be 9/11, they are world trade centers and no 11 like you are saying. Thats just a dumb theory.

  • niIIer1
    niIIer1 3 meses atrás

    Wireless earphones are amazing for when you are riding a bicycle or running or something. The wire always get in the way.

  • Steve’s On Hold
    Steve’s On Hold 2 meses atrás +44

    2012 Tom was 16
    2022 Tom is now 57

    • 2MB
      2MB Dia atrás

      He looks 26 in a 57 yo body

  • 3 K M
    3 K M 2 meses atrás

    With every messed up decision Susan has been making to youtube so far, BRclip closing down seems like the most sane one

  • Price B
    Price B 10 dias atrás

    I love that you predicted the rise TikTok/BRclipShorts years AFTER they rose and dominated. You sir are a true visionary!

  • Mike Sutherland
    Mike Sutherland 8 meses atrás +8261

    I believe there's a value in making these predictions 10 years in the future. Your predictions, while wrong in many cases, were well informed and researched at the time and provide us a reference to see the real change that happened in the subsequent years. We experience change incrementally which makes it very difficult to see how big the change is over a span of time without having a reference point that captures the sentiment at that time, almost like taking a screenshot of history.

    • Stuart Smith
      Stuart Smith 20 dias atrás

      @doge dude. That was LITERALLY 1 minute of reading... wtf

    • doge
      doge 2 meses atrás

      @Brian Scott ....

    • Brian Scott
      Brian Scott 2 meses atrás +1

      @doge its ok bro..if u can't read , just say so

    • Chipper ChelseaKay
      Chipper ChelseaKay 4 meses atrás

      Yes, 100%! It’s really interesting to look back on!

    • TheMrRuttazzo
      TheMrRuttazzo 5 meses atrás

      That's the reason why it's so important to know as much human history as possible and NOT only teach WWII in schools, media and everywhere else. Most people simply have no reference level about society at all and get hugely surprised by the most predictable and obvious stuff that happens around the world, including current conflicts in East Europe, which also could've been avoided at least a decade ago by reacting to clear red flags.

  • j m
    j m 2 meses atrás

    Obviously culture and the features of different periods all evolve gradually from times preceding them, but one thing I think can be said is that 2012 and 2013 represent the transition gap, between 2011 when it was the exception to have a really good smartphone with usability levels similar to today's, and 2014 when it was the exception not to have such a phone. One thing which as far as I remember wasn't a phenomenon at all yet in 2011 was internet dating, so the knock on effects of that hadn't reverberated across the culture yet. Same for kids and teenagers having unfettered internet access through their phones. By 2014 that cat was out of the bag and can never be put back in. It's easy to wonder how much of the weirdness and volatility of world events since the mid 2010s can be linked back in various ways to these technological changes. Also, I know it is normalized now and people don't even think of it, but for a few years after smartphones became ubiquitous, say in 2014 to maybe 2017, it was irrationally irritating to me to see everyone on a bus or train glued to their phones and utterly ignoring each other in a sort of socially atomised, standoffish way. It was just one of the "growing pains" for me of the transition to smartphones being a thing, to regularly witness this changed state of the world, but I acknowledge that children's and teens who never knew anything else wouldn't react the way I did after having known a world before it.

  • dunno
    dunno 2 meses atrás

    it feels like technology has peaked what more could a smart phone do.i thought we d all be tele porting anywhere round the world by now..sadly we still gotta use traditional transport.medical advances will continue agriculture will develop but what more really is there for video to achieve.

  • Vic Chavez
    Vic Chavez Mês atrás +2

    Damn, he aged that much in ten years?

  • Named
    Named 2 meses atrás

    technically you created another infinite universes where all of it is true and false just by simply having the idea so actually you were infinitely correct and incorrect in every possible way and every impossible way

  • ObiWanBillKenobi
    ObiWanBillKenobi 8 meses atrás +6739

    BRclip getting shut down is honestly a scary thought to me. Not in terms of privacy, but in terms of how much information I have absorbed through it (like learning how to use an oscilloscope), or reconnected with from before BRclip existed (like obscure TV show clips), that would have all been severed with one swift stroke.

    • Mephiston
      Mephiston 8 meses atrás +1

      I mean you think about all the content that was lost from google video. It wasnt all just ported over, a lot of content was lost. Something may come along to replace youtube or supersede it, with many videos getting lost along the way unless they get rehosted.

    • Lopinfughop Farty Tarty
      Lopinfughop Farty Tarty 8 meses atrás

      @Brandon Smith all china’s plan bro.

    • point break
      point break 8 meses atrás

      If only they stop censoring and acting like they know better.

    • Valo
      Valo 8 meses atrás

      @Jack You bring up valid points, but I don't believe that BRclip becoming educational based is a huge positive as it negatively effects entertainment and it's aspect of fun and "freedom".

    • Critical
      Critical 8 meses atrás

      Nooooo, you can't take youtube away. I need to consoom

  • u140550
    u140550 2 meses atrás

    I think that you can try to predict the future, but there could be situations that will not fully make it accurate.

  • Afaris
    Afaris 3 meses atrás

    Tom: In ten years from now, short videos would replace BRclip
    TikTok: The future is now. We are THE future.

  • Mixolydian
    Mixolydian 17 dias atrás +11

    Tom went from 20 to late 40s in 10 years. Quite an achievement

    • IFP
      IFP 12 dias atrás

      I thought the exact same thing like damnnnn

    • JennyB - Aeternabit art
      JennyB - Aeternabit art 14 dias atrás +1

      Some people definitely seem to age faster than others!
      I was thinking vaguely about this whilst the royals were being played back on the TV over the last few days - with old footage and new footage, and some really old footage. The rate they've aged at doesn't seem to be uniform.

  • R S
    R S 7 dias atrás +2

    "All of my predictions were wrong. Do you want to hear my next predictions?"

  • Logic Turtle
    Logic Turtle 8 meses atrás +4900

    Back around 2005-2006 I remember seriously wishing there was some way I could get the internet into a car so that I could listen to internet radio there. If you want to know what's going to happen in the next 3 or 4 years in tech, just ask a teenager what's missing.

    • javaChai
      javaChai 2 meses atrás

      Back in 1992 I wished I had gps on my scooter.

    • RR RR
      RR RR 2 meses atrás

      omg friends 2025

    • CS
      CS 2 meses atrás

      Smart guy

    • E S
      E S 3 meses atrás

      @Perriwinkle III TikTok also needs and edit button

    • zilon games
      zilon games 3 meses atrás

      @소우주 lmao they saw

  • Ą.
    Ą. Mês atrás

    What we've learned from the video ? Tom didn't predict centralization of the internet.

  • brezzainvernale
    brezzainvernale 2 meses atrás +2

    I still use wire-headsets, too, also 'cause you don't have to recharge them. The same with mouse and keyboard: With wire.
    I don't like that people is destroying the language in leaving out punctuation, and I don't like that people post their ideas without really thinking working them out in their minds (think before you speak/publish!) but I guess I can't stop it. About using programs, files ecc. in the cloud: That what our compputer science teacher told us in 2009. He also said that everything will be touchscreen and said that we would do anything wireless. My boyfriend is an information scientist. He said that they already know what will happen to technolgy in the future (step by step), but don't tell anything (or very little), to avoid that people wait too long for the next purchase, they make people buy a model of each step... If that is really true, I don't know

  • A Name You Can't Remember
    A Name You Can't Remember 3 meses atrás

    For all of you that feel old, just remember: the 90s are the new 60s

  • Melissa Sallee
    Melissa Sallee 3 meses atrás

    well I just graduated with 2 degrees and we used zoom threw covid and it was online in classroom with everyone from home at school so you were kind of right