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  • Publicado em 5 Abr 2020
  • The title of this video should change with the times. But nothing lasts forever: here's the story of how I made it work, why it used to be easier to make that work, and how it all ties in to the White Cliffs of Dover and the end of the universe.
    Edited by Michelle Martin: mrsmmartin
    Includes an accelerated section of "Traduction automatique des flux d'information (Yahoo Pipes IV)" by Laurent Moccozet, which is licensed under CC-by: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m4ox... - the remainder of this video does not fall under that license.
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

Comentários • 321 135

  • khanhjie
    khanhjie Anos atrás +45

    I love how this video periodically gets recommended to us when the title is exactly right

  • Bruce Evans

    Let's congratulate Tom for creating something that isn't clickbait and viral at the same time

  • kaniamia
    kaniamia 14 dias atrás +915

    “If it’s actually 100% spot on, it’s a miracle.”

  • SadBot  苦悩
    SadBot 苦悩 14 dias atrás +434

    This video MUST hold the world record of the most times a title had changed in the whole youtube history

  • ochylon
    ochylon  +2

    everyone's talking about how accurate the views are and how insane the code is but no one talks about how amazing the moral lesson of this video is, to keep and continue creating/building even if what you create may most likely be gone at some point because all that matters is how your works have contributed to something that could affect the future.

  • TJ
    TJ Dia atrás +14

    As an IT professional this should be required viewing.

  • C O M E D Y
    C O M E D Y 2 anos atrás +46

    This dude has the type of energy that a timetraveler would have

  • Borgor
    Borgor  +845

    2 years later, the code still works! It's exactly right when I'm writing this. Good job tom!

  • Claire P
    Claire P 21 dia atrás +182

    I think this video could singlehandedly feed Tom's family for life. It's actually a genius way to get people to revisit a video, though I doubt he had any idea it would end up getting quite so much traffic. 59 mil and counting!

  • Dee Cilla
    Dee Cilla Dia atrás +4

    Watched this at 59,385,800 Views. Don't know why it was recommended but I watched it anyway. I've always had huge respect for topics like this being explained in a way that I can understand it. Someone else could talk about this topic for hours and not get the message across but this one was nicely done. Will wait for a few months down the line to get back to this video and see if all of it still works.

    RACERRRZ  +387

    The level of awesomeness of this video is unrivaled. Story, within a story, within a story. The algorithm brought us here, but the universe wanted us to hear Tom's wisdom. After watching, what is your call to action? What resonated with me was to keep doing what I am doing, but, to make sure that what I am doing is building something, preferably something that is not dependent on the system it was made on/for. Food for thought.

  • Alxium
    Alxium Dia atrás +11

    Only now I realize that this title has changed millions of times already. This video HAS to hold the record for the most changes to a video's title ever.

  • yona
    yona Anos atrás +8

    More than one year later and it’s still 100% accurate

  • rena j
    rena j  +459

    I checked in when this video had 20m views, then 30m views. I honestly forgot about this until it turned up in my recommended again. It’s at 58m now, honestly quite incredible how the title is still accurate. I wonder how long it’ll take until this code supposedly loses touch with reality?

  • Gunner Yelton

    Absolutely a spectacular lesson told in this video. Historical and modern smashed into an optimistic lesson on entropy. Genius work of creation here

  • Neat Elf
    Neat Elf Dia atrás +4

    I love this video not just because of the counter (which is already brilliant) but the way he talks about entropy and building things anyway as they are what really mattered.

  • Waitwha
    Waitwha  +176

    I wonder how hard this was to code. This is still working and that's insane!

  • Kossay zemzem
    Kossay zemzem 14 dias atrás +4

    It's lovely that it still works and as I re-watched the video I realized how amazingly Tom gave us a lesson and how he transitioned from fancy title to entropy and what it means for humanity.

  • Qualm
    Qualm Anos atrás +53

    I love how this vid appears on my recommend every once in a while.

  • Skdog
    Skdog  +112

    This is crazy, not only the way he does it, but that it has so many views and more people are seeing it each day.