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YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else?

  • Publicado em 25 Set 2022

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Anos atrás +38267

    "Influencers have to declare sponsorships clearly and up-front. Why doesn't that apply to any other medium?" would have been a much more accurate title, but alas, BRclip titles have to be short and catchy!

    • Maximilian Andersen
      Maximilian Andersen 18 dias atrás


    • going home
      going home 19 dias atrás

      31:10 Two wrongs don't make a right. Endorse a product, but without receiving any kickback doesn't ensure the product is favorable. Thus, the whole concept of being obligated to announce an endorsement is silly and solves no problem, but it is even worse than that. The obligation indoctrinates people into a belief that an endorsement is honest when no money changed hands. What you effectively create is stupid people with no incentives to check validity for themselves.

    • YellowCactusTv z
      YellowCactusTv z 2 meses atrás

      In "mille", an italian song, they had to disclose their product placement of coca cola upfront on the opening titles of the music video

    • ItsMeJethrocodile
      ItsMeJethrocodile 3 meses atrás


    • flexiblebird
      flexiblebird 3 meses atrás

      You should ask the other way around: we have limits on the advertising on commercial television, like only 10 minutes advertising per hour. Why is YT allowed to pack WAY MORE ads into and around their videos ? No wonder why the commercial TV stations have problems with decreasing revenues and YT overtakes. Unlimited capitalism by ignoring law that was written before streaming was possible but certainly should cover it.

  • RTGame
    RTGame Anos atrás +85301

    Please don't become a high energy gaming BRclipr Tom, you're too convincing

    • Gosh Strıke
      Gosh Strıke 7 dias atrás

      Y'know, Tom and Dan are both clever and amusing, and I've never seen them in the same room at the same time...

    • Ninjablox
      Ninjablox Mês atrás


    • Ninjablox
      Ninjablox Mês atrás

      I MEAN 4

    • Ninjablox
      Ninjablox Mês atrás

      I mean 5

    • Ninjablox
      Ninjablox Mês atrás

      Adding replies so it gets more replies than the pinned comment#5

  • A grape juice enthusiast?! 😳
    A grape juice enthusiast?! 😳 10 meses atrás +3555

    "If this glamourizes vaping, I have failed."
    -Tom Scott 2021

    • KittycatPower
      KittycatPower 9 dias atrás

      Take a drink every single time when you see some one repeating the same thing another person says RIP.

    • Ysaac Silva
      Ysaac Silva Mês atrás

      @Aidan Macias that's why I didn't have to say I don't like it dumb

    • Aidan Macias
      Aidan Macias Mês atrás +3

      @Ysaac Silva just because you don't like it doesn't make it confirmation bias

    • Ysaac Silva
      Ysaac Silva Mês atrás +2

      @Tobito confirmation bias don't mean that's it funny

    • Luca
      Luca Mês atrás

      try watching this backwards. it will look like he is sucking gas.

  • Little Caldeira
    Little Caldeira 10 meses atrás +1494

    "It's time to play is this an advert!"
    anti-vape ad.

    • Myprofilepictureisafish
      Myprofilepictureisafish 10 dias atrás

      I got an ad for food 😔 specifically jam or sumn i want paying attention

    • dolantrumf
      dolantrumf 2 meses atrás

      @lisse RKC oh hell no

    • lisse RKC
      lisse RKC 2 meses atrás

      @dolantrumf do you gamble?

    • luis shorts
      luis shorts 5 meses atrás +3

      Got one for fiverr

    • dolantrumf
      dolantrumf 9 meses atrás +5

      I got an a d for an online gambling website 🙃

  • Isaac Evans
    Isaac Evans 4 meses atrás +448

    Revised Chapters:
    0:30 Tom Reacts - stunningly accurate
    5:50 The broke influencer
    9:20 The apology video honest opportunist
    11:45 You know it
    18:05 Asbestos land
    24:50 Abstract rabbit-hole time waster

  • D P
    D P 9 meses atrás +490

    While in college, I was in a test audience for "Reality Bites"-- a movie about college-aged people struggling with life. It was so disgusting the in-your-face product placement. I don't know if they fixed that for the final release, but I definitely mentioned it in my negative review. I don't remember anything else about the movie except that I didn't like it and I think Winona Ryder was in it. But the beer bottles on the table with their logos prominently displayed is etched in my mind. Ironically I don't remember the brand of beer any more.

    • Darlene Fraser
      Darlene Fraser 25 dias atrás

      That’s like “The Truman Show”

    • Iiii Vvvv
      Iiii Vvvv Mês atrás +3

      @Franziska Nagel like game shows, reality tv, stuff like that

    • Franziska Nagel
      Franziska Nagel Mês atrás +2

      @Iiii Vvvv The only Chinese TV Shows I watch are period dramas and Wuxia/Xianxia dramas. I haven't Seen Product Placements there.

    • Iiii Vvvv
      Iiii Vvvv 2 meses atrás +30

      Have you seen Chinese tv shows? I have nothing else to compare it to but the blatant product placement is so hilarious it sometimes gets riffed on by the shows themselves

    • teachies
      teachies 5 meses atrás +10

      that is interesting

  • Ben Osborne-Ellis
    Ben Osborne-Ellis 11 meses atrás +16283

    Seeing Tom Scott vape is like seeing the Queen on a dirt bike.

    • Icosikaitetragon
      Icosikaitetragon 7 dias atrás

      what queen are you talking about. i have never heard of her.

    • Yuki
      Yuki 10 dias atrás +3

      @The Escapee guess what… :(

    • Grant Green
      Grant Green 11 dias atrás


    • Akora Oridanus
      Akora Oridanus 13 dias atrás +2

      Step one: steal her casket

    • Ben Osborne-Ellis
      Ben Osborne-Ellis 17 dias atrás +6

      @Ahmed Hassan Hassoupa Yep, do I have to edit it to say king now?

  • A Plimsoll Punk
    A Plimsoll Punk 10 meses atrás +640

    "Letting the people with money and power say the most isn't necessarily protecting everyone's free speech." I was just revisiting this video and realized what an amazing quote that is. I love when Tom hits us with powerful phrases like that.

  • Quazar
    Quazar 10 meses atrás +769

    Tom - "IS THIS AN ADVER-"
    BRclip - Can I offer you an ad in these trying times?

    • ThatoneDude
      ThatoneDude Mês atrás

      *laughs in wierd BRclip thing where it just does not show me ads, except sometimes at the start but also very rarely?* (not that I’m complaining)

    • Nanda 28
      Nanda 28 3 meses atrás +3

      smiles in BRclip Premium

    • E Man
      E Man 7 meses atrás +2

      Laughs in Opera

    • Emmanuel "Emitilty" Rossi
      Emmanuel "Emitilty" Rossi 9 meses atrás +3

      **laughs in Ad blocker**

    • Stealth Drifter
      Stealth Drifter 10 meses atrás +35

      tom definitely placed an ad there on purpose

  • Lumeme
    Lumeme 8 meses atrás +171

    In Australia, on channels like 7 and 9, there's always a lady that says "This programme was brought to you by (insert ad here)" then there's nothing else about that product for the rest of the show

    • ThatoneDude
      ThatoneDude Mês atrás +1

      Very similar in Austria here

    • Dante’s making purple
      Dante’s making purple Mês atrás +1

      The sound that plays when that comes up is ingrained into my head

    • Egerit
      Egerit Mês atrás

      In Spain, I've seen multiple shows that say that at the beginning but there's nothing else about the product in the whole show

    • Oxy Bright Dark
      Oxy Bright Dark 3 meses atrás +10

      The same is true for England, they even have gambling companies like Gala bingo advertising during the daytime.

    • Donald MacIsaac
      Donald MacIsaac 4 meses atrás +10

      Chemist warehouse

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley 10 meses atrás +79

    Honestly, everyone should just disclose advertising, or fear the fallout if they didn't. This is why I prefer youtubers who are upfront about disclosing their stakes in reviews and such.

  • Resonant
    Resonant Anos atrás +13635

    Tom scott calling out the big wigs is what I came here for

    • MeeM Kade
      MeeM Kade 8 meses atrás

      @Emoji Movie or ad blocker

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • Bronopaly
      Bronopaly 9 meses atrás

      I came to see him choke on water vapor

    • MeeM Kade
      MeeM Kade 9 meses atrás +1

      @Razy about you

    • BONNIE 12 Y12 _devan k_
      BONNIE 12 Y12 _devan k_ 11 meses atrás


  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 10 meses atrás +33

    Tom stood in the cold for over 30 minutes, wrote a whole script, bought a subway and vape then edited this video just for us. I love him.

  • Cal Butterman
    Cal Butterman 7 meses atrás +46

    I love that when influencers started declaring paid promotion, there were tons of people who wanted to be seen as influencers fraudulently pretending a brand had sponsored them. They had to pretend to sell out to feel more famous

  • Wes Justice
    Wes Justice 9 meses atrás +21

    This guy is one of the 10 best content creators on BRclip. What a subtle yet confronting style. Most Excellent!

  • Jonathan s
    Jonathan s 7 meses atrás +11

    I could watch tom's honest interpretations of youtube trends for hours

  • David Bennett Piano
    David Bennett Piano Anos atrás +4760

    Tom, your videos have to be some of the most important content on this site!

    • Butts Carlton
      Butts Carlton 4 meses atrás

      you are the Tom Scott of music lmao

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • bourbon
      bourbon 8 meses atrás +1

      @Logan Dunlap He’s been making videos for nearly four years and has 13 videos with over a million views. Shut up

    • Wilh3lm (aka IsTakenIsTaken)
      Wilh3lm (aka IsTakenIsTaken) 11 meses atrás

      Why are you here?

    • Metak
      Metak 11 meses atrás


  • Kenny Bridges
    Kenny Bridges 8 meses atrás +4

    Every time Tom drops a 30+ minute video it's an absolute banger. I understand why you can't make these every week, but I would love to see what you have coming next if anything!

  • sarcawan
    sarcawan 9 meses atrás +4

    These kind of videos are such an addition to the society. Thanks for this.

  • Person Oisels
    Person Oisels 10 meses atrás +36

    "that look and feel like a random slot machine but in reality they're rigged so you win just enough to keep you feeding more and more money desperately into the game until it drains all your bank acccounts and credit cards"
    So like a regular slot machine then? Those people who go to a casino and feed their life savings into slot machines didn't get there by accident. The house always wins.

    • heyitzsamurai
      heyitzsamurai 10 meses atrás +5

      this is more dangerous tho bc now its targeting kids 😬

  • ThatOneJoker
    ThatOneJoker 9 meses atrás +5

    I think if it was brought to the supreme court and received a fine definition of "free speech" some of this could be fixed/corrected. For example "free speech" could be defined as anything you say without any outside influence. Which could include and not be limited too advertising,sponsership, etc. Obviously I'm not a lawmaker in any capacity but something similar could at least help.

  • dison wijeratne
    dison wijeratne Anos atrás +4356

    PLOT TWIST: Tom Scott has been endorsing his red shirt to us all along without declaring it.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • simplicitylost
      simplicitylost 10 meses atrás

      When I clicked the thumbs up, it went from 3.5K to 3.6K! I felt special. ^_^

    • Jolene Thiessen
      Jolene Thiessen 10 meses atrás

      Except I think his shirt in the end part was blue? Under the hoodie. But maybe I'm just tired...

    • eastportland
      eastportland Anos atrás +1

      @Stefan Wallin And a grey hoodie?

    • Zynel
      Zynel Anos atrás

      @Stella Hohenheim nice shirt bro

  • Øystein Espedal
    Øystein Espedal 7 meses atrás +1

    Brilliant piece of content, Tom. You really went above and beyond in this one.

  • Michael Ransom
    Michael Ransom 2 meses atrás +10

    Hmmm.. it seems the laws against "Inciting imminent lawless action", "spreading malicious, deliberate lies", and "threatening senior politicians" don't apply to american politicians....

    • Václav Jebavý
      Václav Jebavý 2 meses atrás

      malicious deliberate lies about specific people, defamation and libel specifically. even then there's massive legal hoops you have to jump through to prove your speech counted as libbel.
      also journalists are immune as well lmfao

  • Jalcome
    Jalcome 18 dias atrás +1

    I think its commendable that regulators have gotten a hold of the modern form of entertainment that quickly and thoroughly. And one could argue limiting TV and radio in the same way would kill that medium even more quickly, which they prob dont want (for cultures sake etc)

  • MaeLSTRoM1997
    MaeLSTRoM1997 6 meses atrás +2

    "It's like a casino, but without any regulation, and childen can play too! I am morally complicit in this"
    Best ad ever

  • CTG
    CTG Anos atrás +1917

    Politicians should be forced to wear their sponsors like NASCAR drivers.

    • Rose Lalonde
      Rose Lalonde 6 meses atrás

      That would be amazing

    • Ciprian Popa
      Ciprian Popa 6 meses atrás

      You mean handcuffs?!

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • Matthew Bauer
      Matthew Bauer 9 meses atrás +1

      NASCAR teams and drivers etc sell ad space. It is not simply sponsors on the race suit or the car, but mostly paid advertisements.

    • skull
      skull 9 meses atrás

      Im your 1.5k like and it feels so good to switch from 1.4k to1.5k

  • Robert Griffiths
    Robert Griffiths 9 meses atrás +4

    This man's fantastic,we need more people like this ok the site

  • DuskzeHedgie
    DuskzeHedgie 9 meses atrás +8

    When I saw the title of this video I already knew the answer was gonna be "because they don't have lawyers" 😂
    plus how many people in government are paid by/own these companies? of course they aren't going to crack down on their own payday.

  • Sarthak Kapoor
    Sarthak Kapoor 17 dias atrás

    Wow! Never thought I’d watch a 32 minute video about advertising rules for various platforms AAAAND be extremely invested in it for the whole duration.
    But Tom, you did it. You made the video so interesting. You made me watch the whole video.

  • Pakenija
    Pakenija 9 meses atrás

    Great take on the subject, thank you! I think where I live both TV and cinema are required to place a text or a warning that says "This program/movie contains product placements". However this regulation doesn't extend outside TV, so app stores and Internet are wild west. :)

  • Alan Berquist
    Alan Berquist Anos atrás +2631

    Imagine if politicians had to disclose when someone paid them to say something...

    • idealic fool
      idealic fool Mês atrás

      @Lil Weasel ♡ Tom is English. The show I referenced was English. Tom was talking predominantly about English laws. My pfp shows I am Australian, a country which follows the Westminster system. And honestly most of the rest of the developed world following the same standards with the US generally being the only 1 or 1 of the very few to not follow suit in doing something sensible.
      Needless to say, at no point was I talking about the US.

    • Lil Weasel  ♡
      Lil Weasel ♡ Mês atrás

      @idealic fool in the USA they do not need to disclose any amount

    • Erik
      Erik 3 meses atrás

      @Andrei-Razvan Tutuianu No, lobbying is not the same as campaign contributions. They often go together - or the contribution may be expected to buy the audience with the donor's lobbyist, whenever the donor needs it - but they're not the same. And lobbying itself is actually essential to representative democracy. Every good law that you supported was lobbied for at some point. If you contact your own representative and tell them to vote for or against a thing, you are lobbying, at that moment. You're just not working at it regularly, like corporate lobbyists, or activists.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
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    • Diego Rincon 🇺🇦
      Diego Rincon 🇺🇦 9 meses atrás

      Todays episode is sponsored by Koch industries.

  • nep disc
    nep disc 20 dias atrás

    Tom Scott is one of my favorite presenters because he's so open and honest and also so very clearly intelligent and well spoken. A lot of presenters are rarely even one of these things, much less all of them.

  • Andrew Dobis
    Andrew Dobis 10 meses atrás +4

    One could just listen to Tom speak for 30min non-stop without a problem, no matter the subject.
    Proof: this video

  • Nanda 28
    Nanda 28 3 meses atrás

    I really love how you say everything right on point, nothing dramatic or misleading and stuff

  • WT TW
    WT TW 9 meses atrás +1

    I'm wondering what might happen if every BRclipr decide not to declare absolutely anything.

  • Kay Ro
    Kay Ro Anos atrás +1478

    your portrayal of a gaming BRclipr is terrifyingly accurate.

    • Pinkajou
      Pinkajou Mês atrás +1

      @Tony Crayford legbuds-

    • MetaParalysis
      MetaParalysis Anos atrás +1

      @Cuvtixo D You know those restoration vids TuRn A rUsTy NaiL tO a KnIfE thingy

    • Tony Crayford
      Tony Crayford Anos atrás +18

      This video is sponsored by RAYDCON SHADOW LEGBUDS

    • Andy Mckeen
      Andy Mckeen Anos atrás +2


    • MasonMunkey
      MasonMunkey Anos atrás +2

      Accurate to a stereotype

  • oneweirdscorpio
    oneweirdscorpio Dia atrás

    This was very well done. I enjoyed every moment of it. 😀

  • Fenley Jones
    Fenley Jones 2 meses atrás

    5:17 I would like to compliment Tom and say that he's worked advertising/sponsorships very honorably, only accepting sponsorships when they apply to the video, and only doing activities/longer commitments when he thinks it would actually be a good video and benefit his audience. So good job Tom and thank you for the lovely videos!

  • Reginald
    Reginald 9 meses atrás +3

    Literally putting an ad after “is this an advert?” Is brilliant

  • kirbwarrior K
    kirbwarrior K 6 meses atrás

    "Everyone draws the line of what's "acceptable" just beneath what they're doing themselves."
    It's a good thing it's not actually everyone, can you imagine how terrifying the world would be if that was true?

  • Joey M
    Joey M Anos atrás +8868

    Tom: *starts vaping*
    Me: well that's unexpected.
    Tom: *Starts coughing his lungs out*
    Me: now that's what I expected

    • Knave of Dogs
      Knave of Dogs 6 meses atrás

      @PineApplePunk assuming that what you're inhaling is nicotene and water, sure. but 90% of the time, it's got thermally-unstable flavourings and ends up giving actual children popcorn lung.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

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    • TYH 4 cars!
      TYH 4 cars! 10 meses atrás

      @Tatiana vaping kills

    • Pleuriglosse
      Pleuriglosse Anos atrás

      @PineApplePunk But it's more unknown. Cigarettes have been around for a very long time, and we already know the effects (lung cancer, heart disease) and the common age of death for long time smokers. We don't know that about vapes, there are new chemicals and such in there, and it's unknown exactly what the long term effects of often usage on people will be. I definitely agree that it's better for your lungs, but we don't know how it effects anything else.
      Vaping is good for people who are quitting smoking, because nicotine levels can be controlled and made in smaller and smaller amounts in order for them to quit.
      Essentially, both are inherently dangerous. Vapes could be a little bit better, but it's really not worth the risk due to how new they are and how little scientists know about the possible side effects. For the time being, vapes are safer. But that may only be because vaping has been around for only a few decades, and very few users have been around since the inception of the product, it's only gained popularity fairly recently. While it may seem safer now, I highly doubt that studies in a few decades will yield the same results. I mean, the Victorians used led plates, wallpaper with arsenic, and poisonous cosmetics. A lot of things that seem fine at the moment, down the line, long term effects will be discovered and the true danger will be unveiled.

    • Chopper RL
      Chopper RL Anos atrás

      @Deepal Perera it is not extremely dangerous just get your e juice from a reputable source. vape juice has 4 ingredients in it 0 known carcinogens
      cigarettes have thousands of chemicals and over 70 known carcinogens. vaping has been time and time again shown to be 95% healthier than cigarettes

  • David william
    David william Mês atrás

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the amount of production value and work put on this video? This is highly well made

  • SirLampsALot
    SirLampsALot Mês atrás +2

    The Emoji Movie is a perfect example of this because the entire movie is product placement and it is hard to watch. I really wonder how much Just Dance and Candy Crush paid to have entire segments of the movie based around their apps.

  • Logan Danielson
    Logan Danielson Mês atrás +2

    These bits featuring Tom playing the role of different generic influencer archetypes are really crackin me up. "Ill be drinking this for the next six months because the money from that reality show i did is really starting to run out"

  • IrokoSalei
    IrokoSalei 9 meses atrás

    My guess is for the truthfulness of the advertisement. I never heard of that law though and it should be the case for any sponsorship if it exists.

  • Shay From Scratch
    Shay From Scratch Anos atrás +3012

    Tom Scott is a national treasure. Not my nation's national treasure, but a national treasure nonetheless. Appreciate him, Britain.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

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    • Louis Greenland
      Louis Greenland Anos atrás

      We do

    • Brandon Furr
      Brandon Furr Anos atrás

      We should steal him and bring him to America!

    • Sean Spindleshanks
      Sean Spindleshanks Anos atrás +1

      @Just a dude Scottland.

    • meowmyr
      meowmyr Anos atrás

      my nations national treasure tho

  • The King of Cookies
    The King of Cookies 10 meses atrás

    I know for a fact that some "influencers" don't declare or make their ads obvious but they make too much money for YT to get into trouble.

  • GIupii
    GIupii 8 meses atrás

    I’m still concerned about how people can still endorse a product/s on radio and through other things like newspapers and stuff like that.

  • Mr. Ouija
    Mr. Ouija 2 meses atrás

    As someone who makes music , you see this kind of behavior with BRcliprs all the time. A company releases a new device and all the reviewers get it.
    Makes me wonder if they are stepping on eggshells when reviewing it.

  • Pierre Jean LEFEBVRE BRAY

    When he's talking about "placed advertisement" in the background, it can go so far. If a twitch streamer or a BRclipr has a boxed video game on his bookshelf, that was given previously by a company, should he would have to declare it EVERY time?
    Or on the opposite, should he have to declare the bookshelf and every item in it was all bought with his own money and no company paid him for any games or figure and that they are his own taste and not a paid promotion?
    In movies, I feel that we have all accepted by now that there was NO free advertisement and if you see a car or a drink with a proeminent logo , it HAS TO be paid promotion by the brand.
    And yes, it really ask the questions, Are influencers and youtubers actors of their own internet show? That's something that comes A LOT about people saying that, when meeting said internet celebrities IRL, they do not sound or look like how they sound and look like on the internet. Exactly as many actors do not act IRL as they do when shooting movie or starring in tv shows.

  • Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong Anos atrás +3982

    “Everyone draws a line about what’s acceptable just beneath what they’re doing.” Word.

    • Dim T
      Dim T 28 dias atrás +1

      @Bose-Einstein nah. What people actually do is set a line according to their beliefs and then when they step over that line they sometimes try to justify why their case was different. But the line is constant. Thats how you get anti abortion activists having abortions. They don't put the line under what they are doing they simply do the thing and try to say their case was special.

    • FFKonoko
      FFKonoko 2 meses atrás

      ​@A Olson there IS a point where it doesn't happen.
      but even then, there's some that would tell you that they are "just down on their luck at the moment", "between jobs right now", and other ways to tell you that even if they are obviously so right now, it's only a temporary aberration.

    • kirbwarrior K
      kirbwarrior K 6 meses atrás +5

      @TwoEcksKay No;
      Person A comes up with a ruleset for what is acceptable. They look over other lists of acceptable, they look at the world, they look at themselves, they check each thing to see if this is okay or not okay. If they then work to put themselves above the line, they are now doing what they think is acceptable
      Person B looks at what they want to do, both in the present and future, then comes up with a list of what is acceptable that is guaranteed to accept everything they want to do and a little more so they have a good cushion above the line and can now decide they are good.
      Person B is doing what Tom Scott said. Person A is putting in effort.

    • ぬ
       Anos atrás +1

      @dig6394 Cup half full cup half empty. Nice sugar coating but it's the same thing. Too bad.

    • Green&Blue Productions
      Green&Blue Productions Anos atrás

      @dig6394 I mean my line is free game review copies and I don't go below.

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 5 meses atrás

    I fully agree, there should be some sort of card/slate displayed for a few seconds just before the start of a TV show or movie stating that it features paid product placement.

  • Xtremerides
    Xtremerides 3 meses atrás +2

    Again a great video! Thats why I never say something about my videos in themeparks ;) Beside that, i want my free word and not controled by anyone

  • Maybe Lore
    Maybe Lore 4 meses atrás +1

    what I learned on this video is that you can move where the subtitles are on you screen, you have to move the sentences individually but it's still cool.

  • Lars Murdoch Kalsta
    Lars Murdoch Kalsta 8 meses atrás

    5:25 the line "everyone draws the line just below what there doing" has caused mutch analysis paralysis in my life but also dramatically improved the quality of my decision making

  • Joe Pilato
    Joe Pilato Anos atrás +905

    "The real Tom Scott isn't like this off camera"
    Don't do this to me, Tom. Don't break my heart.

    • Baron
      Baron Mês atrás

      @Kelvin D. Olson he must be a Russian spy

    • Simon Prins
      Simon Prins Anos atrás +5

      The real Tom Scott does product placement without any disclaimers.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Anos atrás +2

      Tom Scott is exactly the kind of person to tell you he's not the kind of person Tom Scott is.

    • Kelvin D. Olson
      Kelvin D. Olson Anos atrás +4

      @scienceguy8 Hmm... that scienceguy8 is highly suspicious. Definitely up to something.

    • scienceguy8
      scienceguy8 Anos atrás +15

      Well, prepare to have your mind blown, because we ALL do it! Yes, even you! It's called code switching. It's when you switch from one social situation to another and change the way you present yourself. The scienceguy8 who works a professional 9 to 5 at an engineering firm gets left at work at quitting time. The scienceguy8 who loves the Gambit mode in Destiny 2 shares a lot of his personality but doesn't act the same, doesn't dress professionally, doesn't use the same words, etc. And the scienceguy8 who does regular family videoconferencing calls is a bit different, too.

  • WDJ401
    WDJ401 Mês atrás

    Garand thumb does full disclosure with each review. He reviews firearms, and tells the audience whether or not a company asked him to review the firearm, whether or not they sent him the gun, and how much ammo they sent him with it, the optics and muzzle devices, and whether or not the firearm comes with them.

  • N e r d y P e r s o n
    N e r d y P e r s o n 5 dias atrás

    Tom: “Guess if this is an advertisement!”
    Ad plays: “This is it!”
    I laughed so hard at that

  • Nathan Field
    Nathan Field 10 meses atrás

    I think the reason a government office might look other way or focus on a company or branding is because of how favored the brand might be.

  • Spaceboi Mark
    Spaceboi Mark 9 meses atrás

    Thank you Tom, you make not vaping seem cool

  • vsmash2
    vsmash2 Anos atrás +975

    as a german: i would like to add, that that disclaimer has to be on screen every time the product placement takes place, not just once per show.

    • Wuffie_Phönix
      Wuffie_Phönix Mês atrás

      @ThatoneDude Past me.

    • ThatoneDude
      ThatoneDude Mês atrás

      @Wuffie_Phoenix warte du sagst twitcher? Was?

    • Wuffie_Phönix
      Wuffie_Phönix 3 meses atrás

      Das ist warum viele BRclipr und Twitcher "Dauerwerbesendung" in die Ecke packen, auch wenn es keinen Sponsor gibt.

    • Emoji Movie
      Emoji Movie 8 meses atrás +1

      If you’re using pc, you can skip ads in less than a second by clicking on the video, then clicking ⬅️ and then clicking ➡️
      Note: This does not work on mobile.

    • Silvia Sánchez
      Silvia Sánchez Anos atrás

      @Martin I don't see the problem with having it on all the time. I do see a problem if there's nothing on screen as if it was genuine content and not promotion.

  • Z3rostar
    Z3rostar 9 meses atrás +1

    4:00 review copies and pre-release review copies are definitely paid reviews and should be outright banned. Companies have too much control over who gets them for those reviews to ever be fair. Publicly traded companies have a duty to not act against their own self-interest and private companies can't reasonably be expected to act like saints. Given that, the practice cannot ever be truly fair and should be stopped.
    7:30 I'd add that you should have to disclose when you're getting a product at no cost because you're going to claim it as a work-related expense on your taxes. I'd go further and say that reviews should make users aware of how revenue for the review is generated period. If someone is making a review for work then they are doing it to make money and that should be disclosed to the reader.

  • T Pac
    T Pac 3 meses atrás

    Tom mate, you made my day, you really have! Your Vaping attack had me in tears 🤣

  • Elastiq
    Elastiq 2 meses atrás

    everyone changes when they know theyre on camera. therefore everyone on camera could be considered a character and therefore exempt from the influencer label.

  • slimbomb
    slimbomb 10 meses atrás

    This was genuinely such a great video

  • ostrichbean
    ostrichbean Anos atrás +2893

    laughing so hard at the cheery "I am morally complicit in this"

    • Inka Saraswati
      Inka Saraswati Anos atrás +8

      All of his acting are so good and so spot on! I didn't think I'd be able to like Tom more, but I was wrong.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Anos atrás +1

      @Alex p Maybe, but he's morally complicit about that.

    • Yous0147
      Yous0147 Anos atrás +23

      The thing is that it's true. I get that times are tough, but I find it odd that even channels that I respect either don't know or don't much consider what an endorsement of RAID and similar actually does to a few people out there.

    • orana03
      orana03 Anos atrás +2

      Much better than every raid shadow legends advert

    • Josh Baino
      Josh Baino Anos atrás

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  • R520
    R520 5 meses atrás +7

    20:39 Ofcom spelt "can't" incorrectly twice in that section, missing the apostrophe. This error is still on the page now - its been over a year since this video

  • Flygone
    Flygone 9 meses atrás +1

    Watched a Korean drama set in a small town. the fact that there is no takeaway was a plot point for one of the earlier episodes. near the end there is a full-on 3 minutes of these two guys using the dominos app and loving the pizza.

  • Kenneth Moore III
    Kenneth Moore III 7 meses atrás

    Limits on freedom for the good of society is a slippery slope. Without regulation consumers can demand companies impose these regulations anyway

  • Dleles9
    Dleles9 2 meses atrás

    I literally got all the advert questions wrong. It isn't hard to see how this is deceptive. I think the legislators just are biased and they don't admit it.

  • Arclight
    Arclight Anos atrás +497

    "I am morally complicit in this." I wish more and more people realized this.

    • Eneco
      Eneco Anos atrás

      @Matthew Stinar Not at all. What's right and what's wrong is subjective.

    • Matthew Stinar
      Matthew Stinar Anos atrás

      @Eneco It sounds like you're trying very hard to misunderstand what was said.

    • Betsy Robinson
      Betsy Robinson Anos atrás +4

      I actually disagree with this. For youtubers, I see it as just their job. Like we wouldn't talk bad on someone who works at the apple genius bar, even though apple is absolutely evil.

    • Eneco
      Eneco Anos atrás

      @Matthew Stinar Maybe it's the right thing according to them

    • MYB
      MYB Anos atrás +3

      @Akshay Anand they're still brands, you just sell your soul to a more ethic demon

  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller 9 meses atrás

    I legitimately got hit with an ad right after Tom said "It's time to play 'Is This an Advert?' " and I didn't skip it until the second ad because I thought it was part of the video 😅

  • Melon_Cauli99
    Melon_Cauli99 8 meses atrás

    More and more each day I'm glad that I was born in the UK and not America. We're turning into them and it scares me. Humanitarianism is the way forward

  • Laurel Willow
    Laurel Willow Mês atrás

    26:10 my gosh, do I wish people would follow whatever rules there are on "spreading malicious, deliberate lies"

  • Crepitus
    Crepitus 8 meses atrás

    you know when you have such obvious double standards, just follow the money.

  • Konrad
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    11:46 here you go, the moment most of us came back to this video - Tom literally fighting for his life

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      Walker O'Brien 25 dias atrás

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      Tom Scott has been a good husband

    • Anna Oneal
      Anna Oneal Mês atrás +1

      He God bless you Tom and I will be praying for you and I hope you are doing well

    • Anna Oneal
      Anna Oneal Mês atrás

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    • Anna Oneal
      Anna Oneal Mês atrás +1

      Stay with me for ever

  • 888 Records
    888 Records 2 meses atrás

    It feels like they make rules strict on the internet in order to control the average person but those in the TV who get there through the right connections get the freedom to make money in way more ways

  • Person Oisels
    Person Oisels 10 meses atrás +2

    "everyone draws the line just below what they're doing" Personally I try to have some distance between my conduct and my percieved acceptable moral minimum, and there are even cases where I draw the line above what I am doing, and not just in a momentary "I was wrong" kind of way.

  • Latch
    Latch 8 meses atrás +1

    Rather amusingly using this video in reference to an academic essay. Thanks Tom

  • Duhmareohn Ahhmeair Dehnohlah
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  • TransSappho
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    • yaicob.com
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      rc_woshimao Anos atrás

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    • rc_woshimao
      rc_woshimao Anos atrás

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    • Mirjan Bouma
      Mirjan Bouma Anos atrás


    • César Pedraza Martinez García
      César Pedraza Martinez García Anos atrás +14

      Being natural, awkward and real isnt a easy way to sell anything at all expect when the awkwardness of the real world is what you're selling (See any Joel Haver video) but generally you can't be fully yourself just like people don't speak the same in movies. when presenting a script you are already not yourself, it's not a sad reality, it's just being as clear and understable as possible

  • thespazdragon
    thespazdragon 28 dias atrás

    Just a thought. Television and movies are produced by large companies while influencer channels like BRclip and Twitc are generally run by individuals. I think this is where governing bodies think people will see the difference. I have always assumed everything on TV and in movies was just big ads, but I think you're right about people having some sort of 'personal connection' with influencers leading to them being more trusted.

  • Tonal
    Tonal 9 meses atrás

    now i just want tom to go in character for a full day

  • Adam Slater
    Adam Slater 2 meses atrás

    To be fair, we are always being advertised to whenever we watch anything.

  • Yes
    Yes 5 meses atrás +1

    came for the vape fail, stayed for Tom Scott explaining stuff to me

  • Isabella Melendez
    Isabella Melendez Anos atrás +2005

    "If characters expressing opinions didn't influence people, companies wouldn't pay for the placement." Beautifully worded statement

    • Grant
      Grant Anos atrás

      Is that an ad for Tom Scott!??!!?!!?

    • Chris Watkins
      Chris Watkins Anos atrás +3

      @Sasha Paley That's incorrect. Socialism is the Worker ownership of business, whereas Capitalism is the private ownership of business. A capitalist is someone who owns a company, be it a shareholder or a CEO/Founder.
      Commerce and trade can still occur under socialism, but profits will be distributed amongst the workers, and senior leadership is elected or sometimes does not exist at all. An example of this is worker Co-ops, like the Co-operative in the UK.
      You're right that a heavily regulated market is still Capitalism though.

    • Osterochse
      Osterochse Anos atrás +3

      i always find it fascinating that people seem to believe that this would be somethig you could call "capitalism". what is then if a political group of any kind or the government pays people to spread their believes? is it enlightenment and informing if you agree wiht their opinions? is it propaganda if you disagree?
      in case you are anti-government you could easily rephrase it with " If characters expressing opinions didn't influence people, the government wouldn't pay for the placement."

    • William Morgan
      William Morgan Anos atrás

      @Shitlord My be in your Country the Politicians are looking for Pork, I have worked for years on both sides, I can name 2 people that are not like that Trump and Tusi Gabert, there are few others, Lots in Minor Partys like green, Librataran, Libertarian Socialist, Teaparty and Maxist

    • Sasha Paley
      Sasha Paley Anos atrás +10

      @Shitlord capitalism isn't just unregulated market bro, it is also slightly or heavily regulated one, so your statement is quite contradictory
      for example, socialist country is still capitalist, it's just that it tries to regulate the market for the actual favor of people *if done right, of course

  • Derrick Krauss
    Derrick Krauss 8 meses atrás

    Everyone draws the line right below what they're doing..... Thanks Tom

  • Jeyseq
    Jeyseq 9 meses atrás +1

    In Poland you have to on TV, they always say it before and after a show. "This Show includes product placing"

  • Joe
    Joe 10 meses atrás

    Also on all of those things, it is automatically assumed the company paid to have their product placed

  • Nacho Chips
    Nacho Chips 9 meses atrás

    We definitely need a lot less regulations. Many of these are just ridiculous.

  • Lucas
    Lucas Anos atrás +6707

    Imagine someone becoming President and flat out saying "This presidency is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends"

    • Jeremy Hicks
      Jeremy Hicks 13 horas atrás

      Give it time it will happen, 'especially if it's on youtube'.

    • rattyeely
      rattyeely Mês atrás

      Donald Trump and the Trump tower

    • Pinguin
      Pinguin 2 meses atrás

      mega-corporations that supplant the government

    • Nxght
      Nxght 2 meses atrás

      soon. soon.

    • Nirrrina
      Nirrrina 2 meses atrás

      @Emoji Movie You got my hopes up only to crush them due to the fact that I just use my tablet 24/7.
      Then again this might be an excuse to actually get out my refurbished laptop I got from pcs for people.
      I mostly just read or watch BRclip videos & currently HBO Max. My 10.1 inch tablet seems to be a great choice. Especially since with picture in picture I no longer need a second tablet so I can do things while watching/listening to BRclip.

  • Kplus8
    Kplus8 11 dias atrás

    What a shocker, Disney geting around specific regulations. Never seen that before...

  • Krule World
    Krule World 9 meses atrás

    The difference between influencers and media is the amount of lobbying to the politicians who wrote the legislation.

  • Tremendous T
    Tremendous T 8 meses atrás

    BRclip is very different and many rely on BRclip for purchasing decisions and have built trust with them. I'm glad they have to be declared. It honestly doesn't feel like an issue with sports stars etc. Everyone knows when they are promoting a product. They aren't reviewing them etc.
    Laws are also crated with the average person in mind. Watching ant and dec go to florida, you realise that this was a partnership with disney. Or deliveroo prizes on the show etc.

  • Depression Powerhouse
    Depression Powerhouse 8 meses atrás +2

    I'll declare what I choose to declare, you can't stop me, just like you can't stop me from opening a bottle of thirst quenching ice cold sprite zero sugar. Studies show 100% of people that don't drink sprint are secretly megahomoz.

  • Peter Marsella
    Peter Marsella Anos atrás +5717

    Idk why but "if this glamorizes vaping, I have failed" is so funny to me

    • Rex Miseriae
      Rex Miseriae Anos atrás +1

      Is it bad that it did, mainly the no nicotine part

    • ravekid
      ravekid Anos atrás +3

      Vaping is quite damaging. My lunggs just a little less after vaping, than after smoking, i have asthma and bronchitis, help.

    • Christian Tacolla
      Christian Tacolla Anos atrás

      @Mimzie s c,😄😄😄 z.zcx. ,'-"

    • Slap
      Slap Anos atrás +7

      "just a mouth operated fog machine"

    • bluethefox music
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  • BS
    BS 2 meses atrás +2

    Wait a minute, is the word "influencer" an actual legal term? I just figured it was slang.

  • Cristina Álvarez
    Cristina Álvarez 19 dias atrás

    Can I just say that a lot of what I saw in DIsneyworld resorts was catered specifically for British tourists, such as the meal times and the tea-time buffets. I think I even saw prices in pounds.

  • TestMan
    TestMan 2 meses atrás +1

    If there are product placement in France on a TV broadcast (movie, music clip...) , there will be a P round sign at the bottom and a clear text explaining this at the begining of the broadcast. Product placement are forbiden for child oroented broadcast or news broadcast.