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Why You Can Spot Bad Green Screen

  • Publicado em 28 Jun 2020
  • Green screen looks terrible sometimes. Here's why. • Get access to CuriosityStream, including Nebula and my original series, for just $2.99/month here: curiositystream.com/tomscott
    Animated by William Marler: wmad.co.uk
    Sound mix by Graham Haerther: haerther.net
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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  • Oreo with Urea
    Oreo with Urea Anos atrás +6509

    Our eyes: Creates false illusions
    Our eyes: Notices flaws we don't even know

    • OtakuUnitedStudio
      OtakuUnitedStudio 19 dias atrás

      It's amazing how good humans are at pattern recognition. So good we even see them where they aren't.

    • My Lord and Saviour
      My Lord and Saviour 2 meses atrás +3

      It's a case of "Only I get to fool him"

    • the most roblox related egg
      the most roblox related egg 4 meses atrás

      @Cagkiller0 kk

    • NickXenix
      NickXenix 9 meses atrás +7

      Our eyes spot patterns, even make new ones.

    • Superfield
      Superfield Anos atrás +61

      "You didn't notice... but your brain did."
      -Mr. Plinkett

  • Cybear
    Cybear 2 anos atrás +7228

    Tom: *shows how to make green screen more realistic*
    Me who doesn't even have a green screen: Ah yes, yes indeed

    • MarcosAVB
      MarcosAVB 14 dias atrás


    • ja
      ja Mês atrás


    • Demzion
      Demzion Mês atrás


    • Nathan U.
      Nathan U. Mês atrás

      Well hey, for when you do in the future, y'know?

    • Robert
      Robert Mês atrás +1


  • •MangøJøyz•
    •MangøJøyz• 2 anos atrás +9137

    “This episodes green screen is horrible but I’m not exactly sure why.”
    sir his jacket is literally clipping

    • Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ • Bᴇʀʀʏ
    • 2D
      2D 10 meses atrás

      And the shadows are so off

    • JmKrokY
      JmKrokY 11 meses atrás


    • Doug Gale
      Doug Gale 11 meses atrás +2

      No, it is figuratively clipping.

    • fisty
      fisty Anos atrás +1

      @Parakeet animation studio so does yoshi, think it's woohoo! but sounds like f***youu!!!

  • Brickabang
    Brickabang Anos atrás +1350

    Fun fact: instead of green screens, the mandolorian used big L.E.D screens.

    • Jason Robertson
      Jason Robertson Mês atrás

      Increasingly, so do the new Star Trek shows. Strange New Worlds' Engineering set (and probably the cargo bay from the looks of it) used such a setup.

    • trequor
      trequor 9 meses atrás +1

      @Doomse That's awesome. I wasn't saying that it was the same, just that was similar and speaks to an "old school" mentality

    • Doomse
      Doomse 9 meses atrás +2

      @Bryce Peters That's the kind of stuff one can do when Disney money is involved

    • Doomse
      Doomse 9 meses atrás +11

      @trequor The mandalorian virtual set is far ahead of the old-school rear-screen projector, I don't think you understand how much tech went into realizing that project. From what I remember, they 3D track the camera filming the scene, then sync that up to a virtual camera (in unreal engine) to get an accurate perspective of the 3D model of the background, then put that footage onto the background screens for the real camera to capture. And all of that is processed and done live.

    • trequor
      trequor 9 meses atrás +1

      That's sort of old school. Obviously they didnt use LEDs, but rear-screen projectors were used extensively in the old days (like in Jurassic Park and Terminator 2)

  • Medlife Crisis
    Medlife Crisis 2 anos atrás +35170

    I'd like to buy your animator and whoever else is responsible for the technical side of this video several beers

    • glow tail
      glow tail 10 meses atrás

      Get them a whole pack of beers

    • Dodger Woods
      Dodger Woods 11 meses atrás


    • Toucan •
      Toucan • 11 meses atrás

      Thought you were just gonna say you wanted to buy his animator lmao

    • ^BLANK
      ^BLANK Anos atrás

      Hey! Editor here, it was me!.. now about those beers..

    • That dumb guy
      That dumb guy Anos atrás

      I didnt see the several beers part

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Tom Scott's animator could've animated the Cats movie and actually would've made it look good

  • Steven Craeynest
    Steven Craeynest Anos atrás +120

    In college we had to make a video that combined filmed footage and 3D rendering. The single biggest mistake people made was that the filmed footage was a bit blurry (as we didn't have great equipment), and the 3D renders were super sharp. You could have everything else right, and it still seems wrong if you add crystal sharp renders on blurry footage.
    So I just blurred the renders and it looks a 1000 times more convincing.

  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa Anos atrás +520

    I mean, on kinda "oldschool" sitcoms it gives some sort of "charm" to it, the bad CGI, bad greenscreen, the way they drive the cars and the background in the cars, it really screams sitcom to me..

    • Camille Chauve
      Camille Chauve Anos atrás +1

      *coughs in merlin*

    • Hugh M
      Hugh M Anos atrás +6

      They wouldn't have faked an elevator though; they would have built a set for that or filmed a real one.

    • Justin
      Justin Anos atrás +12

      Wandavision leaned into that for sure. There is a lot of it to homage those old sitcoms

    • Libbymiss
      Libbymiss Anos atrás +78

      And how they keep turning the wheel even tho they are driving straight 😄

  • Jamie R.
    Jamie R. 10 meses atrás +126

    Tom: "This is how green screen can go wrong and possible steps to avoid it"
    Me, who only photoshops glasses onto cats: "hmm....yess.."

  • Vito C
    Vito C 2 anos atrás +14837

    In a parallel universe, a green-shirted Tom is presenting this in front of a Red Screen

    • Harrison Lane
      Harrison Lane 12 dias atrás

      @Plaonder nah this is a universe where tan looks exactly the same but also separated from red easier.
      It’s parallel universes, the mechanics of light don’t need to be consistent

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young 15 dias atrás

      So there's a word called "maroon"

    • Falcon
      Falcon 15 dias atrás

      Overused joke

    • Rock that looks like a face
      Rock that looks like a face Mês atrás

      The reason it’s red is because humans also teal in this this universe.

    • Yeobin Kim
      Yeobin Kim Mês atrás +2

      Stop me before I try to think of every combination possible

  • Lee Keels
    Lee Keels Anos atrás +153

    That Big Bang shot isn't green screen. They literally filmed it in front of a printed backdrop. Same result with the wrong lighting, but not green screen.

  • Jerrin Chu
    Jerrin Chu Anos atrás +37

    This video is a great definition to show AND tell - demonstrating what he's explaining through editting to make the concepts that much easier to understand

  • Laith
    Laith 2 anos atrás +697

    Remember when Captain Disillusion dressed up as Tom while talking about green screens?

  • William B
    William B Anos atrás +9

    This is honestly just a really good tutorial for green screening, although it don’t touch on actual techniques it makes it clear what to avoid

  • カランニコラス
    カランニコラス 2 anos atrás +15661

    Sound also plays a factor, you can hear the reverb as Tom is sitting a small room where as being outside it wouldn't be there at all.

    • Rex
      Rex 4 meses atrás

      Yes, but sound design removes that issue.

    • jakual339
      jakual339 10 meses atrás +5

      I have a theory that this is the secret reason why many people hate dubbed movies. They declare it's about the lip-synching being off, but there are plenty of very watchable movies with imperfectly synched lips. The ones that really throw you off are when the dialogue was very obviously recorded in a totally different environment. It feels "off", but we assume it must be the visuals.

    • IHaveNoName
      IHaveNoName Anos atrás +1

      this video was about visual effects and the impact of getting those wrong, not sound.
      but you still make a good point

    • bored person
      bored person Anos atrás +1

      While that is important, it has nothing to do with green screening. Not only that, it's also applicable for sets and for ADR.

    • Moe Lester
      Moe Lester Anos atrás +1

      It was mixed by Graham haerther.

  • Mrbutterman2
    Mrbutterman2 Anos atrás +83

    Id like to mention Captain Disillusion. His green screen abilities are phenomenal

  • Michael
    Michael 9 meses atrás +4

    the two that always stand out to me-and are the most common-are the lightning (seriously, it stands out so much when a person in a poorly lit room somehow is glowing like a million invisible spotlights are shining on them but not illuminating the room) and i guess what you said is the key for outlines. They look almost like they were animated in with the ink lines showing, just a thin dark outline around them the whole time that's worse than century old photo tricks

  • Mr. Proctor Show
    Mr. Proctor Show Anos atrás +9

    Tom, thank you for doing videos like these. I recently began teaching media technology in a Texas high school and I look forward to sharing this with my students for discussion before we head into the studio ourselves!

  • MrSpybes
    MrSpybes 2 anos atrás +12

    The editor is insane😂. his explanations are too accurate

  • Sean Payton
    Sean Payton 2 anos atrás +3275

    There are only two correct ways to do green screen:
    1. Perfectly so no one can tell
    2. So painfully awful that it's hilarious

    • Alexandre Lambert
      Alexandre Lambert Anos atrás +1

      @a bunch of iguanas with internet acces Birdemic. The movie is horrible. Just watch the CinemaSins review and you can tell why

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando Anos atrás +1

      @a bunch of iguanas with internet acces You can tell how bad the green screen and CGI in Spy Kids: Game Over really is just with one scene. The scene where one of the kids gets launched to the moon by a spring. It's a masterpiece of terrible editing.

    • Jojo
      Jojo Anos atrás


    • MyTech
      MyTech 2 anos atrás +6

      3. As a tool, not an art. Similar to the use of a chalkboard.

    • Eric Hill
      Eric Hill 2 anos atrás +29

      So in other words:
      1. Mission complete
      2. Mission failed successfully

  • Mister Fusion
    Mister Fusion 2 anos atrás +6

    Another basic tip I learned the hard way long long ago: Never use lossy compression, keep the original videos in raw or use a lossless codec.

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado
    I'm a motherfreaking avocado 9 meses atrás +2

    I have so much respect for the editor of this video, the editing is goddamn genius

  • SomeoneCommenting
    SomeoneCommenting 10 meses atrás +1

    This was an amazing demo of all those details in a very concise and clear way. Excellent.

  • Stevenson
    Stevenson Anos atrás +140

    Tom Scott: Why You Can Spot Bad Green Screen
    Thumbnail: *shows Tom Scott with deformed skull*
    I think I know why, Tom.

  • sc6ut
    sc6ut 2 anos atrás +19564

    whoever edited this deserves a high five

    • Artastic_ Friend
      Artastic_ Friend 4 meses atrás +1

      Or maybe a raise

    • Squeenixu
      Squeenixu 4 meses atrás

      and pay obviously

    • Nubicorno
      Nubicorno 8 meses atrás

      Plot twist it was you!

    • Senko
      Senko 8 meses atrás

      stay drip to the feet

    • pug
      pug 8 meses atrás

      a high six.

  • Brian Haygood
    Brian Haygood 14 dias atrás

    OK, thanks for talking us through this, Tom. It was interesting, but your animator did a really amazing job buzzing us through all of these changes. That was really cool, and I'm sure it took hours of work.

  • Roris Bellies
    Roris Bellies Anos atrás +5

    This mans animator/editor is absolutely amazing with his work!

  • CSGOMercy
    CSGOMercy Anos atrás

    when i watched that episode of the big bang i noticed the shadows instantly. It was just so bad. Im not sure if you noticed but im sure their shadows were very wrong as well at a few seconds in the scene. as in going towards the sun
    I study games design so im always looking at the direction of light while producting my 3d work and making sure everything looks good

  • Asymmetric Fuzion
    Asymmetric Fuzion Anos atrás

    Your animation team absolutely smashed this edit. Great work!

  • KastaRules
    KastaRules 2 anos atrás +5165

    We play a game at my house: whenever a green screen does Not look right, we take a shot. As a consequence we are always drunk.
    Perhaps part of the problem is that nothing looks quite right when you are drinking shots.

    • Rad Rulez
      Rad Rulez 5 meses atrás

      @Wilsonio The Great excuse me

    • Awa
      Awa 9 meses atrás +4

      @astronxmically The corpses might have already taken a different kind of shot

    • Lily Walker
      Lily Walker 9 meses atrás

      makes sense

    • Wilsonio The Great
      Wilsonio The Great 10 meses atrás +2

      @Astronxmically yea I tried with grandpa but it just wasn’t my style, should I try with more?

    • Astronxmically
      Astronxmically 10 meses atrás +4

      @Wilsonio The Great WAYY more fun with corpses, youll always take more shots than them because they NEVER spot the greenscreen

  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 2 anos atrás +2

    Okay now this is really interesting and may come in handy some day! Massive props to that editor of yours.

  • decon everett
    decon everett 10 meses atrás

    If both images are in perfect focus, it will look odd as well. it's surprising how many people miss that, given how easy it is to blur the background a little

  • Mike Youtube
    Mike Youtube Anos atrás +1

    It’s weird that the technology exist to make it nearly undetectable yet the media still does it so poorly.

  • Jp Obi
    Jp Obi 2 anos atrás +1

    Tom! Please do one of these videos on motionblur. I think that one is an interesting topic to tackle

  • Quill Maurer
    Quill Maurer Anos atrás

    Very interesting points. Having done a lot of photo editing putting things together - such as putting people together from different sources - watching this video I realized I'd actually been aware of all these things even if I wasn't really thinking about them in the process. Though of course sometimes I deliberately make them comically bad.

  • IgnitedBread
    IgnitedBread Anos atrás +3

    Tom scott is the type of person who would teach us interesting stuff instead of boring stuff

  • Venator-Class Star Destroyer -

    I really love how they did The Mandalorian. It was better than any green screen I have ever seen. I hope this will be used more often.

    • moldyhandsanitizer
      moldyhandsanitizer Anos atrás +6

      the mandaloeion didn't use greenscreens, they used LEDs.

    • Kalos
      Kalos Anos atrás +1

      @Fastertrack Well, if major companies are doing it, they definitely have the budget

    • Fastertrack
      Fastertrack Anos atrás +1

      It's conceivable that will be used more often but it has its limits and considerable startup costs

  • Dave Kirwin
    Dave Kirwin 2 anos atrás

    Finding the graphics get more and more challenging every video! BTW I did notice the car shot was flipped but thanks for explaining why green screen so often looks 'wrong'

  • Ao Arashi
    Ao Arashi 2 anos atrás +5158

    Your animator deserves cookies for this, those badly done green screen parts were perfect.

    • Victoria Girowetz
      Victoria Girowetz 2 anos atrás

      I just finished my cookies so NO

    • Sevcraft Games
      Sevcraft Games 2 anos atrás

      @Agent Lurmey what about millionaire biscuits

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 2 anos atrás +4

      Let's settle this once and for all.
      'Your editor deserves biscuits and cookies for this, those badly done greenscreen parts were perfect.'

    • Dezzmotion
      Dezzmotion 2 anos atrás

      @ergohack no they are called "kekse" where i live.

    • Lloyd Arsen Balbas
      Lloyd Arsen Balbas 2 anos atrás +3

      OP: Praises the animator for a job well done
      Comments: Arguing about biscuits and cookies

  • Jassaca P
    Jassaca P Anos atrás

    my WHOLE LIFE i wondered how they did that effect in films, and you explained it right at the end, i truly feel an inner peace now. thank you tom scott. you absolute KING

  • Kykycool
    Kykycool 9 meses atrás

    The team working on this video did a fantastic job describing exactly what you were saying with the video. fantastic stuff

    MVMNT Anos atrás +1

    A big detail missed is the audio mix is also important. A large room won’t sound like the one you’re in, nor will outside.

  • Sylvester Ashcroft
    Sylvester Ashcroft Anos atrás +2

    Your animator is an absolute legend!

  • Grumpy Goose
    Grumpy Goose 2 anos atrás +3615

    Imagine meeting someone in real life and they look like they're greenscreened in.
    That'd be TERRIFYING!

    • Nathan Drake
      Nathan Drake Mês atrás

      @ireadysucks where?

    • ireadysucks
      ireadysucks 4 meses atrás +4

      Not this exactly, but there’s a place in Hawaii that during mid-day the lighting makes it look precisely like a bad ps1 game

    • Rex
      Rex 4 meses atrás

      Eugh, oh god

    • amethyst_ cat
      amethyst_ cat 4 meses atrás +1

      Horror movie when

    • megan
      megan 2 anos atrás +2

      I would think I was dreaming!

  • Lemon Mart
    Lemon Mart 11 meses atrás

    That last bit felt so smart. Anyone also in love with show Unhhhh knows the power of letting a green screen be a gateway to creativity!

  • The Overseer
    The Overseer 9 meses atrás

    This is awesome. Also i like leaning into the absurdity. It’s why ugandan movies tend to be memorable.
    I personally would love a return to practical effects way more

  • Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen 2 anos atrás +9

    Holy crap is it complicated. Wow! Gives so much more appreciation for high quality movies.

  • le brown
    le brown 2 anos atrás

    I don't do green screen or even video editing but I like to photoshop still pictures as a hobby and the more experienced I've gotten I realized all the same things mentioned here, you have to get the angle and lighting etc, correct for all elements you're combining into an image or theres no hope of tweaking it correctly no matter what you do.

  • StickHits
    StickHits 2 anos atrás +3917

    I like how Tom always talks to us like we are on a train that's starting to slowly pull away from the station, and he's jogging along side it trying to give us profound life-changing information before we never see each other again.

    • Serial Procrastinator
      Serial Procrastinator 2 anos atrás

      Why is this so accurate

    • NJ Nexgen
      NJ Nexgen 2 anos atrás

      Maybe this is a metaphor for how things really are

    • Kidedaion Symoti
      Kidedaion Symoti 2 anos atrás +3

      I have to tell you the whole story! And if I don't, nothing will makes sense! We only have a few minutes left, so pay attention...

    • Clockwork Kirlia
      Clockwork Kirlia 2 anos atrás +1

      @Sat's World Studios I hope you feel better soon! I think this is all really cool; Tom's delivery is astoundingly good at imparting information concisely and quickly without feeling all that rushed.

    • Bamba Zillah
      Bamba Zillah 2 anos atrás +2

      haha this is the best description of Tom's videos!

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson Anos atrás +3

    Hopefully you gave your hard-working animator a goddamn raise for this one, Tom!

  • CaniusLanius
    CaniusLanius 2 anos atrás

    They can, however, film on location, and then use masking and other AFX magicks in post. While doing so, it is becoming rather common to have a HDRI imagine of the filming location, so the lighting information is stored and can be replicated in post. Though I only know this can be done in 3D softwares since HDRI is inherently for a spherical object.

  • Kasper
    Kasper 2 anos atrás

    Hey Tom, i just signed up at curiositystream, and Nebula is missing (unless it's region blocked). Might want to update that description if it's not gonna be available in the near future.
    Great video anyway. I think Black Panther is another good example of bad greenscreen in big budget movies. Particularly in the scene where he's in the Ancestral Plane after the voodoo stuff

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson 2 anos atrás +2

    Shouts out to his animator/editor who hand tracked Puppet Tom for that whole segment. A legend.

  • Fleshker Adventures Plus
    Fleshker Adventures Plus Anos atrás +2

    ❗I have made heaps of papermations, and I still sometimes do, but getting the green screen effect right can be quite difficult. (At the moment I make stop motion animation by drawing directly onto my screen.)

  • shapeshiftingSinner
    shapeshiftingSinner 9 meses atrás

    Never learned professional video editing, but when I was in a tech school for design a lot of this is what they taught us for photoshop. :>

  • Quasimofo
    Quasimofo Anos atrás

    This is a better and more informative green screen video than any actual green screen tutorial that I've ever seen. Kudos to you.

  • Alexandre Côté Tessier

    Also, the green spill caused by the green or blue screen needs to be removed. They're tools that allow you to do that, mostly on compositing software like Nuke, where you have nodes that allow you to "kill" the green or blue spill.

  • Rahul Sohoni
    Rahul Sohoni 2 anos atrás +2962

    50%: Tom explaining the use of green screen
    50%: Tom's editor flexing his skills

    • Adam Michna
      Adam Michna 2 anos atrás

      Or hers...

    • Natalie Cohen
      Natalie Cohen 2 anos atrás

      Matt Milton as long as it’s not a obsession then it should be fine we’ll that’s my opinion

    • Семён Волнянский
      Семён Волнянский 2 anos atrás +1

      @Matt Milton yes

    • Octavio López
      Octavio López 2 anos atrás +1

      hey you mispelt something
      50% tom explaining the use of green screen
      50% tom's editor suffering

    • GrayHayMovies
      GrayHayMovies 2 anos atrás +3

      @Matt Milton oh heck no you shouldn't you've got 700 subs. if you quit, then you will lose all your progress. just 300 more and then you will get monetized. I don't have that many subs and I wish I could have more but if your friends are laughing at you about it, then I don't think that they are good friends. good friends support you and build you up. don't ever be like them cause they will never truly have friends if they act like that.
      answer this, do you feel like you can say what you want around them? do they treat you like you treat them? and do they push you around?
      if the answer was no, no, and yes, then they aren't good friends.

  • roggeralves94
    roggeralves94 Anos atrás

    Wow, I'm impressed that a TV show actually used a green screen for an elevator scene.

  • Ronan Whittern
    Ronan Whittern 16 dias atrás

    I particularly like how the "animator" who comes through the trapdoor at 00:20 is using Loopy (an audio looper app) to "control" the elements of the green screen!

  • TheReaverOfDarkness
    TheReaverOfDarkness 2 anos atrás

    Sometimes I feel like they're poorly greenscreened because the producer never actually wanted me to believe they were filming on location, and only wanted the shot to be convincing enough for me to suspend my disbelief. I am fond of some minor filming errors because it enables me to empathize with the film crew and get a perspective on what it's like to be there making the movie.

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions Anos atrás +2

    It really is amazing all the details we pick up on subconsciously.

  • Furkan G.
    Furkan G. 2 anos atrás +18356

    In today's episode: Tom Scotts's Editor Flexing his skills fpr 5 minutes straight

    • Scladoffle
      Scladoffle Anos atrás +2

      @Orange Swirl It's helpful if people are looking to improve their grammar. It's not useful on casual online forums where the vast, vast majority of people don't concern themselves with being pedantic about spelling. Ask yourself, why is it so important to you that people need to be corrected? Were you constantly corrected/put down as a kid or something?
      You're projecting your ideals on to what you believe everyone else wants to happen. There's a reason 'grammar Nazi' has such negative connotations. Do what you want, but don't be surprised when people tell you to shut up. As I said, it's not a good look.

    • Orange Swirl
      Orange Swirl Anos atrás

      @Scladoffle Nothing is necessary, and correcting people's grammar is actually helpful because it allows them to speak English better.
      It's better than insulting them or calling them stupid, and it's constructive, especially if you explain it.

    • Scladoffle
      Scladoffle Anos atrás +1

      @Orange Swirl Why did you think this was necessary? Do you aim to make correcting people's grammar a part of your personality? It's not a good look.

    • Lemonnn
      Lemonnn Anos atrás

      @BestFunVideo SHUT UP

    • Random Person
      Random Person Anos atrás

      @IsuruKusumal yes

  • Gl17chM0D
    Gl17chM0D Anos atrás

    It also matters what the main feeling of the show is. Like the Big Bang Theory one, it's a comedy so I don't think the bad green screen is as off-putting as when the show has a more serious vibe.

  • [THE] Ryan Kabir
    [THE] Ryan Kabir Anos atrás

    Didn’t need to know any of this but glad I do. Very well explained, thank you.

  • Goliath
    Goliath 2 anos atrás

    the last point hits so well. it's hard to do green screen so it looks realistic, but if you put a little fantasy into it, it's much easier

  • Louis Hartley
    Louis Hartley 2 anos atrás

    Would be interesting to do a follow-up on the alternatives to greenscreen. Things such as the Unreal Engine ILM StageCraft that was used for the Mandalorian

  • Preston Duffield
    Preston Duffield 2 anos atrás +7441

    Lets be honest, the editor narrated this one. He's a pro!

    • Cash Nelson
      Cash Nelson Anos atrás +1

      It's kind of depressing how many replies here don't understand this very simple observation

    • iiivoryy
      iiivoryy Anos atrás

      @Uncle meaning let’s all tell the truth. “Let’s be honest”

    • It's Gary Time
      It's Gary Time Anos atrás

      It ain't much but it's honest work

    • Isaacs Random Videos
      Isaacs Random Videos Anos atrás

      . What

    • Matthew Kinsella
      Matthew Kinsella 2 anos atrás +2

      @Tamir Oulu its a joke hes saying that the editor was talking instead of tom the entire video

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Anos atrás

    One of the big things I notice on bad green screens is actually seeing the people cast a shadow on the background itself. No matter how light or barely there it is, it's hard not to notice a human-shaped shadow moving around open space.

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 9 meses atrás

    A dolly zoom is so amazing, yet hard to pull off if your zoom on your lens isn’t very smooth.

  • Orcinus Olive
    Orcinus Olive 11 meses atrás +50

    Tom: "... What?"
    Editor: "I know this looks bad..."
    Tom: *takes out a gun and shoots the editor*
    I've seen too many "Chris Pratt will be voicing super Mario" memes recently

    • Yunbie
      Yunbie 4 meses atrás

      @blake skits he's not cool. he's CHRISpy

    • blake skits
      blake skits 9 meses atrás +1

      He’s so cool

  • howard baxter
    howard baxter Anos atrás

    I could tell you were always standing in front of a green screen, but I never felt that I was forcibly being deceived. Kind of like all those other science channels, like PBS Sci-Show Space, that either use the background to enhance their point or make the environment educational.

  • Jephthah Calinawan
    Jephthah Calinawan 2 anos atrás +2232

    props to the animator for the sicc job they've done

    • Saulo
      Saulo 2 anos atrás

      They're 7 actually

    • Zoë de Wijn
      Zoë de Wijn 2 anos atrás

      i can't tell if you're being sarcastic...

    • Dan A
      Dan A 2 anos atrás

      Yes m'lord

    • Barack Old Llama
      Barack Old Llama 2 anos atrás +25

      @BestFunVideo begone bot

    • zsin128
      zsin128 2 anos atrás +11

      william marler

  • Cara Libro
    Cara Libro 2 anos atrás

    One technique that's not mentioned is the use of a light wrap. VFX artists do this to better blend the edges of the foreground and background.

  • Ben White
    Ben White 2 anos atrás

    On a recent episode of Better Call Saul, a car was gunning toward Jimmy in the desert. Obviously Bob Odenkirk couldn't really be in frame during such a dangerous stunt, so they had to use a green screen. They solved all the problems presented in the video by shooting the green screen on the actual location using the same camera setup and and the sun for lighting.

  • An Insane Moose
    An Insane Moose 11 dias atrás

    Even (mostly) good green screens, I can always see that its a green screen
    I don't know why I can see that when other people I ask (watching the same thing, in the same room) say they can't tell
    The best I can describe it, is its like there's a very very thin outline around all the non-greenscreen stuff (usually people)
    Marvel has really good greenscreen work, but even that I find hard to watch because of it (I mean, sometimes I can just ignore it and watch the movie, but other time's its just really annoying)
    I have yet to find something that I couldn't tell was a greenscreen (and did actually find out it was, I suppose I may have seen one, but still think it was filmed IRL)

  • Manladan
    Manladan 10 meses atrás

    I swear Tom goes into my mind and answered questions I’ve randomly asked to myself

  • Vanguardbtw
    Vanguardbtw 10 meses atrás

    One of my biggest pet peeves is watching a show/movie and watching a scene with bad green screen

  • Wølfdog Røcks YT
    Wølfdog Røcks YT 11 meses atrás

    Me and my friend noticed this a while back in one of the series we were watching. Good show but the green-screening was very poor.

  • pancakes 8
    pancakes 8 2 anos atrás +25

    There was this one scene from The Office were Erin was doing a confessional “in Florida” and the green screen always bugged me.

  • TheRandomly
    TheRandomly 2 anos atrás

    Fun fact! That effect in GOTG2 that you used to show the difference between distance is called the Dolly Zoom!

  • Jonathan Downs
    Jonathan Downs 2 anos atrás

    I like Fact Fiend's approach to greenscreen, deliberately hanging a lampshade on it and using far too small a screen. Then Karl takes it up a level and wears green, just to screw with the screen - or better yet, the green in his sleeve tattoo.

  • M J
    M J Anos atrás

    I KNEW it! It seemed to me like some of the later seasons especially of 30 Rock were using green screen, especially in the elevator and Jack's office area. Then I wondered if they were ALWAYS green screen. It was so jarring.

  • The Collectors Conundrum
    The Collectors Conundrum 2 anos atrás +11

    You know that feeling you get when you are watching a perfectly sculpted master piece of a video? No? What a shame. Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Ronin1973
    Ronin1973 Anos atrás

    You missed one... light spill. Your green screen reflects green which may end up on the keyed subject (you). The result can leave parts of your subject being keyed out or a green tinge to your subject. I've seen this more often when an object, like a desk, is in the shot and bouncing light from the green screen.

  • Cinosss
    Cinosss 2 anos atrás +14866

    Alternate title idea: Torturing my animator for 5 minutes straight

    • enes caglayan
      enes caglayan Anos atrás

      @beeschan thx

    • beeschan
      beeschan Anos atrás

      @enes caglayan Sive is pewdiepie’s editor

    • Takidzeandria
      Takidzeandria 2 anos atrás

      @enes caglayan sive is pewdiepie's editor

    • phoenix penn
      phoenix penn 2 anos atrás

      for a second I thought your comment said: Alternate title idea: Torturing my animals for 5 minutes straight.

    • Jason Yoon
      Jason Yoon 2 anos atrás

      Actually hours.

  • Esme Wayne
    Esme Wayne 2 anos atrás

    That shot with Guardians of the Galaxy is called a dolly zoom or Hitchcock shot and is used a lot in movies to indicate someone learned something dramatic or important so you want to focus on them and their reaction as it takes up more of the screen.

  • Edward Cree
    Edward Cree 2 anos atrás

    Does depth-of-field also affect it? Or are we all just acclimatised to all video nowadays being captured with a tiny CCD so that everything is in focus simultaneously in a way that our eyes looking naturally at a scene would never observe?

  • Sergio Chiossone
    Sergio Chiossone 2 anos atrás

    Excellent Video ! Thank you from Argentina. I have a little thought to share. Don 't you think that when talking about analog video, composite or component are in some way compressions of the signal ? Thank you !

  • Viken emma
    Viken emma 2 anos atrás

    The funniest use of greenscreen I did is when I had a problem with pulling over an animation I did to a video editing program.
    The background was all black and odd when it was supposed to be transparent.
    My solution was to make the background of the animation green and then use the green screen function. It worked perfectly.

  • MrHatoi
    MrHatoi 2 anos atrás +6277

    In short: if it's too hard to trick people just stop trying to trick them.

    • cy-one
      cy-one Anos atrás

      @Limi V The Mandalorian (for example, but it's the most prominent one as the tech is rather new) uses a virtual production stage. They have a large LED screen that "wraps" around the stage. The stage itself is actually rather small and has some props on it (depending on the need of the scene). The camera movement is hooked up to a game engine that moves the virtual camera, ergo changes the background on the LED screen.
      - No issues with difference in lighting
      - No issues with differences in framing/angles
      - No issues with feathering around the key

    • Limi V
      Limi V Anos atrás

      @cy-one I think I'm missing something. Please define a 'virtual stage'. And I suppose you're right about being able to find somewhere close enough in appearance and making minor visual adjustments

    • cy-one
      cy-one Anos atrás

      @Limi V virtual stage.

    • cy-one
      cy-one Anos atrás

      @Limi V "on site" in the same sense as "in character." There are quite a few locations in US deserts that are easily used for Marsian environments. So much so, the NASA actually uses some of those locations to test equipment for Mars. Color correction, done.

    • Limi V
      Limi V Anos atrás

      @cy-one And I'm still waiting for you to elaborate on a no-green-screen no on-site-filming solution.

  • Ussurin
    Ussurin Anos atrás +1

    1:55 - it's not that they couldn't afford to film there, they couldn't really afford to drive audience there - TBBT is filmed with actual live audience, so it creates additional problems. That's also probably why they have stage lighting at their faces in that scene.

  • Person
    Person 23 dias atrás

    Major kudos to your video editor on this. It is a tour de force of video editing work.

  • GeeklingNo1
    GeeklingNo1 Anos atrás

    That scene in the elevator had one very big problem. They were clearly so close to the greenscreen that they were casting a shadow on it and that shadow is still in the final cut. Why is this a problem? Where is a light in an elevator usually? It's on the ceiling, usually centered above you meaning the shadow would be out of frame on the floor. The shadow behind them acted the same way a border does on an image, it makes it look like it's popping out of the screen or in this case, placed in front of a picture of an elevator instead of being in a real elevator.

  • Jan Sten Adámek
    Jan Sten Adámek 2 anos atrás

    I think you also need to match camera lens diameter, or at least adjust the distance and zoom based on that

  • Wecoc1
    Wecoc1 2 anos atrás +3192

    On the elevator, the shadows they cast on the wall also look hideous.

    • William McFarland
      William McFarland 2 anos atrás

      I've always kinda wondered if that shot was almost purposefully bad for the sake of comedy

    • dangerouslytalented
      dangerouslytalented 2 anos atrás +2

      @its.clean 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory were half hour sitcoms. They had to shoot 23 minutes per week, they didn't have the time to set up the shots properly for decent keying.

    • its.clean
      its.clean 2 anos atrás +4

      I doubt the editors/VFX crew were incapable or not knowledgeable about how to do it right...they either didn't care, were told not to care, or weren't given enough time or resources. On a show like 30 Rock that can afford Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, they clearly have the money- but where they choose to spend it is something else entirely. Their directors come from half-hour comedy backgrounds, where VFX is rarely if ever a priority. They know they're presenting to a half-hour comedy audience with similar priorities. And the overall tone of the show is goofy anyway- they probably figured that no one would notice/care, or anyone who did would just chalk it up to the intentional silliness of the show. I wouldn't be surprised if the postproduction crew were handed a random plate of the elevator interior, shot months or years before with no consideration for the needs of the current composition, and given 20 minutes to crank out a final cut on a Friday afternoon. Someone said "eh that's good enough" and that was that.

    • MidnightSt
      MidnightSt 2 anos atrás +4

      yes, they look like very wide screen space ambient occlusion

    • check out my soundcloud
      check out my soundcloud 2 anos atrás +7

      looks like someone new to photoshop used the shadow setting and left everything on default

  • z50king29
    z50king29 4 meses atrás +1

    It's extremely hard to get filming permits at Vasquez Rocks these days, especially with the size of the shoot that BBT would bring. It is inside the TMZ though

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon 2 anos atrás +5

    0:50 I weirdly love this effect, it's like you're being hugged by darkness

    • Moe Lester
      Moe Lester Anos atrás +1

      You gotta thank William Marler for that.

  • I Feel Terrible
    I Feel Terrible 2 anos atrás

    You’re a great guy that did his research. Like always.

  • Nazza Bazza
    Nazza Bazza Anos atrás

    As someone who absolutely loves the movie ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ I always can’t help but wonder if Gene Kelly was actually supposed to follow the camera as it zoomed out at the end of ‘Broadway Melody ’...