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Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone

  • Publicado em 11 Fev 2016
  • This video has a correction! Turns out "Nuclear Gandhi" is a myth: kotaku.com/civilization-creat... - for all corrections on this channel, see www.tomscott.com/corrections - People keep finding bugs in iPhones, and other people keep asking me to make videos about them. So here you go! Here's a tale of binary, of the Unix epoch, and a date beyond the lifespan of the universe.
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH to Michael Monteith, @mike220889 on Twitter, who was able to get me a conference room to film in on a Friday afternoon at very short notice!

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Anos atrás +2868

    This video has a correction! Years after this was published, Civilisation creator Sid Meier made it clear that "Nuclear Gandhi" was just a myth: kotaku.com/civilization-creator-shoots-down-our-memories-of-a-nuke-1845006305 - for all corrections on this channel, see www.tomscott.com/corrections

    • Dubby
      Dubby 10 dias atrás

      Nuclear Gandhi was not a myth. That punk nuked me. :/
      There's even an unofficial PATCH you can install to fix the wrap around bug!

    • Varangian af Scaniae
      Varangian af Scaniae 18 dias atrás

      I don't believe that, Mr Meier must have lied or remembered wrong! Gandhi nuked me in more than one game of Civ 1. In two games I remember, he declared war then nuked me.

    • element balls
      element balls Mês atrás


    • YoshiFan007
      YoshiFan007 6 meses atrás

      Didn't expect a Tom Scott video about bricking an iPhone via calendar to be the means to how I discovered the non-existence of the nuke-happy Gandhi bug, but here I am.

    • Chieu Le yang
      Chieu Le yang 10 meses atrás

      What a chad

  • Untrust
    Untrust 3 anos atrás +20711

    Don't you just hate when Gandhi gets a negative underflow and starts declaring war on everyone

  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed Anos atrás +1209

    3:06 It was worse. Much, much worse. The normal maximum aggressiveness in the game was 10. The underflow bug put Gandhi's aggressiveness at 255 on a scale of 1 to 10. Way, way off the scale.

    • Xander Blackstar
      Xander Blackstar 6 dias atrás

      @STOP TRANSLATING VIDEO TITLES! Overkill sure, but still the lowest bit integer available. Unless you build your own datatypes using booleans, which would be way more overkill and a lot more prone to errors.

    • Gandalf Greyhame
      Gandalf Greyhame 2 meses atrás +2


    • Raul Menendez
      Raul Menendez 2 meses atrás

      That not true, the developers said that it's not true. I hate people like you.

    • Arizona Jewell
      Arizona Jewell 7 meses atrás +3

      That means they were using an 8 bit integer for aggression. Which is a bit of a weird decision, considering a 4 bit number would work fine for handling the maximum aggression value of 10.

    • The Tzar
      The Tzar 9 meses atrás +7

      The trick was, the way Ghandi achieved this 255 aggression level stopped him from ever declaring a war. You could only get the nuke happy ghandi if you were already at war with him.

  • ItsMeFrost
    ItsMeFrost 2 anos atrás +4699

    When Gandhi gets a negative underflow: “Peace was never an option”

    • I'm a Pizza
      I'm a Pizza Mês atrás

      @Tenyasha96 how's school going for you

    • Tenyasha96
      Tenyasha96 Mês atrás

      @I'm a Pizza mommy is so proud of her little fartpotato!

    • St3am
      St3am Anos atrás

      @Rickroll'd [GD] rip michi

    • Rickroll'd [GD]
      Rickroll'd [GD] Anos atrás +9

      *integer underflow, not negative underflow
      this correction will help you one day

    • Sif
      Sif Anos atrás +2

      @Winnipeg Instinct Missing No do be like that

  • HECKproductions
    HECKproductions 2 anos atrás +11488

    me: hey phone its currently 1970
    phone: ok
    me: when did i call john again?
    phone: about 17 trillion years after the heat death of the universe

    • VVayVVard
      VVayVVard Mês atrás

      The maximum date is actually only around 22 times the current _age_ of the Universe. It's nowhere near the maximum lifespan, which is thought to be around 10^100 years (the time it takes for all blac* holes to run out of energy). After a trillion years, not only will many blac* holes still be active, but so will many red dwarf stars as well.

    • VVayVVard
      VVayVVard Mês atrás

      ​@Salmeleons Eventually stars will run out of fuel and everything will keep losing heat until nothing moves anymore. That's the heat death.

    • channel
      channel 2 meses atrás

      @Brlph duu how is there 31st month

    • BoyfriendGlitchy472
      BoyfriendGlitchy472 2 meses atrás

      lets go to 1/1/1969
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§m×ÏÌŠƒ/Ä¿?T IEND®B`‚‰PNG
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§m×ÏÌŠƒ/Ä¿?T IEND®B`‚‰PNG
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§m×ÏÌŠƒ/Ä¿?T IEND®B`‚‰PNG
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§m×ÏÌŠƒ/Ä¿?T IEND®B`‚‰PNG
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§ÍO›Ÿ6?m~Úü´ùióÓæ§m×ÏÌŠƒ/Ä¿?T IEND®B`‚‰PNG
      IHDR E E “ï¼~ sRGB ®Îé gAMA ± üa pHYs à ÃÇo¨d nIDAThCíϱ€@ À°À2ŒÉèÐü¾œÔ¸öõ½Ï,rŸná

    • Salmeleons
      Salmeleons 8 meses atrás

      @Martin Rother how? Climate change is making the world hotter

  • Severity One
    Severity One Anos atrás +857

    The important thing to remember when doing time calculations in your code: don't do time calculations in your code, ever. Not even if forced at gunpoint. Use the provided libraries instead.

    • Royal Pain
      Royal Pain 9 meses atrás

      @Toucan • I mean if it's pointed at your head I don't think there'll be that much suffering

    • Toucan •
      Toucan • 9 meses atrás

      And then suffer by said gun

    • Mouseythegreat
      Mouseythegreat 10 meses atrás

      Take time from a central source

    • Daniel Garcia
      Daniel Garcia Anos atrás +30

      @Matthew Schneider i know it’s over 20 years too late, but I can’t wait for Temporal to be finally part of JS. Until then, Luxon or JodaTime it is.

    • Matthew Schneider
      Matthew Schneider Anos atrás +96

      If, on the other hand, the "library" provided is JavaScript's Date object, your only possible course of action is to find a suitable corner to weep into.

  • J. Whiteley
    J. Whiteley 2 anos atrás +705

    I've known about the Gandhi bug for years and even checked it out, but it still gets me everytime that this peace-loving guy would start yeeting boom balls at people.

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Mês atrás

      Yup, they keep it in on purpose now.

    • Genshin Midget
      Genshin Midget Anos atrás +19

      @Guardian No but, they made it part of the game as an actual feature, it works differently.

    • Guardian
      Guardian Anos atrás +1

      Pfffffft. Is this still an issue? Like in civ 5? For example.

    • JSGV
      JSGV Anos atrás +5


  • kumadoh maths for success fan

    Fun fact: Discord references this on mobile when you join on ongoing call. The length of the call says 1/1/1970

    • Jellogramming
      Jellogramming Mês atrás +1

      @Tyson T I know I'm 11 months late but I think it's because of time zones

    • Meowth
      Meowth 2 meses atrás

      It's not a reference, it's because the epoch didn't load yet when you see that

    • kumadoh maths for success fan
      kumadoh maths for success fan 9 meses atrás +2

      @caique has swag different for different types of device

    • Chillin' Mykull
      Chillin' Mykull 9 meses atrás +1

      Mine says a date u don't remember and the year 1969, also my phone has corrupt photos and images from 1969 in the gallery

    • caique has swag
      caique has swag 9 meses atrás +1

      Actually says 1969

  • John Doe
    John Doe Anos atrás +84

    to be honest, I hadn't ever considered interger underflow in my code. I never write anything particularly complex, but this is a nice reminder that things are not always simple. I have had to consider interger overflow before, but mostly because I accidentally wrote some code that had an overflow that would crash the software at random points in its run. spent weeks trying to figure it out before my dad of all people said "that calculation is going to return a number higher than 32 bit"

    • Radio D
      Radio D 9 meses atrás +4

      Very late but how did you're dad know that?

  • CrispyDuck4
    CrispyDuck4 Anos atrás +94

    Interesting - I’m an Apple Technician, and we just switched to a new repair system, but we’re Kinda in a limbo in between both old and new because the new one is a big change. In the new one when we go to check somethings coverage sometimes it says “31/12/1969”. I don’t think there is any correlation but it’s interesting :) (We can still find coverage it’s just an extra step)

    • La última Rebanada
      La última Rebanada 11 meses atrás

      Haha nice

    • Splestrie
      Splestrie Anos atrás +5

      There’s a correlation. Can’t tell you the details without seeing their code, but I can virtually guarantee the time_t epoch is somewhere in the background of how that came to pass.

    • Jonathan Harston
      Jonathan Harston Anos atrás +11

      If you set the clock to 00:00:00 01/01/1970, but then declare your timezone to be Alaska, then yes the human display will state that it's 1969 'cos at midnight 01/01/1970 it was still 1969 in Alaska.

  • PotatoHandle
    PotatoHandle 6 anos atrás +2327

    That 64-bit time visualization at the end really shows how catastrophic this kind of stuff actually is. Awesome stuff.

    • Nathaniel Hill
      Nathaniel Hill 2 meses atrás

      ​@yrlf we could do that, but there is no reason too. You know what they say. If it ain't broke, don't spend the time and manpower to reprogram every computer and time system on earth.

    • The Bro bros
      The Bro bros 5 anos atrás +4


    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith 5 anos atrás +18

      I use java primarily, and I have overflowed longs before with some math. long = 64 bit integer. Thankfully java also has 'BigInteger' for things too big for longs.

    • Dual Bijiek
      Dual Bijiek 6 anos atrás +1

      he Means iphone 5s and up

    • the finesser cece
      the finesser cece 6 anos atrás

      +Try Hard nation ikr😂😂😂

  • ToastThatsBread
    ToastThatsBread 2 anos atrás +316

    Apple really doesn’t want us to have our phones on 19 funny number

  • Velocity Games
    Velocity Games 2 anos atrás +61

    I would definitely have you as my teacher you explain everything so clearly

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu Anos atrás +202

    Everybody going to ignore the attention to detail in this clip? He's sat telling us this in front of some ghastly 70's inspired wallpaper.

    • Hijacked Memes69
      Hijacked Memes69 10 meses atrás +1

      Why does it matter? The video is a short one, mainly about unix time anyway there’s no need for anything too dramatic and flashy.

    • wbfaulk
      wbfaulk Anos atrás +14

      You're a little off. That wallpaper is from the '80s. The 1880s, that is.
      The blue one on the bottom is "Strawberry Thief" by William Morris, and there are certainly people who would take great offense at you casting it as "ghastly".
      (I don't immediately recognize the red/orange one on the top.)

  • BP
    BP Anos atrás +12

    Going back to this video ~5 years later, I get to smile to myself that I understood the words at the beginning of the video. It isn’t much, but it’s definitely a reminder that I’ve made progress in understanding something I’m as passionate as I am about. Thanks for that. :)

  • APH Iceland Havens
    APH Iceland Havens Anos atrás +31

    For me personally, the thing that makes me the happiest about this video is that it's exactly 5 minutes long

  • Marisafag
    Marisafag Anos atrás +21

    Imagine going into a time machine excited to meet every famous person from history just to find out that it's computer unit has this exact same bug and you end up at the location of time during the heat death of the universe.

  • SourceHub
    SourceHub Anos atrás +6

    I know what an 'integer underflow caused by the Unix epoch' means but I love watching Tom talk about tech

  • Stefano Siclari
    Stefano Siclari 2 anos atrás +49

    This reminds me that I own a Sega Dreamcast and as a kid I found out I could set the date to 1/1/1955, and I never figured out why they'd want to allow that

    • Alan James H. Zamorano
      Alan James H. Zamorano 8 meses atrás +1

      @RocketZX Wholesome Dreamcast be like: Hey it dude it's 1999! Check out these cool games that just came out.

    • GordoV2
      GordoV2 10 meses atrás +1

      @RocketZX its probably something about the year 2k problem

    • My Comment is Entirely Sarcastic
      My Comment is Entirely Sarcastic Anos atrás +4

      @RocketZX Time to party.

    • RocketZX
      RocketZX Anos atrás +5

      My dreamcast cant remember date or time now so it always thinks its 1999 :D

    • x5NaSH
      x5NaSH Anos atrás


  • Widsard
    Widsard 3 anos atrás +4899

    *Who was also here just to learn how to birck everyones iPhone but instead learned about how to get Ghandi to delcare war on everyone*

    IM YOUR DADDY Anos atrás +7

    This guy could probably explain rocket science to me in an understanding way

  • anonymous 123
    anonymous 123 2 anos atrás +87

    "Gandhi started declaring war on everyone" -Tom Scott 2016.

  • Rita Wildfire
    Rita Wildfire 8 dias atrás +1

    I would assume the underflow happens when it tries to apply the timezone. It stores the time in UTC, which is equivalent to GMT+0, so for anyone in the western hemisphere, time 0 minus an hour or 12 equals integer underflow shenanigans.

  • Anythingoes88
    Anythingoes88 2 anos atrás +11

    1/1/1980 is also another common start date; When on Windows 3.1 in the year 2000, it went back to 1980 creating havoc with when I last saved my files!

  • Carleto Games
    Carleto Games 2 anos atrás +5889

    I did this and my phone turned into a brick, now i'm building iPhone houses.

  • SilverLake631 Bee
    SilverLake631 Bee 2 anos atrás

    This was happening in the mini iPad we got in 2011. I haven’t used it regularly in a long time, but when I turn it on, most times the date says December 31, 1969. Then it sometimes switched to the actual date. I haven’t checked it in a while, and I know it would also display the 1/1/1970 date too

  • Mattias
    Mattias Anos atrás

    Integer underflow is just called integer overflow, actually, this solution to overflow is called wrapping overflow (as opposites to saturating overflow). Underflow is a floating point thing (and maybe fixed point also), where the absolute value of number too small to be represented.

  • M1co29
    M1co29 Anos atrás +10

    "Ghandi started declaring war on everyone" is a sentence that came out of a man's mouth

  • CynderAshes
    CynderAshes 10 meses atrás

    Happens on android too, actually. 1969/12/31 is a date that will default when your phone fails to refresh or update for a while, or if something like discord isn't getting enough memory to operate normally. It can brick your phone or cause a boot loop temporarily until it either dies, is updated, or you remove the battery and soft reset it in safe mode.

  • Red Mercer
    Red Mercer 6 anos atrás +1852

    They caught the Nuclear Gandhi bug in playtesting but it was so funny they left it in. It literally changed the course of Civilization.

    • Stefann
      Stefann 4 anos atrás

      Nick Nirus peaceful nukes

    • naphackDT
      naphackDT 5 anos atrás +16

      Civ: Aggression 255/10
      Civ V: Probability to use nukes 15/10
      Yeah, Gandhi is a madman.

    • CrimsonStang
      CrimsonStang 6 anos atrás +25

      Dammit Gandhi. 120% chance that he'll nuke you.

    • Sheep
      Sheep 6 anos atrás +1

      10 likes short of 666

    • Derp Gamer
      Derp Gamer 6 anos atrás +1

      +Robert Sturm lel

  • PlatinumEagleStudios
    PlatinumEagleStudios Anos atrás

    I remember doing this one time at one of those phone provider booths at our local mall. They were super pissed off because they literally had to replace the demo iPhone that I bricked.

  • Lasivian Leandros
    Lasivian Leandros Anos atrás +2

    "It is almost certainly an integer underflow caused by the Unix epoch. And if you understand those terms, you don't need this video" - Actually, I do understand those terms, but your videos are still worth watching when I already know :)

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc Anos atrás +1

    There was an underflow glitch in the original _Sonic the Hedgehog_ on the Mega Drive.
    In the Final Zone, the boss took eight hits to kill, but it was possible to hit him twice on the last cycle - doing so would underflow the counter to -1... aka 255.
    Good luck getting another 255 hits before the time ran out!

  • Nearly Batman
    Nearly Batman Anos atrás

    I have a generation 2 iPod. Every time I check the date/time on it, it shows 1/1/1970. Even if I change it to today, it always ends up reverting, making the time on the display inaccurate. This video explains a lot, a guess that the internal clock is bugged so that it keeps resetting.

  • xisumavoid
    xisumavoid 6 anos atrás +8960

    Now i know why Gandhi was such a war monger lol Fascinating bug, great video!

    • Brent 13377331
      Brent 13377331 8 meses atrás

      It apparently might not be true

    • LFITZY1745
      LFITZY1745 9 meses atrás


    • Sorcerons
      Sorcerons 9 meses atrás

      Fancy seeing u here, x!

    • Apollo 5
      Apollo 5 10 meses atrás +1

      Didn't expect to see you here!
      Love both your vids!

    • Dragon Tamer
      Dragon Tamer 11 meses atrás

      Wow! I wasn't expecting to see you here!

  • Cosmin Neagu
    Cosmin Neagu Anos atrás +3

    Some of the pictures in my phone have the date set to 1/1/70 for some reason. I think the metadata was corrupted in some way.

  • ace
    ace 8 meses atrás

    How much of an issue would it present if the 64th bit was set to 1= negative Integer 0= positive? Would the 64 bit system lose a considerable amount of functionality?

  • Old Dragon
    Old Dragon 3 meses atrás

    Although I already knew what UNIX Epoch was, I kept watching the video anyway because you do such a good job explaining it.

  • The Graphic Goose
    The Graphic Goose Anos atrás +7

    I remember in school, setting the time and date about half an hour before the maximum date time, then wait for the computer to crash when one of your mates was using it 😂 only when it wasn't super important stuff that needed saving though, just a bit of fun 😀

  • Manuel Cabras
    Manuel Cabras Anos atrás +52

    "And if you understand those terms, you don't need this video"
    Well Imma still buckle up

  • Eetu The Reindeer
    Eetu The Reindeer Anos atrás

    I played civolizations 3-6 and the developers themselves loved the bug too and Gandhi's stats are very peaceful with friendly intentions.... after that they become like the zulus

  • Pewdiepie's Chair
    Pewdiepie's Chair 2 anos atrás

    This actually explains why when someone has Steam in offline mode, all their download times and release dates are put down as 1/1/1970

  • Elia Sigrist
    Elia Sigrist Anos atrás +1

    Actually it can happen on 32bit systems too. I have a iPhone 5 (the last 32bit iPhone), and i have 3 pics from 1970 recorded in 11:2020

  • Metehan
    Metehan 3 anos atrás +9270

    Plot twist: the universe was created in 1/1/1970

    • Ein
      Ein Anos atrás +1


    • My Comment is Entirely Sarcastic
      My Comment is Entirely Sarcastic Anos atrás

      @SB Gaming NO no no you got it all wrong. The universe and everything that happened before 1970, was created in 1970. The moon landing still happened in 1969, but it didnt become real until 1970.

    • Tiny Desk Engineer
      Tiny Desk Engineer Anos atrás +1

      Apple created the universe, this sucks

    • Annette Maldonado
      Annette Maldonado Anos atrás

      So people born in 12/31/1969 and before are older than the universe itself

    • Rozan Arayark
      Rozan Arayark Anos atrás

      @SB Gaming all the memories and documents about moon landing are made at 1/1/1970

  • Adam Snow
    Adam Snow 2 anos atrás

    Don't usually watch this type of video but this lad is well easy to watch, short and sweet, with quick clear info 👍

  • Coco NB
    Coco NB Anos atrás

    I always thought Apple products would have more of a problem with worms than bugs.

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster Anos atrás +5

    I’m sure someone lost their iPhone because they wanted the date to say 1969.

  • VVayVVard
    VVayVVard Mês atrás

    Correction: the maximum date on 64-bit systems is 22 times the estimated _age_ of the Universe. It's nowhere near the expected lifespan, which is thought to be at least 10^100 years.

  • Gary Hudson
    Gary Hudson 3 anos atrás +5939

    We're gonna party like it's 1969.

    • Connor Elkins
      Connor Elkins 9 meses atrás

      your party involves napalm and apaches.👎🏼

    • Elijah Edwards
      Elijah Edwards 9 meses atrás +1

      Been spending most my life living in an armish paridise

    • James Fredrick
      James Fredrick 9 meses atrás +2


    • An_ Aviator
      An_ Aviator 11 meses atrás +1

      Ya had to do it don't ya.

    • defaultkid99
      defaultkid99 Anos atrás +1

      been spendin most our lives livin in an amish paradise

  • See Tea Sea
    See Tea Sea 2 anos atrás

    This is one of those videos where I have ended up desperately wanting to change the date on my phone but I really can’t afford to brick my iPhone!
    But I NEEEEED to do it

  • Doug Fowler
    Doug Fowler Anos atrás

    I don't know if this shows up because I've gotten an Apple product recently or just because I find his videos interesting, but this was fascinating. I forget what the command was but I could get my Condor 64 to show seconds counting up also and didn't know why. Now I do. At least I suspect that was why.

  • 走氣汽水
    走氣汽水 Anos atrás +108

    No one:
    BRclip for some reason: I think you are going to enjoy this after 5 ****ing years since this video is published

  • Jylle Perez
    Jylle Perez 2 anos atrás +1

    I have one question.
    I’m my Minecraft PE world, there was a time beside it, where it was last played. (I played since 12.0)
    For some strange reason, after the 1.10 update came, my world date was resetted on 1/1/1970.
    Could someone explain this?
    I also have another issue with world generation, but that is besides the point

  • Squicx
    Squicx 2 anos atrás +6526

    If I were a writer for Doctor Who, I could write an episode around this

    • good Chicken aka Games Inc.
      good Chicken aka Games Inc. 8 meses atrás

      Then make it a fanmade episode. Or try

    • Jamie Hull
      Jamie Hull 8 meses atrás

      A 17 year old fan managed to get his script (Full Circle) produced on the show, so write something and give it a shot

    • VulLord666
      VulLord666 Anos atrás

      @AirCatcherVinyl Thank You!

    • birchthebirch
      birchthebirch Anos atrás

      @Pandamonium You started to make a good statement , it was all ruined by calling me a twat.
      Normally an argument doesn't have substance when there are personal attacks in it

    • Pandamonium
      Pandamonium Anos atrás

      @birchthebirch but the diversity isnt the problem. Why not focus on all the bad writing or the hundreds of other current problems rather than just saying diversity is bad and seeming like a twat.

  • Nicszerg Productions
    Nicszerg Productions Anos atrás +1

    This video made me check my phone settings, how far back it can go, and being dissapointed it only goes to 2007.

  • crusherbmx
    crusherbmx Anos atrás

    I was born in Dec. 1970, so I think I'll be safe ifI decide to set my phone to my birthday for some strange reason...but the Gandhi story was the best part of the video.

  • Aaron Rowe
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    If you deal enough damage through some weapons with special properties, you wrap around the 32 bit capacity of the game, you reach the negative damage area and heal the enemy without the game registering it as a heal, so the game goes "I guess you dealt so much damage you wrapped its health all the way around back to positive so... Whatever, it's dead I guess"
    I love these glitches

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  • Peder Sloth Züricho
    Peder Sloth Züricho Anos atrás

    I knew the words, but i still needed the video... What i learned was: Fail-safe your system from accidentally causing underflows, by simply making sure to always have a querry and an exception throw catch handler which will do a stack trace and log it in a dump. Very usefull.

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  • shytende aka Tamanoir
    shytende aka Tamanoir Anos atrás

    There's a similar example in Lufia II, except the other way around.
    In this game, there's a superboss (The Egg Dragon) that have very high HP (and stats). So high in fact that if you heal his HP (with a potion for example), they will roll back to zero and become approximately equal to the damage healed, which makes it super easy to beat in one hit

  • SkySpiral7 Let's play
    SkySpiral7 Let's play 10 meses atrás

    Mistake: Unix time is signed (and always has been). So even if you set the date to epoch and the timezone offset calculation subtracts a few hours you end up with a negative number which can be displayed just fine as a date and no underflow occurs. It's unlikely that apple isn't using standard Unix time since that's what the time servers communicate in. Although to be fair Windows uses the original Unix time (rather than the standard one) which means they use local time instead of UTC and so have to convert. So it's possible apple doesn't correctly handle negative dates (but that isn't an underflow) or maybe something is treating 0 time as null and causes some NPE because time doesn't exist.

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  • b040702a
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  • Chloe Turner
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    It's not a negative integer because of the type it is, there are 2 types of integers in computers. A signed integer bits reserved for negative numbers, and another is a unsigned integer which has no reserved bits and only goes up

  • Bill T
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  • Liggliluff
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    Why don't iPhone use a signed integer? You need to reference dates before 1970. Of course you wouldn't set your date as such, but you should still be able to reference it through other means, without having to do some trickery.

  • Oof Guild
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    • Max C.
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      @Lavender_heart :3 Well, they and everyone else just need to belive that they are born before that date, which is not very hard to manage in the matrix.
      There was a film including that topic: "Open Your Eyes", might worth watching it.

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    me: I do, damn, I’ll head out
    also me: wait that’s only because I’ve watched this video a dozen times

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    This is 5 years ago maybe the bug was fixed. But maybe the bug is when you set your time to 1/1/1970 0 hours 0 min and 0 sec, the battery module will compute when you last fully charged your battery which is the 0 time minus few hours which will result into negative, which as you said isn't handled and will wrap around to trillion years into the future.

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