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YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

  • Publicado em 25 Set 2022

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  2 anos atrás +27999

    Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream! curiositystream.com/tomscott

    • Tabi
      Tabi 4 dias atrás

      the system isnt broken its the users! IM A BRclip SHILL WEEEE MONEY

    • h4n5i
      h4n5i Mês atrás

      bono was right, it would make intelectual property something that actually is akin to property, maybe we should rethink property rights in general

    • D
      D Mês atrás

      I love you

    • Titanic Big ship
      Titanic Big ship 3 meses atrás

      @CyberedCake Simple it’s a real you available for a Patreon or he made it private before public

    • lavoy ragels
      lavoy ragels 7 meses atrás

      Tom Scott. I wish I could fix it. But it's really hard to even fix it for your own sake. I've been trying. Why is nobody ACTUALLY talking about it.

  • rebmcr
    rebmcr Anos atrás +4642

    I like how Tom's idea of annoying is just Tom but wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

  • Andrew Bloom
    Andrew Bloom 8 meses atrás +1849

    I still don't understand how we ever got to "past death" for copyrights. I mean the songwriters kids had no more role in creating the song than I or anyone else did.

    • Noah Avshalom
      Noah Avshalom Dia atrás

      If copyright stopped at death, that'd be a good reason to murder someone

    • Brendan
      Brendan 11 dias atrás

      @Slowazzd21 Exactly. Not to mention it incentivizes, at the very least, a desire for the copyright holder to reach the state of "past death". Is it really a good idea for competition to know they can profit from others' intellectual property as long as the holder of that copyright dies?

    • Burry Bondz
      Burry Bondz 12 dias atrás

      @Ahsim Nreiziev your house analogy falls flat because the person you are arguing with just showed that house plans can be copyrighted. I somewhat agree with what you are saying but you can't keep ignoring the other person's valid points to stop yourself from having to modify your position to align with the facts.

    • Fort Colors
      Fort Colors 13 dias atrás

      @Slowazzd21 Sure, but would that be a matter of principle or profit? Would you be looking to extend the copyright because you get to profit from your parent's work, or because you sincerely believe your /parent/ (not you) is losing money from someone else making derivative work after they died?

    • Slowazzd21
      Slowazzd21 13 dias atrás +1

      You wouldn't feel that way if it was your parents legacy....

  • BobIGuess
    BobIGuess 11 meses atrás +1592

    "before disney realised what a PR disaster it would be to stop the internet having imediate access to baby yoda"
    im actually dying

    • Pinguin
      Pinguin Mês atrás

      @Merthalophor old habits die hard

    • Vigilante Rorschach
      Vigilante Rorschach 2 meses atrás +6

      @Chris Merrell Is this the birth of a new JRPG?

    • Chris Merrell
      Chris Merrell 2 meses atrás +4

      You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not. Soon he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.

    • Lawrence Lee
      Lawrence Lee 4 meses atrás +2


    • Merthalophor
      Merthalophor 10 meses atrás +49

      i'm surprised this wasn't part of their core strategy all along

  • The Fifth Horseman
    The Fifth Horseman 8 meses atrás +395

    The copyright length, bad as it is, is *exceptionally* ill suited to software (in particular, video games) and its' rapidly changing industry. You end up in a situation where software is "protected" by copyright when it has not been commercially available for decades, is not directly useable on any equipment (or operating system) that's still produced, and more than likely the current owner has no interest in making commercial use of the rights but is more than happy to enforce their ownership.
    The "best" solution there is probably to tie the length not to the date of creation but to the date of last commercial re-release (or sublicensing to a third party for publishing).

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat Mês atrás +1

      I imagine enforcing a copyright is well worth the cost of regular re-releases. Software copyrights simply need to be a limited amount of time (like 7 to 10 years) with no possible extension. These things never should have existed in perpetuity, their purpose is to give a company the opportunity to pursue new ideas and new branding.

    • Billy Wong
      Billy Wong 7 meses atrás +17

      @R L Still better than no re-release. The fair rule will be a maximum 50 years limit PLUS a precondition of a particular copyrighted work must be kept available in purchase or some form of normal consumption. If a company bought the copyright of something and shelved it over two years? That company shall lose the copyright claim.

    • E Fulmer
      E Fulmer 8 meses atrás +20

      Software copyright also almost created a situation where automotive manufacturers could enforce everyone with a car with a computer in it to return to the dealership for repairs at enormous cost and time. Part of the copyright discussion has to be right-to-repair laws so that car manufacturers and smartphone manufacturers cannot enforce copyright in such a way as to create planned obsolesence for their products, regardless of whether planned obsolesence is already illegal or not.

    • The Fifth Horseman
      The Fifth Horseman 8 meses atrás +28

      @R L True, setting a maximum term would also be necessary. Looking at the re-releases of the past few decades, though, many companies wouldn't bother.

    • R L
      R L 8 meses atrás +43

      The problem with that is that companies like Disney would just re-release the movies they don't want in public domain. At that point, it would never end

  • Fairy_Fluffles
    Fairy_Fluffles Mês atrás +72

    How you manage to keep someone with ADHD (me and probably a lot of other people) hooked on videos talking about the in theory most boring things on earth is beyond me. Yet you do, hats off because that is truly amazing.

    • Rose Rose
      Rose Rose 7 dias atrás +2

      Tom's such a good presenter. A consistent energy and pacing, with no
      overly-complex words. Doing that while still being engaging is a underrated skill

    • CaliH Han
      CaliH Han Mês atrás +3

      This is how we learn 🙃

  • whistletoe
    whistletoe 2 anos atrás +6330

    if photographers weren't more generous they could singlehandedly destroy the meme industry

    • Jan Elan Testaverde
      Jan Elan Testaverde 12 dias atrás

      @Liravin Not necessarily. There is for example music and there is the music industry.
      Regardless, luckily memes aren't pieces of art, per se. So they don't fall prone being helmed by an industry.

    • Jan Elan Testaverde
      Jan Elan Testaverde 12 dias atrás

      @Gabriel King That's not really true though.

    • Pramod Bisht
      Pramod Bisht Mês atrás

      @Annoying 17 year old yea you are annoying

    • CosmicSlayer99
      CosmicSlayer99 Mês atrás


    • TheWitchPolyglot
      TheWitchPolyglot Mês atrás

      There are some photographers that are some SOBs. There was this copyright lawyer that sued a bunch of people for using other photographer's photos but this lawyer was jailed for making unsupported claims. it didn't receive that much media attention but the few attention it received, highly criticized the lawyer

  • Samantha K
    Samantha K 6 meses atrás +85

    a fun way to explore how messed up copyright is is to attempt to liscence a picture of a newspaper that doesn't exist anymore. The author sold it to an orginization that no longer exists, that was bought by a different company, whose image management system is different from their text copy management, and the only way you can find the image of the original newspaper is in an archive which has its own licensing agreements and the original author is dead but not for the required time for your country to move it under copyright.
    Courage to anyone whose job requires it!

    • Rog Pog
      Rog Pog 21 dia atrás +4

      Just do it and find out who owns it by the lawsuit

  • scottthewaterwarrior
    scottthewaterwarrior 8 meses atrás +98

    TBH in addition to shorting copyright terms overall, I think an "abandonment clause" would be a good idea, so works that stop being sold for a period of 5 years automatically enter the public domain. I mostly think of this in terms of video games, where there are probably tens of thousands of games that are no longer being sold (at retail, not second hand) yet cannot be legally copied.

  • אלישע שיף
    אלישע שיף 28 dias atrás +4

    Love how the entirety of this video is Tom making absolutely *sure* this video won't get copyright strike

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 9 meses atrás +26

    I do always laugh when someone says "this is fair use" in their videos. As if the lawyers will go "ohhhh okay let's take his word for it and not watch the rest of the video".

  • WormwoodBecomeDelphinus
    WormwoodBecomeDelphinus Anos atrás +14750

    "We live in a society" but its 42 minutes long and well made.

    • *visible confusion*
      *visible confusion* 5 dias atrás

      @BOWSER K. ?

    • BOWSER K.
      BOWSER K. 9 dias atrás

      Didn't age well though

    • Josh Young
      Josh Young 13 dias atrás

      Uh... were we watching the same video?

    • Wigli Gigly
      Wigli Gigly 21 dia atrás

      @Adrian Durn you are literally my PSHE teacher

    • Twinny
      Twinny Mês atrás

      oh gosh that long i have the i can't keep my attention that long

  • The guy with a bad mic
    The guy with a bad mic 11 meses atrás +43

    tom is an absolute legend, one day when i'm 30 years old i will still be returning here to watch his videos because they are simply that good

  • TJ Cümmings
    TJ Cümmings 11 meses atrás +77

    About the games I personally like walk throughs of games on BRclip cause I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stumped in a game tried every option I could think of and watched the walk through at the part I was stuck and was like “oh that’s what I have to do” than was able to continue play the game other than getting mad and never touching that game again

    • E Fulmer
      E Fulmer 8 meses atrás +2

      I'm not old enough for it but I did have an original copy of SimCity, SimEarth and SimFarm, each of which had a large manual describing how the game functioned and common traps a person might fall into.

    • Gabriele V.
      Gabriele V. 10 meses atrás +2

      @Sir Shroom now the guide is implemented in the game itself, from the quick menu selection. There's the rapid guide to the control buttons, what is the current objective and the basic actions.
      At least this works for Mario Odyssey, Zelda BOTW and Luigi's Mansion 3

    • Sir Shroom
      Sir Shroom 10 meses atrás +12

      @Gabriele V. In older games before the internet became the main resource for information most games came with a physical pamphlet that would be a sort of “game guide” and often times they would break down the mechanics, progression, and even lore.
      Ever had an older physical game where there was a couple paper slips you lost or threw out? Those ones.

    • Gabriele V.
      Gabriele V. 11 meses atrás +1

      Gaming companies would see walkthroughs as "cheating", and take down videos because you have to experience the game and all the possibilities for yourself and not relying on guides.
      Also it would be missed sales if anyone decides to watch a longplay of a game instead of spending money on it.
      I can totally see Nintendo take down Pokemon walkthroughs, in order to make you spend €60 for Sword/Shield, to see how it goes the story.

  • Conlon
    Conlon 11 meses atrás +29

    I agree with you on everything except copyright length. I think that if a copyright can't actually be clamed as being owned by someone or some organisation it shouldn't be copyrighted. That solves one of your big problems. The sixties being no longer nostalgia but part of history is definitely something people will likely disagree with if they've lived it. I do think their life plus 70 years is excessive, but I might go plus 20 years. That would still probably put a lot of music from the sixties in the public domain, and defiantly the forties and fifties, which are actually more like history.

  • Nope Naw
    Nope Naw 6 meses atrás +18

    The music industry is completely absurd with how much of a mess it is to keep track of what license is applicable when and where. It's kind of disgusting, in all honesty.

  • Void Mayonnaise
    Void Mayonnaise 2 anos atrás +12435

    Disney lobbied copyright law into absurdity.
    70 years after the creator’s death is bloody absurd.

    • Amanda Baule
      Amanda Baule 15 dias atrás

      I think you might be confusing copyright and trademark. They trademark their characters as iconic to the brand and indistinguishable from the brand... which is the case. There was a massive kickup several years ago at peak Frozen frenzy when a bunch of handicrafters were selling "Elsa wigs" and then "Ice Queen wigs" that were identical in every way to Elsa's iconic braid. They got slapped with trademark infringement, not copyright infringement. And TRADEMARK should not and cannot expire as long as you are continually defending your trademark. John Deere's iconic green for its tractor is trademarked. Tiffany's blue. Target's Red and that bullseye in that shade of red. Amazon's arrow and that shade of gold. ALL TRADEMARKED. People keep prattling on about how Mickey's copyright will expire... except Mickey's likeness is trademarked.

    • lShadowdark
      lShadowdark 27 dias atrás

      @ShroomzGames if in half a century you never got a newer idea or didn't make enough profit you just really suck, like you could creat the lighbulb and then in 10 years make "the color lightbulb", the copyright fot eh common lightbulb would end, but you still have 10 more year until the color lightbulb does

    • lShadowdark
      lShadowdark 27 dias atrás

      @ShroomzGames yes, but you could still sue them if they did a wrong use which damages your image as the creator, since, after all you are still alive, you can do whatever with romeo an juliet since shakespeare is death and nobody would be insane enough to relate any adaptation to him but to the one adaptting it

    • Nathan
      Nathan Mês atrás

      @MrHatoi uh oh 2 more years

    • ArtyAardvark524
      ArtyAardvark524 Mês atrás

      @Allen Gould lmllllll just j
      I Have It’s it would B I j I I
      Lllllllkllk llllllk lkllllll m I. I j I just

  • h3lix86
    h3lix86 9 meses atrás +57

    IMO, it's perfectly fine to use someone else's work so long as you A) give credit where it is due B) are not making money off of it unless you are paying royalties. Using and stealing are 2 different things, IMO. Copyright law may have worked in the pre-internet age, but the entire system needs to be redesigned post internet.

    • Aaaa
      Aaaa Mês atrás

      @Baron it's just fine because it's private use and you're not making money. do you pay every person you take a picture of? When you hang your child's paintings after they've grown and left the house do you compensate them?

    • Baron
      Baron Mês atrás +2

      @pyropulse so you would rather people just didnt get paid for the work they did?

    • Baron
      Baron Mês atrás +1

      @Fishbro because the artist put effort into making the picture

    • Fishbro
      Fishbro 2 meses atrás +13

      @Bev ish HUH?

    • Bev ish
      Bev ish 6 meses atrás +2

      But by this logic I could use someone’s artwork to decorate my home by printing it out and not paying them, that’s not fair. I’m not profiting from it but I have also not paid for the effort put into the work, like I would anything else.

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds 9 meses atrás +12

    Well done! I also agree copyright needs to be shorter. 20-50 years is the perfect length of time. Copyright law is so behind the internet it's absurd.

  • Justin White
    Justin White 8 meses atrás +217

    You know things are messed up when the band that did "I come from a land down under" got sued for the brief flute solo thst played a single line of "kukabura sits in an old gum tree."
    The lawsuit bankrupted them, and the person who played thst part ended his own life because of it.

    • El Ectric
      El Ectric 2 meses atrás +3

      @The Kash Connoisseur The VERY NEXT PARAGRAPH of that article states "Results of the postmortem have not been publish[ed], so the cause of death remains unknown." Conveniently you left that part out because of this giant, gaping hole in your argument.

    • The Kash Connoisseur
      The Kash Connoisseur 2 meses atrás +3

      ​@El Ectric Hollywood Reporter: "the results of an autopsy Friday showed nothing suspicious about the musician’s death."
      Additionally, it was reported by fellow band members that Ham was using methadone to combat an opiate addiction. So even if he chemically induced a heart attack, it would most likely be ruled an accidental drug overdose than a suicide.
      Anyways, go troll elsewhere.

    • El Ectric
      El Ectric 2 meses atrás +2

      @The Kash Connoisseur Do you have a source for that? I did some digging and could not find anything that confirms whether he died of a heart attack or not. No one really knows, which is why I never say that that it was probably or definitely caused by one or the other.
      But hey, if lying to people's faces and jumping to conclusions works for you, then you do you.

    • The Kash Connoisseur
      The Kash Connoisseur 2 meses atrás +3

      @El Ectric I know this is hard to believe, but when people die they get medically examined by a coroner. The coroner is a medical professional who has the experience and tools to determine what caused a person to die. In this case, after Ham passed, his death was investigated like usual. And it was determined to be a heart attack. There was no evidence of foul play, nor was suicide ever suggested by reputable sources.
      But hey, if facts don't work for you, that's ok.

    • El Ectric
      El Ectric 2 meses atrás +1

      @The Kash Connoisseur No one knows if his death was actually due to suicide or a heart attack. There is absolutely ZERO solid evidence whatsoever to support either hypothesis at this point, so stop lying.

  • Ben Heath
    Ben Heath 11 meses atrás +14

    Tom on the chance you’ll see this, I want to say you are absolutely amazing, you bring great information and knowledge to everyone. I greatly enjoy listening to these videos

  • James Treveil
    James Treveil 2 anos atrás +3560

    I think the biggest injustice is that you can't defend yourself without having buckets of money to spend on lawyers.

    • Niko the train guy
      Niko the train guy Mês atrás

      Hi im Saul Goodman, did you know you have rights?

    • The Leaving Goose
      The Leaving Goose Mês atrás

      @GiffKeplen Copyright is regulation? It's not unfettered capitalism?

    • jamesblunt006
      jamesblunt006 4 meses atrás

      welcome to capitalism

    • ThatPlane
      ThatPlane 4 meses atrás

      @GiffKeplen youtube doesnt have copyright laws, the whole point point of the video is that YT's system is the best middle ground because our actual laws are so screwed.

    • Derek Fume
      Derek Fume 5 meses atrás

      @Endernal at least people's not being sent to the gulag because they wrote criticism about politics.

  • Casey C
    Casey C 7 meses atrás +21

    When NASA has *repetitively* gotten videos and live feeds taken down, I’d say it’s broken af. And yes, I get that content ID is a response to an outdated system, but it’s still a broken response.

  • Sabre Pilot
    Sabre Pilot 10 meses atrás +7

    This video made me think of a law to possibly sort out courts. If the court systems required both parties to comply with the same lawyer budget, then they wouldn't be able to get the super expensive lawyers against small cases

  • Master CC
    Master CC 9 meses atrás +24

    We have been conditioned to acquiesce to the idea that everything is skewed towards the corporations. Both systems are flawed in the basic sense that the corporation will always have the advantage. As a writer and editor I have seen the industry around writing and getting books published go from being a reasonable option for a small company to almost impossible with current hurdles.
    Those hurdles are baked in. Look at how content creators get paid now. Only the top streamers actually make good money while the VAST majority are sub minimum wage wages.

  • White Glint (UncleWeirdBeard)
    White Glint (UncleWeirdBeard) 11 meses atrás +11

    This is a well made video. Very informative and gives insight to the copyright systems mentioned. I don't think it is a problem with the dmca system that people should complain about, but rather the people that abuse it. There are numerous companies and individuals that use it to either silence, troll, or even scam content creators. There are channels I have watched that are constantly fighting strikes and copyright claims on videos that involve police officers and their vest or dash cams because either the system BRclip uses to detect them thinks it's an episode of Cops or because some lawyer that's all the video thinks it's an episode. I have also seen instances where mysterious companies would pop up and claim a bunch of random videos and start collecting ad revenue from them. But as soon as somebody starts investigating to figure out who they are, they just disappear. You are right, this is not a problem with BRclip's copyright system. It's running as good as it can as it is. The problem is people. With any luck, the laws and systems in place now will be improved soon. But even if they end up becoming absolutely perfect, there will still be complaints. The thing about people is even when compromising, neither party really agrees with the arrangement. One wants more than the other in most cases. And there will always be those that try to exploit any system to get what they want at any cost

  • AtomicLegion
    AtomicLegion Anos atrás +2478

    Nothing is a better example of copyright being a joke than how disney was able to maintain copyright of mickey mouse after the copyright expired.

    • Jack
      Jack Anos atrás

      @Sythic the same could be said for Sherlock Holmes, dracula, frankenstein, shakespeare, etc.

    • Charles Boudreau
      Charles Boudreau Anos atrás +2

      I am several months late, but has anyone broken the news to the person who said "Imagine Mickey mouse being in porn!" yet?
      Because boy, are they in for a bad time.

    • D. K.
      D. K. Anos atrás +1

      @Mr Right OK but Disney the company is an illusion. Walt Disney was the guy who created Mickey Mouse but he's dead now. What you're saying is that the people who control and invest in the Disney Company should be able to continue to make millions from that character.

    • Jared TG.
      Jared TG. Anos atrás

      @Dex hillinger very well said

    • Kairu Hakubi
      Kairu Hakubi Anos atrás

      @Officer Meow
      *screams in Dale Gribble*

  • Achillen Dimond
    Achillen Dimond 9 meses atrás +8

    Music actually has three separate copyrights on it: composition, recording, and performance rights. The main distinction between recording and performance comes in the payment of royalties (mechanical vs performance royalties).

  • pocketdynamo
    pocketdynamo 11 meses atrás +18

    Tom, you should run for office. We need people like you, not just for our entertainment.

  • Altoid345
    Altoid345 11 meses atrás +47

    "Anyone should be able to make a james bond movie, Because theyd probably do a better job" Wow that joke is relevant even a year after this videos release

  • David Yardley
    David Yardley Mês atrás +6

    You forgot a very interesting fact about copyright expiry! The Peter Pan clause. All copyright in the UK lasts for the author's life + 70 years, apart from one specific work: Peter Pan. The author gave the rights to Great Ormond Street Hospital and the law was written to make sure this copyright lasts forever.

  • Redulis_ONi
    Redulis_ONi Anos atrás +5422

    The Creators: It's BRclip's fault
    BRclip: It's the Creators fault
    Tom: It's the world's fault

    • SquwooshK
      SquwooshK 4 meses atrás

      @SS IK If you don't mind me asking, what type of Socialist are you? I'm a Market Socialist myself.

    • MapleMan
      MapleMan 5 meses atrás

      @kartoffelmanden It's not, corruption is common in every system.

    • NoContender
      NoContender 6 meses atrás

      @SS IK Not that I disagree with your point that corporations are off the rails from being beneficial as they should have been, but where are you getting your historical examples of capitalist societies degenerating into poverty from corporatism?
      I think you have good sight on a lot of societal pain points _but_ because you see them intuitively, you haven't properly mapped out why they don't work, you just seem them as glowing pain points. So you overcompensate with vigilance where further analysis should have taken place.
      I'm not telling you your opinions are wrong though, I don't know all of them. But keep analysing. A picture taken at the beginning of an avalanche shows you much less about the way the snow falls than live video footage of it.

    • Bowgart556
      Bowgart556 9 meses atrás

      companies: i want money

    • george's racing car
      george's racing car Anos atrás

      It’s fault’s fault!

  • Summer
    Summer 2 meses atrás +3

    I'm really impressed by this video. Gotta admit- wasn't easy to watch at some moments (I dislike hearing about injustice that can't be easily corrected). But I especially liked your opinion and proposed solutions at the end.

  • Julia Wolf
    Julia Wolf 9 meses atrás +6

    The interesting thing is that mainstream artists recently made a lot of songs that are using the notes of other songs but changed the text. Of course they also made some effort to make it sound good so it should be absolutely within your ideas of transformative content. I personally consider changing song texts also transformative content. It's not as much effort as taking notes and turn them into good sounding music from the ground up. But you still have to make some good lyrics and make that fit into the song.
    I absolutely dislike that mainstream artists have started kind of quoting songs more and more or remixing pre-existing music outright (as seen by Kygo and Felix Jaehn). I mean they are still making effort after all because these remixes have to sound appealing for their audience but i wish to hear some more originality. And a lot more diversity in radio stations because listening to the same new and old songs is not making the songs better.

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom 2 meses atrás +10

    I dislike the lack of intelligence required to ripoff of a public domain public domain piece but if copyright lasted forever, we'd eventually run out of different combinations of notes.

  • lineseyaether
    lineseyaether 10 meses atrás +15

    Before you said 50 years i was thinking in my head “50 years or life of the author, whichever is second” tbh i also think patents should get a similar extension to the same term.
    it would find a solid balance to shield creative rights and incomes, without being to harsh.
    could even push for 40 years or life whichever is second, so a shorter term with a life of the artist shield

  • Simon R
    Simon R 2 anos atrás +4838

    I was thinking that "death of the artist" would be a reasonable limit for copyright duration, but then I realized that it would create a new motive for murder.

    • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
      The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 8 meses atrás

      @YellowCactusTv z you didn't have to murder it

    • seila esse canal n vai ter video
      seila esse canal n vai ter video 8 meses atrás

      @Anna Karo dont worry if it is known enought there might already be fanfiction of it out there

    • Bariois Derplord
      Bariois Derplord 9 meses atrás

      @YellowCactusTv z great minds think alike

    • Slapstick Genius
      Slapstick Genius 9 meses atrás

      @wah well it’s life plus seventy years now.

    • carso1500
      carso1500 Anos atrás +3

      @Homer Slated there must be a clear separation between individual and corporations thou because they arent the same, and just like how a lot of problems originate from the original copyright laws assuming that everyone creating massive media content would at least have the backing of a corporation because it was prohibitively expensive to create anything back in the day, we have to sepárate companies from individual content creators

  • Steve Brule
    Steve Brule 2 meses atrás +2

    great video. the notion that we need money to "defend a case like that" is more than concerning.

  • Jack F
    Jack F 11 meses atrás +68

    I love how you changed the aspect ratio of the video when you said “2006” very clever.

  • Haukur Þór
    Haukur Þór 2 meses atrás +1

    Still come back to this gem every once in a while. One of Toms greatest works

  • Brad "E Currency" Farman
    Brad "E Currency" Farman 11 meses atrás +9

    I feel like the fact that YT is also a media giant who would be able to survive on their own now.

  • Astrra
    Astrra 2 anos atrás +5127

    Actually, don't ask photographers how much their gear costs. Unless you want to see a crying photographer.

    • mumin miah
      mumin miah Anos atrás

      @Ra Senché da frick

    • Shadelz
      Shadelz Anos atrás

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  • BlackFloral
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    I want to hear your opinion on creative common laws for artwork. I deal with this myself for my pixel edits and give credit where it's due. Sure, it's much different for different forms of art. But honestly, this is how pixel artists work on DeviantArt. You give credit, make sure you aren't making money from the work and that's it.

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    • Green Cappy
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    • NateROCKS112
      NateROCKS112 Anos atrás +4

      @Green Cappy the "forcing the entire world" thing really started with the Berne Convention, which the U.S. refused to sign for over a century. This convention mandates a copyright length minimum that is at least lifetime of the author + 50 years, which is ridiculous.
      Edit: It's the whole "authors' rights" philosophy that got us in this mess. Authors, much less megacorporations, have zero inherent right to police others' actions; copyright is an artificial consequentialist privilege.
      Edit 2: That said, nowadays we have organizations like WIPO that are able to bend countries to their will. An example of this is how megacorps were able to coerce the U.S. to enact the DMCA through WIPO.

    • Justice Beske
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  • cereal_chick
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    And you touch on a more fundamental point, which I see as: copyright for individual people or small outfits is a band-aid patching over financial insecurity. Your survival should not depend on your stranglehold over your intellectual property, because (a) there should not be strangleholds over ideas and creativity, and (b) human beings are entitled to genuine security, not the caprices of creativity making money. But to give all humans genuine financial security would mean either overhauling the entire system or significantly reforming, neither of which seems likely to happen sadly. I think 50 years is a good term of copyright, at least for the original purposes of copyright as stated, but I could see it be even smaller, as long as individuals could be assured of safety. And the effect on big corporations would be smaller than one might think. If Star Wars were in the public domain now, then how many people would have had the capacity to create the sequel trilogy? Or to create the last four Star Wars video games? Or to distribute them and make all the money they did off them? Not that many people; certainly, not the individual creators who would love the chance to use the Star Wars IP for their own projects. Large corporations have institutional capacities that still mean they could make plenty of money off of public domain IP, it's just that they wouldn't have a stranglehold over it any more.

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    • Green Cappy
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    • Count Chocula
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    • ChaosAT
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    • Juché
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    • blueninja012
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    My photography equipment costs north of $10,000. A camera body alone is in excess of $1000, a lens can be over $1000 (I have multiple). So multiple body’s, lens, flash, lighting….

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